30 Day Juice Fast
by vegeymom

Day 20 and Finished   16 y  
Accomplished and Achieved
Good Morning Friends! I have officially ended my fast. I stopped 10 days before my ultimate goal but have achieved what I was looking for. Here are some of the things I feel that have been accomplished: 1. Weight loss. A total of 18 pounds in 20 days. Start Weight: 203. End Weight: 185.I was looking for the numbers to really drop quicker and became disappointed that when I ate nothing these last days I virtually stayed the same weight all week, minus 1 pound. So, that being said, I will not use my next fast as a weight loss tool. The focus will be different. 2. Self-Control. I have ...   read more

Day 19   16 y  
Gardens and Scales
Hello to All. What a terrific morning. Cool outside still and the garden greens are coming up like you wouldn’t believe. Mustard greens, Collard greens, and Beet tops. They are delicious steamed in spring water with some Braggs on them. But I have been so good and only drank the water, saving the greens for someone else. I hope this fast ends before all the tender leaves are gone. Also the wax beans and green beans are coming on. The purple onions are lovely. Oh yes, I could go down to the garden and completely gorge myself-thankfully I have to work at the computer today and won’t be temp ...   read more

Day 18   16 y  
Dogs and Marathons
Greetings! Things are as they should be. Day 18 has dawned with a little fatigue and alot of moodiness. I’ve been getting some pressure from those I love saying, ”Enough, already.” It is difficult to explain why I continue. My weight has stayed the exact same for some days now. So it cannot be weight related. My energy has dropped off. So it cannot be because I feel so great. My sweet dog was ran over and killed yesterday. So it cannot be from lack of emotional reasons. Somehow this fast has turned into a internal marathon. It is mind over matter to the extreme. Breaking the fast early wo ...   read more

Beginning of Day 17   16 y  
Apples and Dirt
Good Morning to All. I started yesterday with every intention of water fasting for the remaining fast. RIGHT! By noon I was so weak I had to lay in bed. Laying there contemplating what I was doing in bed at noon on a Tuesday gave me the much needed jolt of reality. I am juice fasting. Sorry Mr. J. Furhman. So needless to say, I juiced myself some grapefruits. A couple hours later I finished off the broth from yesterday. After the gym I drank 5 apples. The apple juice was delicious. Instead of my standard two juices a day I had three. I also screwed my head back on straight. Reading Seuni ...   read more

Beginning of Day 16   16 y  
Water and Pregnancy
Did the weight in. Probably shouldn’t have. Feel disappointed. I read a book by J. Furhman last night. Had alot of information on fasting. Somehow with all that information all I came away with was that I am not juice fasting I am juice feasting. Basically if you aren’t water fasting you aren’t fasting. What a downer. All this time I was thinking a juice fast is difficult and little did I realize I’m just a complete fasting faker. I guess today I’ll try to start water only again. Since I feel so grouchy I’d better sign off until later. Heading to the garden with the children to pick weeds. ...   read more

End of Day 15   16 y  
Memorial Day and Braggs
Best Wishes on Memorial Day. I wrote some this morning and am following up with an evening update. I just finished dinner for 7, three of which are my dear grandparents. Everyone enjoyed garden fresh green bean casserole, garden fresh zucchini bread with walnuts, corn on the cob, garden fresh sweet potatoes, orchard fresh peach cobbler. The grandparents contributed potato salad and peanut brittle. What a feast! I knew it was really going to be hard to cook today so I tried something Lilly suggested. I made broth. Zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, onion, eggplant, tomatoes, celery, beets ...   read more

Day 14 & 15   16 y  
Grapefruits and Ramblings
Good Morning to Everyone. Yesterday passed rather quickly. I juiced about 12 grapefruits (6 in the morning, 6 in the afternoon) for my drink and was satisfied. Water in between of course. Still struggling pretty hard in the late afternoon. I start telling myself that I’ve done enough, that I can stop the fast with a healthy option, that this is too hard for a busy woman, excuse, excuse, etc. By the time 6 or 7 rolls around I’m so tired of making excuses that I stop. Then another day is through. In the morning I feel so empowered. Right now I start thinking that 40 days would even be attai ...   read more

Day 13   16 y  
Straining and Emotions
Another day is finished. I have had an odd day emotionally. In the late afternoons and early evenings my thoughts often turn to food. I really struggle then. But that is true even when I am eating. So I must have fed my habit for afternoon snacks and caved in to so many evening cravings that my body thinks that is our standard. Part of this fast is to set new standards. New reasons for healthy living. Yes, new beginnings, however cheesy that may sound. I loved the message about straining the juice. One day I was out of town from early morning until late night. It was the one day that I cou ...   read more

Day 12   16 y  
Day 12 juice fast. Beginning this blog.
I’ve really enjoyed some of the blogs on fasting! I am currently on a juice only fast. I started May 14. My fast started as a water only fast but I only achieved three days. On May 17, I woke up very hungry and ready to quit. So in a last ditch effort to regain control I juiced some grapefruits. AHH! What a difference that made. The day went by easily and I regained my mental composure. So you can call me weak in that respect. I really admire the water only fasts, but will have to try for that another time. Since the 17th I have only juiced twice a day. Once in the morning and once around ...   read more


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