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Re: Treatment directions, help needed
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Treatment directions, help needed

Lots of people make lots of claims. The thing is...we are all unique and our infections are unique. The goal must be health not just killing parasites. There is NO treatment that will kill them all if you have had them for awhile and didn't know. The parasites travel through out the body leaving parasite eggs everywhere. There is NOTHING that will kill all the eggs at once. You have to have a standard treatment that doesn't hurt you and just stay at it. As the adult parasite load diminishes the eggs are triggered to hatch. You goal has to be to kill larvae and adults before they can lay eggs.
After years of treatment, if you are diligent, you will have reduced the eggs to a point where you can feel normal but you can NEVER stop treatment.

EVERY living thing on the planet has parasites. It's just a fact. Healthy living things are able to keep the infestation to a minimum. When your body gets out of whack health wise the parasites overwhelm. You have to find a happy medium between killing parasites and being healthy. It's a very thin line to balance on.

Before I forget.....Albendazole/Valbazen INCREASES gut fungus. I'm not saying not to take it. I take it when I am taking lufenuran to balance out the effect. DE works on garden bugs, not in peoples gut. Sorry, I know that will upset a lot of people but it's true. Increasing you Biotin intake will cause your hair to fall out. I fell for all of these because I was desperate but you have to research everything. I did but didn't dig deep enough.

Taking large amounts of synthetic vitamins and supplements won't help much either. They may be chemically correct but they are missing the small unknowns that go along with the naturals.

I know Vitamin C is crucial to recovery but no matter how much I took and no matter what brand I did not get the result I expected. I now drink up to a gallon of orange juice a day. Much better than the chemical form. Plus it has all the other things that should go with it like potassium. ONLY nature provides the synergistic effect to make it all work.

This is a short list of what I use now that I stopped listening to the misguided but well intentioned.

Curcumin 95 2-3 times a day
Colostrum to heal the gut
Serrapeptase to cleans the blood and lymph nodes
Probitocs with every meal
Enzymes with every meal
Colloidal Silver
Alpha Lipoic Acid (opens cells)
Chromium Picolinate (also makes cells more permeable)
Iodoral (we have Iodine depleted soil)
Ginger (another tried and true ancient remedy)
Niacin to support the adrenals and liver *be careful here. Too much is worse than none.
Vitamin D at least 10,000 IU a day
Vitamin A 15,000 to 60,000 for a few months * caution here
NAC to remove all the crude

NO processed food or cured meats.
No fish or shellfish Most are contaminated
No raw vegetables too hard to digest for a leaky gut
No pork, lamb, or chicken unless you can buy them organic from a reputable farmer. The chemicals and drugs in these meats defeat any health benefits. Beef is also sketchy but it appears to be the safest route.
**Remember when you eat meat you are eating another animals parasites also. It's not a scare tactic, it's a fact. Scientists have found that a one inch cube of beef can contain 10,000 parasite eggs. Cook you meat well. Dr. Clark suggested sprinkling meat with HCL right before cooking to cause the eggs to hatch. Way too gross for me. You've seen the pork in coca cola videos. It's just a fact.

Just me, but I don't eat in restaurants anymore. I remember when I worked in restaurants there was always that one person who thought it was funny to spit in everyone's food. Just imagine the number of worm eggs they are adding to your meal.
I do go to Buffets because the risk is low. Spitters like to know who they are contaminating.

So what I am saying in summary won't help to go commando on the parasites because you will kill yourself. Not the objective. It's much more productive to behave like a sniper and pick them off as they become vulnerable. You'll have to figure out for yourself what works for you. Keep in mind that what you do will have to change as you reduce the load.

Those that claim to have completely killed all the parasites are just deluding themselves. Nothing and no one is parasite free. The goal is really to be healthy and keep those little buggers to a minimum. I wish it where possible to kill them all and keep them out but I now don't believe it possible. The goal is good health.


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