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am i crazy or do i have an ability?
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Published: 9 years ago

am i crazy or do i have an ability?

This may be long but i hope people take time to read it. i want to start out by saying that my family is of native American decent and i know that we have always attracted spirits to us. until recently i have never been lucky enough to see one. I've had an invisible guest in every single home I've lived in. leading me to believe that its one that follows ME. this Im ok with because Im used to it.

I've also experienced other things which i
can deal with like smelling cologn of a deceased person I've never met or someone who Im missing.

there is also the curse of feeling emotions of others so strongly that its hard to distinguish if they are my emotions or not. i don't go to the mall at Xmas because i get aggravated and feel anxious. overwhelmed. i was diagnosed as bi polar or as having adjustment disorder etc but meds do nothing for me but make me tired or irritable. people say Im too emotional or mood swings. when someone in the room cries out in anger or frustration i become angered. watching sad movies and i don't mix. i literally feel like my heart is breaking and i cry in sobs. my family laughs at this of course lol! i know things about people and their feelings that i Prolly shouldn't know and can sense danger by being near certain people. i always say that person makes me ickie. and thats EXACTLY the feeling i get.

now my 2nd problem. for years now especially recently i somehow just KNOW things. not visions or promotions. on occasion Im able to tell someone your mom is gonna call and the cell rings of course its who i said. i always get the corner of the eye look when that happens. i seem to ALWAYS just KNOW when Im being lied to or what someone will do or say. but when confronted with what i just KNOW its always denied. i know when someone far away is upset with me. i have dreams of people i haven't talked to in a while and the next day they call. all of my romantic relationships have pretty much told me i was crazy. i always just knew when they were doing wrong. am i paranoid? or gifted


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