Yet Another FAST- Chronic yoyo dieter, juice fasting, water fast
by l1724

WATER FAST- DAY 12 Woo Hoo!   14 y  
11/20/09 Friday Day 12 Weight- 141.8 Wooh- today has been quite a mental handful. I am thinking of food quite a lot. The best thing to do in this situation is remove the source of frustration- the Protein Plus Power Bars! For one thing these arenít raw, theyíre not calorie friendly (300), and the biggest dilemma with them today is, they arenít included in my water fast. They arenít even included in my normal daily diet but boy they sure have me sweating today! I work at a medical fitness facility and they are right behind my desk- shoot! Anyway refrain, refrain, refrain. Only an hour ...   read more

water fast- day 11!!   14 y  
water fast- day 11
LOG FOR: 11/29/09 Thursday, DAY 11 WEIGHT- 142.4 I apologize for not getting on last night to post- stuff going on you know so I thought I would post a little today about YESTERDAY (Thursday)so I can stay on track. ĒToday was a regular day. Stomach growled more than normal it seemed. I donít recall it doing that before this far in to the fast but it sure did today. Iím not really feeling hungry as such but the feeling of wanting to eat is sure there. Iím starting to almost fantasize about cucumbers and red bell peppers! I think when I do decide to end the fast for now Iíll start back ...   read more

Water Fast- Day 10!   14 y  
Water Fast- Day 10
11/18/09 Day 10 Weight- 142.8 Today was another fine day- I wasnít really hungry but I did notice my tummy gurgling a few times. Just think, 10 days without eating. That is awesome- my colon thanks me Iím sure!   visit the page

Water Fast- Day 9   14 y  
Water Fast- Day 9
11/17/09 Day- 9 Weight- 145 Okay, I have ample energy for daily skills, working, etc but when it comes to an actual work out Im pretty much sucking pond water- I stink! I work out for an hour a day so Iím fine walking/ jogging on the treadmill or the recumbent bike but not a hard physically challenging workout- my legs are too stinkin tired. Anyway thatís the difference Iíve noticed so far between just water fasting and juice fasting. Pants are looser now- Its always worth it! I always feel so much better about life in general when I donít feel chunky and frumpy. Itís a nice realiza ...   read more

Water fast- day 8!   14 y  
Water Fast- Day 8!!
11/16/09 Day 8 Weight- 145 today is good too. Iím amazed that Im not hungry. When I juice fast I usually am. When you arenít eating, everything doesnít revolve around food- itís awesome. Itís just what i needed right now. In the middle of a class right now- might write more later. Good luck to all!   visit the page

water fast day 7!!   14 y  
bring on day 8!!
11/15/09 DAY 7 Weight- 145.4 Not quite sure if itís getting easier each day or harder... Iím not struggling, though, so I canít complain. My pants are looser so Iíve got to follow through. Itís weird how each time I fast I get to a point where I decide I will eat again but when that time comes, I always feel anxious or even a little depressed to be eating again. It feels like a letdown even though I get to my goal. When you think about it, not all people can do this, you know. Family and friends think Iím nuts to go without eating and swear they could never do it- maybe theyíve never ...   read more

Water fast- Day 6!   14 y  
Water Fast- Day 6
11/14/09 Day 6 Weight- 145.6 Today was harder being the weekend but it went just fine. I did some housework and tried to get caught up on things I donít have time for when the new work week is here. Fasting to me is always an isolated type feeling and also a feeling of resentment when people you are around are eating anything they want and donít even consider trying to make a commitment like this. They are okay with themselves just as they are but I could never be like that- Iím totally uncomfortable outside the 130ís. When I do complete this fast I havenít decided just yet about how ...   read more

Water fast - day 5   14 y  
Water fast- day 5
Day 5 Weight 147.2 I felt good again today although the thought of certain foods have been plaguing my thoughts from time to time. I just shrug it off, I canít stop now I have too much time invested! I really donít even want to eat but some stuff sounds good to me but I know if it was before me I wouldnít eat it anyway. My legs were tired from yesterdays workout and so I skipped it for today. Felt a little lethargic but not until I got home in the evening so daytime was fine. I drank 48 oz of water but I need to try to do better because I know thatís not nearly enough. Iím glad itís ...   read more

Water Fast- Day 4   14 y  
Water fast Day 4
DAY 4 11/12/09 Weight- 149.4 Day 4- woo hoo again! This truly has been a mostly delightful fast. I havenít struggled with hunger like Iíve done with most fasts but this time Iím doing it a little different. Iím strictly water fasting. I had started doing a juice fast like normal and drank 15 oz of fresh orange juice but thatís all in the entire 4 days. After I realized I didnít need or even enjoy the juice this time I kept on with water only. I had no idea total water fasting would be this great. Today I did a strenuous work out and it was hard for me. I have ample energy for everyda ...   read more

Fasting- water and juice- day 3   14 y  
Water/Juice Fast- Day 3 Woo Hoo!
weight- 155 Ok, I had a slight setback. Iíd like to say I got the flu or something drastic like that but, truth is I fell off the wagon (or was sort of pushed)! There was a work luncheon and when I fast I usually donít tell any coworkers- I work in the health care field and they are all against fasting, colon cleansing, juicing, making kefir, raw food, etc- most everything I do. They consider me way out there, you know? Anyway, it was day 4 (last week)and I ate lunch to get along with them all. Anyway, I was disappointed in myself so I ate for days- makes sense doesnít it? (note the sar ...   read more

Fast- Day 3   14 y  
Fast- juice, water Day 3
Day 3 Weight- 151.2 I find it really hard to believe Iíve lost 10 pounds in 3 days- must be a lot of water. Today I had 1 glass of grapefruit juice and thatís it. I really havenít felt hungry this time thankfully, but I have that empty stomach growling going on which is a little annoying but will end in a day or two. Good luck to all you fasters- lets just take 1 day at a time.   visit the page

Fast- Day 2   14 y  
Fast- Day 2
Day 2 weight- 156.2 Feel fine. Usual headache. Already depression feelings set in- isnít that weird? Weíre so used to gorging ourselves that we get feeling ĒblueĒ with 1 dayís lack of food. Pitiful. Thatís another reason Iím doing this- to stop my constant battle with food. Drank the diluted grapefruit juice and water.   visit the page

Day 1- water fast   14 y  
Fast- Day 1
D Day #1. Weight- 162.4 The most Iíve weighed in a long time. All my clothes are getting snug and I am uncomfortable all the time, a good time to start. Headache, moodiness, (already?), slight lack of energy   visit the page

Yo yo dieter/ faster begins yet another fast   14 y  
Juice / water fast Pre day 1. Daily account of another fast
Well here I go again. Lost 20 something pounds on my last juice/ water fast and stayed totally raw for about half the year then tried to see just how fast I could put it back on again. The answer to that last question is FAST! Halloween is over and after bloating myself a few times on candy I decide Iím going to jump back in to a juice / water fast. Itís better to actually plan and get your mind and body prepared for all the yuck that accompanies a fast the first 4 days but time is passing fast and I donít want to wait another day. Yep, 6am is fast day #1. Come check on me again sometime ...   read more


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