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Re: Daily routine....
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Daily routine....

DubbleTrubble, just in case you are experiencing some culture shock now that you've had a day or two to possibly have been reading some of the Obey Nature philosophy and anecdotes therein , there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Not that I'm any kind of spokesperson for the forum, but you can rest assured that there are lots of us who have been learning and sharing from following this forum a while and in many cases, few of us have yet to become shining role models patterened strictly after the Obey Nature model........but we've got MOG! (and a few others coming up in his rear view :) In other words, just trying to reassure you that many of us know it's not necessarily so simple to Obey Nature just from having read about it. We all have our own list of long-engrained habbits to try breaking away from. Good luck with yours.

Just from the perspective of anxiety and skin problems, you remind me a lot of me from a few years back. I already had a pretty good head start on the anxiety problem before I came here. Now that I've been here a while, I'm convinced that what most of us know as diet - food we put into our mouths/stomachs, plays a definite role with anxiety. I'm also convinced that a different type of diet and food - stuff we allow into our eyes/ears/brain via media and other forms of audio/visual entertainment, a different kind of diet all together, at least in my case, also was a factor in the repeating cycles & bouts with anxiety. In the last 18 months, there have been several ups and downs while I continue to hone in on making long-term adjustments to what I willingly consume........not there yet but along the way I've nearly eliminated caffeine from my daily routine, which indirectly has reduced the amount of refined/denatured sugar that I'm consuming. I've weened myself off coffee, and for close to a year had done the same with soda pop/cola, but then made the mistake of trying it again and have now been somewhat hooked, again, for the past few months....just one of the many lessons.

Likewise with media input, I unplugged TV Feb 05, prior to that I had never been a regular movie-goer to begin with. Something about the pinnacle of hollywood influence (big sreen movies and the industry of stars therein) has always been something I inherently found myself opposed to regularly sponsoring in a most typical fashion - coughing up 5 to 10 bucks a pop to go sit in a fancy, big dark living room to be entertained for an hour or two. This is a different kind of refined poison sugar all together. Exposure to this influence can still be a problem, it's almost impossible to completely avoid indirect effects of media (like, when you don't watch/listen to it but you continually receive second-hand reports from people who do) unless one is willing to live under a rock in some remote outpost. I'm not. For now the biggest source of this bad influence comes when I visit family and friends, another lesson learned is that despite the rationale, it's not considered proper/polite to go into somebody else's home and ask the TV be turned off :)

Having begun to deal/adjust these two sources of input (food diet, brain diet) the anxiety factor in my life has significantly subsided. The skin still flares up around various spots of the body, including some acne here, some psoriasis there, and some other irrirations I have not yet identified, but again, I have seen how these definitely react to the stuff I willingly consume, I expect they will continue to improve as I continue to improve making adjustments to what and how I consume stuff. Good luck!


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