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Re: Spontaneous Candida Die-Off: My heroic journey and Victory against Systemic Candidiasis
Michael B Views: 116,482
Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Spontaneous Candida Die-Off: My heroic journey and Victory against Systemic Candidiasis

Here's what I did: every couple of days i would go down to the health food store and buy bundles of kale collards bok choi, brocolli, and once in a while some chard. I would go home and wash and chop them into a huge bag. This was my food bag and ended up weighing more than 5 pounds. Then I would take this and prepare it in a stir fry with a dab of soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, etc. My other dish was just simmered in garlic and butter, which has butyric acid in it and helps, so use a lot.

One very important detail is to chew your food very, very well. What else are you going to do with your time? This will maximize the glycogen you can derive from your bucket of greens.

I fiddled around with eggs and cheese but eventually just went mostly greens. You get to a point where it becomes obvious you are not eating to be satiated and never will get enough calories anyway so you might as well optimize your intention. Although i must admit, there were times i felt very satiated with my meals, and after passing out a fungal colony you can get a true sense of well being and a hormonal high. Candida is tied very closely to the hormonal system and in fact what mamy people feel as stress is actually mycotoxins in the bloodstream. Conversely, dissonant energies stimulate and activate candida growth, especially energies of society and the Matrix. In fact, candida is a direct physical manifestation and representation of the Matrix. Look, it even grows in a matrix.

You still wont have enough calories which is why you should alternate with times of Liver Flushing chelating and rebuilding fat and muscle. And get a job that isnt too labor intensive, though i did manage to ride my bike to work and do labor. It was with eating cheese though, which inhibits the dieoff.

All greens diet is harder than water fasting. You are basically fasting and spending the energy digesting while keeping psychological hunger going. Combined with herxheimer this can amount to debilitating tiredness and weakness.

Just keep in mind you will always, always get recharged after passing a colony. It will give you will power. As you regain your internal territory you will begin to come into balance. And when you finally do return to carbs that you love like pizza and icecream, you will realize they are gifts.

Body loves carbs. Kill the yeast and start the feast! Chew well and prosper or pig out and prosper. Its all good when you dont have an alien fungal parasite taking over your body.

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