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It's True!! Some words about the liver flush miracle.
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Published: 15 years ago
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It's True!! Some words about the liver flush miracle.

You are on the right trail! As we speak it is time for my period, formerly my worst breakout time... and my skin is perfect! For me this is a bona fide miracle.

A few words about liver flushing.

It does take patience. You need to do a flush every two weeks until your liver is clean. In my case it took 5-6 flushes before I finally passed the Mother Lode -- 30-40 beautiful jade green stones the size of small prunes! After that I got a few more (I continued for 3-4 more flushes), but was basically clean. Since then I have done a series (like 3) of flushes once a year as maintenance.

Protocol. The standard olive oil and grapefruit juice mixture is the gold standard. You can go to the Liver Flush Support Forum here at curezone for lots of information and support from the experts. DO read up on all the protocol prior to starting! It seems a little "woo woo" but is actually quite simple. When we eat fats and they leave the stomach, a mechanism is triggered at the bile duct calling for the gallbladder to release bile to help break down and metabolize the fats. During the flush we chug a fair quantity (I use 1/2 cup) of oil, causing the gb to do a Big Squirt of bile -- the flush!

Does it work? I no longer have skin problems, after years of trouble, even after four years of dedicated colon cleansing. One of the standard arguments is that the "stones" are only the oil/juice mixture somehow forming up and passing through. If this is the case, why have I only seen a major release like the one I had? Every flush is very different. Mostly you will see only gunk, which is old bile (varies widely in color from pale brown to black to green to orange!), and flakes, which are cholesterol... and small stones that look for all the world like green peas. Go to the Liver Flush Support Forum for some truly amazing photos of what people flush, including GOLF BALL sized stones! I thought this was exaggerated until I passed my Big Flush.

Since that day my skin has been amazing. For me this has truly been miraculous! Those of you with "adult acne" can relate!

Fasting on apple juice with a daily enema is a wonderful start, but the flush consists of an oil/citrus juice mixture consumed at bedtime. You lie on your right side right after drinking the stuff, and stay in that position for at least an hour, after which time the flush will have taken place.

Read up on the apple juice protocol at I really like it as an alternative to the standard Epsom Salt protocol.

Personally, I do not use epsom. It helps some people, but I find I have great flushes as follows:

If I have not done a parasite cleanse in the past six months, I start with one of those. No sense flushing a liver containing live parasites. Do this a week or so prior to flushing.

The day before the flush I eat a healthy, very low fat diet. The day of the flush I eat non-fat up to 2:00. After that I drink fresh apple juice when hungry. I like to do an enema that evening. At bedtime I drink a mixture of 1/2 cup Hain cold pressed walnut oil and fresh orange juice with the juice of one lemon added to total 1/2 cup juice. I put this in a shaker jar and shake well just before drinking.

I use the walnut/oj mixture because I don't care for the olive oil/grapefruit juice mixture, and find the alternative mixture works fine. I have read posts by people using all sorts of different (best quality cold pressed) oils successfully.

I then lie on my right side for at least one hour and voila! Flushed!

The following day I start out drinking a quart of room temp water with the juice of one lemon, and do a plain water enema.

During the day I begin passing whatever flushed from my liver/gallbladder, as noted above.

My best flushes have caused nausea. I was worried throwing up would ruin the flush, but if you can hold it together for that first hour it doesn't much matter. I have had a few rocky nights with flushes, but again, those have been my most productive flushes. Worth it? You bet! In my cleansing experience, detoxing is never a lot of fun, particularly when you are getting serious junk out!

The payback is you feel excellent when the liver is clean, with clear skin and excellent digestion!

You can do it! Read up! Flush flush flush! If I can help you in any way please let me know.

Best to all,

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