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Re: Worms in my Eyes, Plz help
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Worms in my Eyes, Plz help

srry about your cat ! :( mine did also
know i have these two new ones that were abandoned and i tried to save them, but know i suspect they picked up worm from my patio table or the outdoor foot thingy they sleep on, so i'll have to treat them the environment & myself at the same time, i have got one of them tame & the coalition lady said she can get him into the local adoption program, so just one togo! I am gonna see if she can get then too vet & he can ID the worm, it might be from all the dog's here there's like 30 of them & owners dont pick up poop, so the kittens can easily have picked it up from that, thier also young 6 mths so maybe i'll try piperazine first then pyrantel then prazi for them ? maybe pyrantel first try too clear gutz and not spread them out?
>>>gosh i've got so much too learn! its just so hard reading when my vision is blurred and my brain is burned the memory-loss & confusion & the light makes my headache & me just go insane,
i went to store to get some things and spent a half hour walking around trying to remember what i went there for, i could'nt remember, so i came home before i forgot how to get home, I feel like i have Parkinson or Alzheimer or something. I think the Mold/Fungi plays a big part in the multi-worm infection and might a key too its destruction, I have been getting sicker & sicker for 8-10 yrs and going to doctors once month for over 10yr, searching for what is making me sick,
only know with your help am I figure this out, this year it all blew up after i was bit by a flea, i suspect it infected me with another worm species and they all went to war and are still at war ( finally someone wants I was also exposed to Mold at the same time, bad mold BLACK Mold, it was very bad i could'nt breathe, it was in HVAC. I test the air and it tested positive for black / white / pink / green molds so after that is when all hell broke out on my body.
i did Fungal treatments & cut Sugar and it has helped alot, but its still in me I have not killed it, i think like you say the worms got it, and you got too kill them to get fungi out? I dont know i am rambling on again
I keep forgetting too ask you, how your doing?
i think of you as a superhero and forget you are still fighting them too! I have asked the Queen and she has Nighted you Sir Matt! Kind Sir :)

today i am trying to decide what meds to take, i have pyrantel/ivm/alba/piperazine in my hands! only couple pills of alba. I am thinking of just a quick flush of GI with pyrantel to lower number & toxins so my head clears & i can think. i want too finish ordering the supplements i have alot togo still I get lost at swansons their is so much to get , i had to order that Valbezen it was expensive $90, i could'nt figure out a safe site to purchase pills from, so that cost a extra $50
man it so difficult with my brain not functioning does anything help too clear it? I keep passing out also, i better go

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