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Why Curezone
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Published: 16 years ago

Why Curezone

Recently I was so upset by a cruel and untrue comment I was ready to leave Curezone for good. There have been times in the past where I left for a few weeks or months because of personal attacks, but this time was too much (the post was quickly hidden by the way). I googled alternative Health Forums and set out to find a new place to learn and hopefully contribute, but I wound up back here. Why?

First of all I like the mission statement of Curezone-educating instead of medicating. This describes my personal philosophy to a "T". After having a few bad experiences with prescription medicines and doctors myself; and even more, watching both my parents die far too young because of a doctor's inability to make a timely and correct diagnosis I was totally discouraged by traditional medicine. When the allopaths failed to help me with my first back injury and wanted to just treat it with steroids and narcotics, I went to a Chiropractor/Naturopath who helped a great deal with the injury and went on to teach me about alternative healing and proper nutrition. It took me a long time to change my old ways of thinking, but eventually discovered the truth that the body can be self healing when it is treated right. Drugs treat symptoms; natural healing cures. I found Curezone when I was researching gallbladder and liver cleansing, I read for months before I got brave enough to post on the forums.

My first impression of Curezone was how nice and supportive almost everyone was. Some wonderful people helped, advised and supported me through a series of liver cleanses, Master Cleanses, Colon Cleanses and a very successful parasite cleanse. After I began to feel better I started trying to help others. Since I knew how hard it can be trying new things, and since I experienced remarkable recovery from my original problems, I wanted to return the favor and help and encourage newcomers. Of course, there were disagreements about things, but it rarely got as ugly as it does now. I keep wondering why and what happened here.

Its easy to blame the huge number of forums, the voting process and the Debate Forums . And, there is probably some truth to all those allegations. However, it now seems like there is a hidden force that is trying to discredit Curezone and its ideals. I do not know much about the politics behind the scenes, but I have seen a lot of people, including moderators come and go the last couple of years. I realize that many people come here, either get well or not, then leave. Some moderators may get burned out or too busy to do their jobs; however, as I said, there seems to be another force at work here. I don't know what or why, but we cannot allow Curezone to be drug down by negativity, in-fighting and trolling from the outside.
Health is a very personal thing. Its hard to wake up and find we have lost that thing we always took for granted. When we realize that allopathic medicine is just stringing us along, treating symptoms, but rarely if ever healing we look to alternatives. Places like Curezone need to be a place of learning, support and refuge for all those who want the best for their body, mind and spirit. When the 'zone is filled with senseless fussing and fighting, name calling and personal attacks, where is the healing? How can newcomers learn anything when expert A insults experts B and C, who in turn attacks expert A? When members who supposedly have the same goals resort to name calling, cursing and threats, how can anyone trust their advice?

Personally I do not believe any individual here is sick and diseased. Yes, there are some very ill people here who need our help, but acknowledging their problems and working together to find answers is very different from being labeled "diseased". I also believe that every person who comes here sincerely seeking answers has already taken responsibility for their health and body. They are not stupid, just unlearned. I believe every individual here deserves to be treated with kindness and respect no matter what. When we do encounter a derisive and unkind person, we must try with all our might not to lower ourselves to his (or her) level. The only way to keep peace is to be a peacemaker. Ignore those who wish to stir up trouble, pray for them instead of arguing with them.
I believe every person who comes here has the personal responsibility to learn all they can about how there body functions, how their particular health issue came about, and to open their minds to new possibilities. There is no such thing as being too educated or intelligent. We must be willing to experiment with different modalities  in cleansing, flushing, fasting  and diets. We should never put down or knock another's   point of view or prepared practices. An open mind is necessary to find successful healing.  

If we could learn to stop fighting and arguing, then we can play a part in making Curezone the crown Jewel  of the Internet. There is so much knowledge and experience here. We have the potential to change the world, if we could only seek peace, swallow our pride, and genuinely learn to care about each other. I honestly believe Curezone still has the potential to rid itself of all the negativism, put downs, insults  and infighting and become a true center of healing through right diet, proper cleanses and the judicious use of supplements. And...that is why I choose to stay on.  I hope others feel the same way.                                   

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