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Re: I doubt you need accutane.
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: I doubt you need accutane.

Have you tried any natural ( or as some call it - alternative) remedies? It is important to give some time if you try a natural approach. It is unrealistic to expect overnight results.
Anyways, I have been struggling to cure my Acne for the last 3 years. I am male, 29, vegetarian and I eat healthy foods. So I was baffled as to why I should have this Acne where people who gorged on pizzas, soda and beer could have flawless skin. I was prescibed topical erythromycin by my family doctor and he said it might take many months to cure the acne. I tried it for a few months, but didnt see any incremental improvement which would give me hope that it was going in the right direction. Then I went on crazy diets, also ordered a stupid 3-day cure on the internet, which prescribes eating nothing but peeled green apples for 3 days and doing enemas and then a liver flush. But with me, eating fruits and any kind of sweet stuff, only made the inflammation worse. And all the fasting made me lose a lot of weight.. my metabolism is also very fast.. I finally went to see an Ayurvedic practitioner. I told him I wanted to rid myself of the Acne and gain weight.. So we went to work on both first.. But then my acne wasnt showing signs of improvement..and I was more concerned about the acne than the weight.. so 2 weeks ago I went on a program to just fix the acne first..
Ayurveda distinguishes between different body types - so a cure for a disease is not universal but depends on the type under which you fall.. turns out that I am more Vata type - and my acne is triggered by a faster digestive system - so I have tried to alter my diet such that the digestion slows down a little - my goal is no more than 1 BM/day. But though I still have a quick digestion, my acne is already showing signs of gradual improvement. And that gives me motivation and encouragement to follow the course.. Here's my typical daily diet - quick oats and 2 slieces of well toasted whole wheat bread for breakfast; well cooked rice and moong or toor daal for lunch; puffed wheat and organice cheerios ( non-sugar) for afternoon snack; rice and daal with some toasted whole wheat bread for dinner. I used to use spices in my food, but I cut that down also. Now I dont eat any salt; the only spices I eat are cumin, mustard seeds ( popped), turmeric, asafoetida and fennel - and these too only in very small quantities to help take the blandness of the food away. Also, I only use a teaspoon of sunflower oil in my meals. And for topical application, I use a powder of neem and a little turmeric with rose water- I leave this overnight. The Ayurvedic practitioner didnt recommend this, but I have read so much about the use of neem in treating skin disorders, that I couldnt resist it!! This works wonders.. I havent had any new blemishes appear and the old persistent ones are slowly but surely fading.
I am not telling you to follow my regimen. But point I am trying to convey is, FOOD IS YOUR MEDICINE AND MEDICINE IS YOUR FOOD!!! You dont need any supplements or Antibiotics . Elsewhere on CureZone, MH recommends a 40 day orange juice fast which cures every disease and gives you a new heart, liver, body and skin... I am too scared to eat just oranges with my experience of eating fruits... But if you tolerate fruits well, you might want to give it a try for 3 or 7 days and see if makes a difference. But I do believe that different body types require different approaches...
Anyways, point is there is no reason to lose hope, you might need to experiment with a few things, until you find your cure! You know your body best, but you can find help along the way to reach your destination to perfect health!

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