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Re: Can you tell me more about these eggs?
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Can you tell me more about these eggs?


I'm happy to help all I can.

I'll try to answer your questions to the fullest.

Parabuster Being too Strong?

I dont think that it is very strong at all, not compared to my latest parasite cleanse which was totally different to the parabuster, for one thing it only lasted about two weeks (whereas parabuster is at least six weeks) and despite finishing 3 weeks ago I am still eliminating parasites.
When I was using the Parabuster I too wondered why I continued to still feel so grotty considering that I too could see parasite evidence in the loo.
In fact I was to continue to feel like that for months to come, it was the Parabuster that recommended taking a maintenance dose every other day. I think this compounded my parasite problems by making them resistant to the herbs, as I continued using parabuster at a maintenance dose for months on end.
I first used this new parasite cleanse several months ago, it was stronger and much less expensive than parabuster and the die off was worse, so much so I didnt think I could handle the full dose, so I didnt take the full dose which was the worse thing to do, as I now realise I was just irritating the parasites and that was what was making me feel so ill all the time, making daily life very difficult. By the time I began my latest parasite cleanse I had learnt so much more and i did take the full dose. IT was incredible as shortly after getting up to the full dose all my die off symptoms STOPPED! although they did return but not as bad as all the months before. Now they have mostly gone except for the odd twinge and I feel 100% better than I have in the last two years.
In fact I now believe that parabuster is quite weak and just irritates the parasites and that is why you continue to feel so ill.

>I am still expelling all this stuff. But I feel quite bloated these days and very very tired and have been having small fevers lately and nausea all in the past week.<

I too suffered identical symptoms, the fatigue was unimaginable, the bloating never went, the aching eyes, face, neck, back, and constant nausea were to plague me until only last week. Although my symptoms have now mostly dissipated I know that I do still have parasites and the fight will have to continue but with Humaworm next time round. (In fact several years ago before I had any idea what was wrong with me I lost my job, had hospital tests and all sorts but nothing helped, I didnt realise that I had just begun a very long and difficult journey).

So, whatever you do please do not give up! You are on the right road and I believe you will get to where you need to be much faster than I did.

- Balls of Worms -
Yep! I was so pleased!!! Crazy huh? The first lot were I presume adult Ascaris, as they looked like sortof Spaghetti Noodles, when I saw them, I sorta had real evidence of what had been causing me to bloat out since I was a small child!!
Subsequent ones were smaller but still very evident and then the ones after that were even smaller!! obviously they were younger and younger ones.
About a year or so ago I passed something that looked very strange it was sorta tubular and very pale but like a skin or lining of something and when I opened it, it looked like there were petrified/calcified worms in there!!!! as everything was the same pale colour! Could that have been the result of taking worm medicine as a child??? I have no idea but it looked like it had been there for a long long time.

Stick with the cleansing and go with the Humaworm, you are not reaching conclusions too soon at all, as far as I can see. You will come to know your system better than anyone else can (even doctors). Trust what it is telling you.
I also take a Bowel Cleanse supplement which I also purchased off a reputable seller on ebay, this and the Bentonite and psyllium shakes have helped with the bloating. My bloating issues have greatly reduced since adding these things to my maintenance and cleansing regimes.
Humaworm also makes a Bowel Cleanse formula and you might want to look into that also.

- Oxypowder Maintenance-
You dont have to take a maintenance dose of Oxypowder if you dont need to or have to.
Everyone is different and will find different protocols that suit them.
I do continue with Oxypowder as I continue to suffer with constipation and bloating, but I also find it helps with my motivation as when I dont take it I do notice that I tend to lack motivation.
However, I do take a much reduced dose of oxypowder and this will mean that your bm's will become more solid, but you will probably find you dont need to take it at all.

If I have missed any of your questions please dont hesitate to let me know. Do keep us informed of your progress. I believe all our stories help many more people than we realise.

Happy Cleansing


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