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Re: Worms in my Eyes, Plz help
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Worms in my Eyes, Plz help


Sounds like you have calmed a bit.
I will share what I know from the last year of research:

It sounds like your roundworm is Visceral Larva Migrans. They tend to create longer lines, like scars. The lines are usually not in a strait line.

Ascaris larva make smaller scars. The Elisa test you took may indicate positive, that is the best aspect of Ascaris ELISA, the antigen bar will go positive for most roundworm infections. Actual Ascaris, vs Ascarid diagnosis is done by ruling out other smaller worms, or by the severe lung/heart involvement, which I had.

OK, test and identity are established for the basis of approach. VLM is usually associated by Toxocara. There are several popular species.

The process for roundworms is about the same, the dosing levels change depending on the risk.

1) Get PH, salt loops, chemistry under control.

133mg Magnesium Citrate per day.
99mg Potassium Citrate per day.
* 1030 mg of magnesium sulfate per day (Dr Clark)
300 mg (6) Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate (Rising) per day.
1 teaspoon of MSM powder with a pinch of Bob's red mill baking soda in Distilled water twice per day.
2-4 Grams of Ester C per day.
Cup of Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of Spirulina powder.
Milk if you can tolerate it.
Use Salt, about 2X to 3X. Sea Salt is best.
600-800 ucg Selenium Chelate.
6 mg Copper Citrate.
2 source naturals "source of life" product 3058, AM, 2 tablets PM.

* initially you may need to increase this to 2 capsules until the stool turns brown, Green is the body dumping toxins. A probiotic may help get the floral balance under control. Fungal infections may require caprillic acid. Mite or insects may require CCWS Lufenuron, bacteria may require chitosan, virus may require fucoidan.

2) Get control of the GI trac

Full dose of PinX every 3 weeks, if nausea or vomiting are present, drops per day until a full dose is achieved, thereafter every 3 weeks for several months until GI trac is clear.

Plenty of water, or black cherry juice, or cranberry juice to flush the body during any anti-parasitic. Treatment tends to cause one to stop drinking water for some reason. This can increase the reactions, kills, and make one sicker. Plenty of fluids must be forced.

3) Flush all toxins, get toxin level low, PH high

Toxins are flushed using Chaparral to fight psora, berberine full spectrum, goldenseal and oregon grape root. These flush the immune, blood and can stress the liver or kidneys. KGP Flush needs to be ordered to protect the kidneys. One dropper in a glass should be done for several weeks. When kidney function slows or stops, Take 400mg of CQ10 per day and 3 dropper full of KGP flush, with an occasional goldenseal. Take KGP in cranberry juice, mixed 50/50 with Distilled Water. An occasional B50 should be taken to keep urine yellow (B12). If urine output falls to low volume, slow the antiparasitic, or Albendazole level. It is essential to keep Liver and Kidneys functioning during treatment.

4) Kill eggs, Cysts, improve Immune system function

Since you are at extreme risk of CNS reactions, I suggest you start at 4mg/kg/D, and increase at 4mg/kg per week. After 5 weeks you would be at 25mg/kg/D and I suggest you stay there.

A) The risk of CNS involvement is high. Extreme caution is advised. Toxocara is capable of migrating into very delicate locations. While I had several in very bad locations, Toxocara is capable of having more worms in sensitive locations.

I am going to suggest a slower course of treatment, lower doses of DEC and Piperazine, and an extremely slow ramp of Albendazole.

DEC works to help clear the lymph and blood systems of small larvae.

8.3 Action of DEC on lymphatic filarial parasites:

a) Action on microfilariae:

DEC causes a rapid disappearance of microfilariae from the circulation. Most of the microfilariae from the blood are destroyed by the reticulo-endotheleal cells of the liver; but some of them may not be affected even after repeated courses of DEC.

(a) Those due to drug itself (Pharmacological toxicity): Headache, anorexia, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, dizziness, weakness or lethargy. These symptoms begin within 1-2 hours of taking the drug and persist for a few hours.
(b) Those allergic reactions due to destruction of microfilariae and adult worms (attributable to filaricidal action): fever, local inflammations around dead worms, pruritus.

These reactions can be divided into two groups, systemic and local, both with and without fever:

Systemic reactions include headache, aches in other parts of the body, pain in the joints, dizziness, anorexia, malaise, transient haematuria, allergic reactions and sometimes attacks of bronchial asthma. They may occur a few hours after the administration of DEC tablets and generally do not last more than 3 days. Fever and systemic reactions tend to be common and more severe in those with higher microfilarial density in the blood. The systemic reactions due to DEC eventually cease spontaneously and interruption of DEC administration is rarely necessary. Symptomatic treatment of the reactions with antipyretics or analgesics may be helpful.

Local reactions include lymphadenitis, abscess, ulceration, transient lymphoedema, and hydrocele, which occur with decreasing frequency in that order and in varying combinations. There may be funiculitis and epididymitis. Local reactions are more likely to occur with a history of filarial adenolymphangitis, they are probably related to the presence of adult or immature worms in the tissue. They also disappear spontaneously with or without symptomatic treatment.

> I am going to recommend you keep your DEC dosing to below 800mg per day, and best started by breaking the wafer in half, say 200mg at 6 AM, 200mg at 6 pm. I would slowly work up to 400mg/400mg over say 2 months. Given the nature of your probable worm, it is best to clear your heart, lungs, and liver. DEC will help do this.

DEC will help keep your lymph and blood clear of larvae.

Piperazine citrate or Piperazine phosphate are extremely useful in killing eggs, penetrating cysts, lighting up the worm, or worm stages by attaching to the worm enzymes, and making the worm visible to the immune system. Piperazine citrate breaks down the complex ammonia compounds, and uric acid compounds, so they can be removed from the body. This dramatically lowers the toxin level as well. Piperazine is a very useful compound, performing 4 or more functions simultaneously.

I have dosed at many levels, and severe kills in the brain are possible when taken at the stated maximum level.

Kills at lower levels still occur.

I now suggest that 1/4 the maximum level is the proper level when taken for several months. This is about 3 teaspoons a day of 50mg/cc. Typical liquid sources provide about 250mg/teaspoon, or 750 mg/tablespoon. Dosing more than 1 tablespoon per day of canine piperazine can cause a kill that causes brain damage. I now suggest starting piperazine at one teaspoon at 6 am, one teaspoon at 6 pm. Reduction in eggs, cysts, and larvae without severe killoff is possible.

If you get sweats, heart pain, GERD acid reflux, or dizzy nerve buzzing, Dose Invermectin at 200 ucg/kg. If required, you can dose twice per 12 hours, or 400 ucg/kg. This is a maximum of 0.4mg/kg/12hours. Beyond this level white will become black, black may become white, and vision may fade. Invermectin also can dull the gaba receptors in the brain. IVM is best used in a pulsed fashion, to kill babies, stop larvae, clear the GI trac, or paralyze the birth of parasite worms. This allows the immune system or piperazine to create complete kills of the birth's.

I have found it to be extremely useful in a pulsed use. Since IVM stops all worm action in a reversible fashion, it also prevents worms from the uptake of ALB, DEC, piperazine, which kills them. Judicious use of IVM is required to keep killing, but keep bursting worms, births, and blood migration sweats under control.

5) Go after roundworms. Albendazole is the only systemic antiparasitic available. At 4mg/kg/D it gets their attention. At 12mg/kg/D it quickly takes over for DEC, Piperazine, and Invermectin. At 25mg/kg/D it starts to slowly take ground. At 50mg/kg/D Albendazole starves worms of food, so they die in 21 days. These are my own personal observations, and reflect my latest research.

The next:

Albendazole slowly stops the feeding from simple carbohydrates. It robs the worm of energy, but slowly. Researchers say almost nothing is immune from Albendazole. The blood gets about 25-33% of the Dose, The Dose is absorbed about 50% in the GI trac, so the blood gets about 12-15.5 % of the oral dose. The brain absorbs about 1% of this, so the brain or I guess CNS tissue gets 0.12 % of the dose.

ALB may work, but very little is absorbed, it takes a week or two to adjust to a change in level, the bottom line is it takes time, higher doses than doctors use to clear the GI trac, it will clear systemic infections, but as I am discovering, the dosing level for me and Ascaris is about 50mg/kg/D, and could be as high as 100mg/kg/D. The safety limit is more than 10-15X higher than that to death, so I feel comfortable at my new higher dosing level.

I had several kills in my brain, and 2 in my spinal cord, but the worms were small, circulation is high, and if you stop, drop and roll (pause) and get less agressive, not more aggressive you hopefully can ride out any kill in the CNS. They are nasty. You pray you will live, and the odds are in your favor. The early work done between 1890 and 1910 show that about 90% of the treatments were successful. When killing happens at to fast a rate, the worm is in a bad location, or breathing or heart rate stops, you face a high risk.

In my experience, approaching the kill slowly, using Metals, Zinc, Copper, Vandium, Boron, etc, and causing stunning, paralysis, and attrition causes most of the worms to move to safer areas, and away from sensitive areas. Having worms move into fluid makes them harder to kill, but they need to feed every several days. In my case I found the risk of CNS killing to be acceptable, I could not live with the Ascaris infection.

I must be honest, there is a significant risk of death from a CNS kill.

You have several weeks till magnesium sulfate clears your liver, your mineral and metal status are improved, and your amino acid levels return, and toxin levels fall. Use the time wisely.



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