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Overhead-A Long Elaboration
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Published: 17 years ago
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Overhead-A Long Elaboration

To understand my use of overhead....

As we read various ideas' held by some of the key people on CZ or more outlier books, we find interesting perspectives on viewing diseases differently. A number of these might be considered as "New Age" or in reality perhaps "Old Age" depending on one's perspective.

First is of the Mind:

One of the higher elevated thoughts is that every problem your body has is a direct reflection of something you haven't learned yet or something you refuse to acknowledge about yourself or an event you refuse to process.

Your body is in affect trying to get your attention to look in a different direction about your life.

When dealing with our health problems, we may find they reoccure for some people if this aspect is not addressed. Typical is abuse at an early age that has not been processed.

Real Life Understanding of the Mind Issues:

Your Body and Mind may be imprinted at an early age with a mental stress factor that affects you 24/7. One should always ask introspective questions about "why" you may be sick. Mediation allows reduction of mental stress giving added overhead.

Clean Healthy Body Remains Healthy and Impervious:

Lower in thought, is the belief that if your body is healthy you cannot get either parasites or disease. As the body literally has thousands of pathogens thoughout. The only reason we're not dead is because they do not attack healthy tissue.

A reason one might not believe this is they do not take into account that necessities of the Mind will override this.

Real Life Understanding of Clean Body:

One must make every effort to keep the Body clean from waste and poisions. Cleanses, exercise, massage or anything that allows the body to relax or eliminate provides added overhead.

Lower Still is "I caught something so I'm Sick":

Let's say you catch a cold going around. Doesn't this prove you catch diseases?

No. Not at all.

What it really proved is you needed an excuse to take off from work or whatever stress was happening in your life, real or imprinted. Most of course, will not belive this....;-)

What if I told you that if most people took "Stay Well Days" off instead of "Sick Days" fewer people would be sick? I've done this for decades.

When I told one of my Bosses one time that I didn't get sick but took "sick days" as "Stay Well Days" to go to the beach or simply enjoy myself, he told me not to tell his Boss. After all, I was taking "sick days". Is that weird thinking or what?

So what does all this have to do with overhead?

Well, you needed to understand that mental stress (conscious or unconscious) is as real as physical stress. Anything that reduces either will give added benefit of protection from "catching" something. Assuming the Mind problems have been addressed.

An Example:

I use to have a girlfriend decades ago that had asthma. It was obvious at the time it was psychological in nature. It was almost like a device that when she didn't want to do something or was bugged by "whatever" she had an attack.

I later realized she had no overhead (My being clueless as well). Therefore her attacks could be brought on by both physical or mental stress.

This is why we see the placebo effect. These people have no overhead. Therefore I could dance around them with a rubber chicken and cure them of the symptoms. By making them laugh I have reduced their stress level thereby giving them more overhead.

This is why when someone tells me this "thing" cured them, I could tell them of 3 other "things" that could do the same "cure". With one being most likely the most effective and or quickest.

The Liver-Flush I did showed my middle back being one of my key weak points for displaying stress (of any type). Something I already knew.

A final word.

People who have allergies or asthma have little or no overhead.

Meditation of as little as 15 minutes a day can give a very big return in overhead.

I NEVER think in terms of disease. I think in terms of "How do I increase my Overhead"?

Your Humble Servant,

Gracefully Savage


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