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My Acne Story (I hope it wont bore you)
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Published: 19 years ago

My Acne Story (I hope it wont bore you)

Hi guys,
I have been reading these forums (including the Liver Flush ones), of which I find very informative.
Just thought I'd quickly share my story.

I have suffered from Acne since 17 years old.
WHAT I HAVE USED: All the Anti Biotics the Doctors have (didnt work); All the topicals/creams, ie, Isotrex, Dalacin. (No effect); Diannete (The 'Pill'..which helped dry the skin a little, but didnt work- just made me feel sick all the time); ROACCUTANE (worked, but for only up to a year).
After a year, the Acne came back again and this time it got real bad in the for of Cystic Acne. So I went on Diannete again and then the ROACCUTANE. (Here again, ROACCUTANE only worked for up to 9 months).
So I realised that the Doctors were useless, and went to a Chinese Herbalist which DID get rid of the Acne but it only lasted for a year and was SOOO expensive.

I then stated eating lots n lots if EFA's (Omega 3,6 and 9- in Gel Caps - but its more beneficial bottled oils- but I dont have the time o do this), Lecihin, Zinc and Vitamin E's. I didnt noice anything until I had my period. I have been on this for 5 months and quit for 3 months to see if my acne would come back.......AND IT DID.. So i have now gone back on it.
I have read on these forums that some people have done proper Liver Cleanses - and as a result dont even need to have supplements all the time. I have done 3-4 cleanses and did flush out quite a lot of soft green stones (am hoping these are stones), and will continue until i see none).

I know that my acne is the result of Hormones as my Doctor did tell me that after doing a blood test). Im guessing that cleaning the liver will be able to regulate these hormones effectively, and that once i finish cleansing- I will no longer need to keep buyng these EFA's and supplements cos Im so fed up of having medicines/supplements all the time!!!!!!

I just want to add that buying different creams/ washes/ toners etc is really a waste (unless you have cured the acne). Believe me, i have tried everything from Facials, to Clearasil, to EVERYTHING. Sort out the root of the acne (on the inside) and then the outside (u'll save enough money). It takes patience, but u'll get there (Im ALMOST there...i hope).

I want to add that the E-book by Leo Kiesen (you LAST acne Solution) is what helped me a great deal. Im not trying to promote it, but its what helped me personally and its not that expensive. And this website and Forums have also been very helpful indeed.

Anyway, just though that my personal experience would help you guys, as I know how damn frustrating it is to suffer from Acne!!!!!! aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

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