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Is histamine intolerance related to Adrenal Fatigue?
eric2032 Views: 17,684
Published: 10 years ago

Is histamine intolerance related to Adrenal Fatigue?

Ive posted on Curezone off and on for about a year now as i try and narrow down what exactly is wrong with me, and i think im getting relatively close to what my reactions are and why its happening.

Now im fairly convinced i blew my adrenals out through a pretty garbage lifestyle consisting of heavy use of stimulants, working out 6 days a week with very little rest, and general young guy partying.

My symptoms arent entirely similar to what the general person with fatigue feels. For instance im not bed ridden, i have fatigue yes but it is generally only brought about eating or drinking something offensive, upon which im totally wrecked for a period of 4-7 days. So doing some more reading and comparing my results it seems to me that what im dealing more with is a histamine based reaction, or Histamine Intolerance .

But i have a few questions i was hoping to get some light shed on:

1.) The adrenals release adrenaline to counter act histamine release, which is basically how an epipen works. If my adrenals are in a weakened state, would it be safe to assume that without enough adrenaline to counteract the constant histamine release that my body begins to build up a toxic level of histamine which is what im reacting to?

For instance, i can eat nuts or something like Bacon once, but if i decide to eat it again later in the day, or the next day even, i get symptoms like severe head pressure / brain fog, debilitating fatigue, and i just basically am worthless.

2.) Ive read that Histamine Intolerance is a result of a gut dysbiosis (which a CDSA confirmed i had a possible pathogen overgrowth) since pathogenic bacteria and fungus apparently release histamine from what ive read. Ive also read that the enzymes that are responsible for breaking down histamine are in the gut lining, and a compromised intestinal lining will result in less of the DAO enzyme to produced which leads to histamine collecting in the body. Are there tests i can take for Histamine Intolerance ? Something i can actually get covered under my doctor and not having to pay out of pocket for?

Are any of you familiar with histamine intolerance and how to treat it or what its caused by?

Please help i think im starting to narrow this down!


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