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Salt Water Flush - Never Again!!! (don't follow with juice)
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Published: 18 years ago

Salt Water Flush - Never Again!!! (don't follow with juice)

I passed five collective feet of mucoid plaque yesterday, but felt like I still had to "go." I felt clogged. I did an enema last night, but only a little water came back out, with a bunch of toilet-paper-looking candida flakes. This morning I still couldn't go, even though I've been eating regularly all along.

Today I didn't eat anything. I've been preoccupied with cleaning house, and surprisingly not hungry. This afternoon, I decided to try a salt water flush. I used Shelley's ( recipe of two TBSP non-iodized Sea Salt in a warm quart of filtered water. I was only able to drink slightly more than half of it before I gave up. I was so nauseous. It did work, though. About twenty minutes later I passed the most foul-smelling, disgusting-looking bunch of mucoid plaque. It was shorter than I'd expected, but much thicker. I'll spare you the other details.

After that, I hoped more would follow, but I just kept feeling nauseous. I probably did a dumb thing. I ate a tiny piece of honeydew melon. Then after awhile I ate another tiny piece. It helped get the salt taste out of my mouth. And still later, I decided it would be all right to eat/drink, but nothing sounded good except apple juice. I drank a little, then felt another movement coming. I don't know WHAT it was, but it fell into the toilet like a ROCK, followed by diarrhea. I barely made it out of the bathroom, then, before throwing up salt water and bitter bile all over the floor.

EDITING TO ADD - Since I posted, I've had three more big rounds of dark water/diarrhea. The big mp and that 'rock' were obviously the plugs. I'm wondering now, eeuuw, if the 'rock' might have been a... parasite? of some huge sort? It didn't feel like a rock coming out, it felt like a regular bowel movement, but it was so heavy! Incidentally, I know this is weird, but I weighed myself while I was waiting for the swf to work, and again just a minute ago (about an hour apart) and there was a two pound difference!

Drinking salt water was very very difficult for me. I don't think I'll ever try this method again! But... it did work. I think it might have been the fruit and apple juice, mixed with salt-water that was apparently still in my stomach, that made me throw up.

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