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MORE INFO: Low-sal, Low-sulfite, Low-amine, for hypoglycemia

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Published: 17 years ago
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MORE INFO: Low-sal, Low-sulfite, Low-amine, for hypoglycemia

Here is more info on the idea I laid out in the above post, on a low-salicylate, low-sulfite, low-amine diet, that made a big different in my blood Sugar balance in the two (now three) days that I’ve done it. There’s a try-it-yourself diet list of foods to eat in this post.

Some of the things that can cause frequent hypoglycemia (besides the “high refined Sugar diet” that most of the press talks about) are:
- parasites in some places in the body (all parasites don’t cause this, but some do)
-inability of the body to detox toxins like mercury, that it is being exposed to. Toxins can include: mercury, salicylates, sulfites /sulphites, amines, other chemicals, etc.
-other metabolic imbalances

Well, I’ve taken care of my mercury fillings years ago. So took care of that possibility.

I don’t eat a high-refined Sugar diet, so that can’t be it.

So I decided to test out the salicylates and sulfites /sulphites with a special diet. The food I used for the past two/three days happened to inadvertently also be low in amines, so I accidently tested that too. As mentioned in the earlier post, the fedupwithfoodadditives site says some people have a problem with one or two of these three bad guys, but not all three; or they may only have a problem with just one, or all three.

Anyway, List “A”, below, is the diet that I followed that made such a difference – it could be a simple way to test yourself if this will make a difference for you, before you go to the trouble of reading all about the subject. YOU WOULDN’T BE LIMITED TO JUST "LIST A" FOODS LONG TERM! Sorry for shouting. This is just a test-it diet. Do stick to it if you want to really test the idea on yourself, though. Another day I’ll post some sources for lists of other ok foods and not-ok foods.

Notes: “List A” is all purchased in the US, as each country has different laws as to what can be sprayed with sulfites and what can’t. Also, I state “organic” if what I had was organic, other wise it wasn’t. Do not substitute canned or dried for fresh from this list.

Fresh pears, must be peeled
Organic rice cakes (non-organic may or may not be ok in the US)
Homemade white and brown rice
Butter (real butter)
Organic rolled oats, cooked up into oatmeal
Fish that is not canned, and that you are positive was not treated with anything: don’t risk it for this test if you don’t personally know who caught the fish and can ask them :-O Don’t eat the fish skin.
Beef or chicken – no need to ask anyone about these two, but look at the label to make sure nothing was added, no “injections of solutions” are listed, or anything. (Do not eat the chicken skin or any organ parts)
Raw cashews. Must be raw if you want cashews, for this test.
Potatoes you bought in their raw state and cooked yourself, fully peeled
Sweet potatoes or yams, same as potatoes.
Any of the following vegetables you bought fresh: Green beans, cabbage, cauliflour, broccoli, spinach.
Any dried bean or lentils except fava beans, that you bought dried, and soaked and cooked yourself. (these really help fill you up)
Lime juice squeezed yourself from fresh limes (lemons may not be ok in high quantity)

The only seasonings or cooking additives used were:
Sea salt (but regular would be fine too for this test)
plain White Sugar , a little (No honey or other sweeteners)
A small dash dried green herbs.
Canola oil, NOT cold pressed or expeller pressed, just ordinary from grocery store – there is a reason for this. Also, not virgin or extra virgin olive oil! More on this below.

End of List A

If eating off of that list makes a difference for you, then it may be worth reading more about this subject for you.

The reason for no virgin or extra virgin olive oil, and no cold-pressed or expeller-pressed oil of any kind for the test, is that they have natural salicylates. You want to leave as many of the salicylates out as you can for this test. People who then figure out that they do have a problem with salicylates would be smart to then limit these lovely natural oils to small quantities, and not use them by the spoonful every day. This was the counter-intuitive part of this diet for me!

Let us all know if anyone out there tries this, and if you experience an improvement like I did.

I’m off to bed, will post again soon with more complete lists of ok foods and not-ok foods for each of the three caterories.


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