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Published: 17 years ago
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......have to feel as though they have the "inside" information.

Most of what passes for information of any kind, when given in "normal" conversation , or in a forum on the internet, is just opinion.

Opinion based upon "what someone heard" or the like.

Has any man ever happened upon a group of women who told their childbirth story?

The first woman to do so has NO chance to win the pain and suffering lottery, for each story becomes more and more "I heard about this lady" and away it goes.

Most decent an example, ALL Irishmen, feel like taking cold showers several times a day, returning to Marine Corps boot camp to live on Saltpeter the rest of their lives, rather than risk gettin a lady pregnant.

I have been seeing chiropractors since 1971, longer than most of you have been on earth, and if ANYONE could tell stories, it would be me, for I could easily pass for a chiropractor at any convention, being now familiar with nearly every "modality" that is employed by them.

I used to drive all day for years, first as a wholesale salesman in Los Angeles (to San Diego, to Yuma, etc) and like thousands of guys, had my ever expanding wallet in my left butt pocket.

This is a no no, and why so many truckers get serious spinal and internal bladder, prostate and the like...difficulties.

In addition, when I had my construction sub contracting business in the San Francisco area, I tried to outwork my laborer guys (who were used to that lifting) just to "be a man" (ladies roll their eyes to Heaven at this, and they are right. Nothing dumber about his health and well being than a guy who needs to feel "like a man pulling his own weight".)

Couple all of that with a lady hitting me from behind on the S F Bay bridge in 1969, and you have a guy who has problems.

What did the hospital do about the "rear ender"???

You guys know. A collar and pain pills.

And within six months, migraines tore my guts out, as only a throw up type can do. Yet I had to work, and when I was out with my guys, that meant wearing a belt with about ten pounds of tools on it, climbing ladders up to thirty foot high, against freshly raised concrete walls. Not so good when it's a hundred or more degrees.

I damn near gritted my teeth to death, for I was the only one to bid jobs and keep my crew going.

At long last, GOD BLESS HIM forever, a friend told me about chiropractors and what good they could do. I had always heard the BS before.

So I went to a "Hole In One" type of guy...that is when they believe, as did the originator of chiropractic, Dr. Palmer, that the only adjustment needed is the upper cervical, and most particularly the atlas, feeling that when THAT is aligned properly, the whole spine will fall in line.

And that may have been true a hundred years ago when bodies were healthier.

I had such relief within a day or so that I was overjoyed. Yet I would "slip out" at a moment's notice, often within ten minutes of leaving his office.

So I became a "victim" of chiropractic, for I have spent untold thousands of dollars in thirty years.

I too have desperately believed the "practice builder" type of chiropractor who insists that he, or she, has the "system" for me, but of course it's three times a week, then weekly checks on his "amazing machine" of some kind, and don't forget the hundred dollars worth of supplements.

Yes, I have seen chiropractors in several states, probably fifty guys...oh, and one 8.8 month pregnant six foot tall lady (but you knew that) chiropractor in Indianapolis.

What a kick. I would NEVER ON THIS EARTH allow that adjustment on me now that I know better, but she still did that adjustment of the sacrum/ L 5 and the like by putting you on your side, crossing one leg over the other, then she got up on the table with me... A SIGHT TO BEHOLD! Hitching up her skirt and moving that big tummy up on the table, then they put their whole weight and force to "crack" that vital part of your body.

NO WAY IN HELL anymore.

So what have I learned, outside of spending money?

That there are wonderful chiropractors, for I have never had another migraine in thirty three years, Praise the LORD, and when I am examined now, at an advanced age, by simply reading the Xrays, NO CHIROPRACTOR believes that I am over 40..tops, for this constant care, while expensive and oft times so damned frustrating that I wanted to shoot something...gosh, can you still say that?,has given me a nice perfectly formed vertabrae from top to bottom and my "curve" is nearly letter perfect.

I am better overall by a million miles than if I had continued to degenerate with the L 5 and Atlas so whacked out.

It is not the chiropractor's fault, the GOOD ones, that we all have executed a lifestyle that brings evil to our bodies and minds.

Overall, I am grateful as hell for the fine men and women who have modernized and improved chiropractic to it's present state.

Gosh, you shoulda seen that nearly birthing chiro lady climb that table. I woulda paid the thirty bucks just for that.

Still, it ain't very sexy to see extra leg...a lotta extra fact, pert near the whole leg, when it's a momma to be.

It was sacriligious to even look, I guess.

At least it wasn't my worse sin.

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