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Re: Iodine for Hashimoto's: Types & Success Stories
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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: Iodine for Hashimoto's: Types & Success Stories

So I decided to ramp up when I initially started to see the detox symptoms coming on - because I have been searching for the root cause issue to my thyroid / autoimmune issues for a LONG time and through hell on earth illnesses and was basically beating around the bush the entire time. When I started messing with Iodine directly and finding results - mainly feeling better almost immediately - and then heavy detoxing following, I started researching HARD and spent a lot of time looking into it on this forum and through others and discovered I was onto something. Basically what I settled on was to begin my own home therapy immediately (after watching Dr. Brownstein videos online and getting the co-supplements in place) and reached out to Dr. Flechlas office (North Carolina) who told me he consults on Iodine Load testing through Hakala Labs in Wyoming. I did Hakala home test kit and confirmed I am Iodine deficient and was toxic in bromides, fluorides and chlorides. So I'm waiting on the consult with Flechlas, but I know he will be directing me to take somewhere near or more than what I'm now taking and already finding results with. The next step for me is to utilize the resources on Dr. Brownstein's website to find a local practitioner in my area who can track my thyroid levels and autoimmune levels as I tinker with this. But I can already tell you that this is working and I've found my true culprit to making a full thyroid recovery NATURALLY - which was my goal all along. Last time I went in for blood work my TSH was 250 and T3 / T4 levels under .7 and Reverse T3 was going strong - I guarantee I'm going to find my current levels are a fraction of that based on how I feel and I won't stop until I see all levels back into the norm and then do an iodine load testing re-test and see that I've dumped all bromides / fluorides to ZERO. Apparently getting chlorides down to zero is not really a goal - you want some in your system but want to towards the bottom of the reference range. And even BEYOND that I'm going to continue taking iodine supplementation for the rest of my life to keep the toxicity from returning and trying to store itself in my tissues and wreck havoc on my body. According to Dr. Brownstein - everyone - especially those with thyroid / autoimmune issues - need iodine supplementation to get to a 'saturated state' (90%) which you are never going to achieve with ANY form of a modern day diet - no matter how healthy you eat. Its just due to the toxicity we all live in. If you were completely healthy to begin with you probably need 12.5mg min, and if you have any heath issues Brownstein was recommending 50mg minimum (watch the Brownstein YouTube Videos - Flechlas also has some good ones on there too). And thats not to get yourself to healthy - thats just the MAINTENANCE dose after you achieve that. Since I didn't want to just take the maintenance dose from the start and slow roll my recovery - which others on here have also said they struggled with as well (detox with just 50mg can take 3 - 6+ months reportedly) I wanted to blow through it and grab the bull by the horns. Which I've done and am having 'good' days and 'bad' days. But even the 'bad' days are still better than where I was at before I started iodine.

Anyways, thats what I've learned thus far - if any of this is not accurate or the more I learn as I go through this process, I'll update this chain appropriately so those following it can see where it takes me. Its already been quite the journey already and I'm only three weeks into starting to tinker with it. I'm guessing I've made more progress in three weeks than I made in the last three YEARS.

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