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Re: morgellons? please help!
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: morgellons? please help!

Hello, I too have this same thing: stronglyoid red thread worms (filiarial). At first they were along with white lung worms and an assortment of GI worms, tapes and flat flukes. Over this last year I have aggressively taken just about everything - all in an organized, appropriately-dosed regimen along with diet alterations (ketogenic with intermittent fasting). Over this last year I have removed all the whites from my lungs, sinuses & those stuck to my throat. Praziquantel or niclosamide - 1 series/month cleared out A LOT of flat wormm. Liver flushes.

Then the larger GI 'things' disappeared and the red threads scattered into my tissues and organs. I had them in my lymphatic system where they set up nests in my feet, buttocks, arm pits, sinuses, eyes and tonsils. They 'crawled' around every evening and remained quite active between 9pm-midnight. Miserable. Nothing worked; they just kept re-appearing over and over again. I tried EVERYTHING. I read research constantly and found some helpful articles and re-planned my attack. I went through FenBen, OxyBen, Moxi, MEB, ALB, DEC, Closasole, Pyrantel, etc and they always came back. UNTIL now.

My last resort this winter was Doxy. According to the article, 21 days of Doxy (200 mg/D, then DEC 6 mg/kg x 1 dose @ 4 months). Supposedly kills Wolbachis (a bacteria that lives inside of many worms & is essential for their lives & fertility). I had major die-off (local tissue swelling) within the first few days of starting it (babies killed off in nests die first) which continued every few days (new hatchlings?). Major swelling/redness in toes, ankles, heels, fingers and nose. Looked horrid but I kept it all up - happily thinking they were more miserable than I was. Finally at day 17, my swelling was MUCH more pronounced and I felt sicker. Stopped the Doxy and took the DEC the next morning. Found out later the DEC was to have been taken at 4 months, but it all worked!!! In fact took DEC each evening for several days just to aggravate them more.

It is now over 2 months since I stopped and NO babies/no itchy butt. Swollen, red toes slowly resolving - may lose several toenails due to the pressure. Nose, sinuses clear. Eyes clearing now with swelling and redness gone and the itchy, little skin tags drying up. Nothing on my scalp for about a month now. Throat & tonsils slowly better with less under-jaw node swelling. Still tender however. MUCH less mucus. Toes are straighter with normal nails now and MUCH more mobile (who knew??). Several VERY dry skin spots (chapped-look) on each butt cheek. Significantly less cramping in calves, feet and hands.

I have still felt a few 'crawlers' at night this week but in only several places (each heel/sole, face around eyes - assume adult females sterilized) but last few nights - nothing. Slept through the night for the first time in AGES. Now have very red, tender toes again - going barefoot. Assuming the last of the adults. I feel fabulous!! According to research, this should be effective (100%) for at least a year!! Hopeful. Watchful waiting.

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