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Re: Worms in my Eyes, Plz help
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Worms in my Eyes, Plz help

my Prazi got here , still await Alba I suspect round but not %100 I prolly got both. i get this pain in my right shoulder OMG outta nowhere! and lasts for long time. I believe i have been suffering for a decade at minimum I have seen a doctor every month for that decade complain i am sick cant get up off couch severe fatigue and just told a crap full of lies. I suspect i picked up additional worms one in 2011, I remember it vividly as I ended up in the ER complaining my hands my hands it hurts the Joints in my Hands felt like being stabbed like someone crammed a knife in my knuckle's! then 2 yrs later I lost my knee's the joints are gone and torn minicus! I no longer wonder what happened as i had very good knee's I take care of my self and dont do crazy sports stuff. so know I see them worms ate my joints, and know this year I believe to picked up another and that set off the WAR!
>.I have massive problems after this IVM dose I believe it may have kicked a worm out of my Liver and its in my intestine by the pancreas know its making bunch of gas & diarrhea since I unstuck my colon two days ago and i am getting them pink/orange blobs in stool . i'll stop all laxatives tommorrow and see if diarrhea stops.
>>maybe its time for PinX if thats a Liver fluke in my intestine will it die from PinX? I felt it made large noise at under Liver after IVM dose and felt like it moved from there to my left side gut by the left bend in gutz and it has made large noise know at its current location in my gutz along with brown/black super glue blocking gut/ then after clear the plug its making gas/diarrhea I have taken just the one laxative today & yesterday as I wanted to keep things moving as I feel diarrhea is better than blocked & toxins building up, but will stop and see if the runs stop
my headache is still going for 2 weeks I have been icing my head for 5 days know its goes down a bit in the morning and worse at nite, cannot see out of right eye. does this happen with all dose of IVM as I did not take more than 220 lbs horse paste thats what i weigh know used to weigh 270 6 mths ago
I did have some IVM lotion on my skin do overdose last this long? or could i have bigger problem with IVM and liver not metabolizing correct. I am scard to take IVM again as its been two weeks and the three times I take it this happens, the first time I only use as a lotion. I am also very sensitive too sound/lights since dose it kinda feels weird as when a car door slams outside my body jumps but i try too sit still
well I am still very ill gonna have togo as loosing focus

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