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Re: Non Conventional Flush Revisited
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Non Conventional Flush Revisited

Firstly I would like to thank you for providing such a detail chronicle of your experiences. I shall be trying a similar protocol next week.

You may not appreciate that the gallbladder will contract much more at certain times of the day than others Conversely it will relax more at certain times than others. It has natural cycle which is in harmony with other changes in basic bodily functions. The duodenal blood supply also moves it concentration through the four section of the duodenum in a 24hour cycle. The biliary system is very different in the morning than mid-day, evening or night-time in order to support primitive feeding patterns.

The Epsom Salt is a mixture of magnesium and sulphur. The sulphur in the form of a readily absorbed sulphate will, at the correct dose, causes the gallbladder to contract very significantly and more than maybe slightly more than normal. Without the Epsom Salts at the start of flushing you may have three times the bile available. This additional bile will be capable of emulsifying three times the amount of olive oil compared with the Hulda Clark e flush.

It terms of repeated doses of olive oil and citric juice many people will encounter a maximum gallbladder contraction after the first dose.

Having such a long protocol without a pre laxative will allow the bile to be reabsorbed in the terminal ileum which is going to defeat the flush for some people and make others rather toxic. Olive oil is high in oleic acid and this is readily absorbed through the intestine wall without modification.

The bio-mechanics of a single large dose is quite different from a multiple dose protocol.

The 1/4 cups of water dilutes the acidity of the stomach chyme and will reduce the amount of secretin produced in the duodenum. Secretin is an important element of the Liver Flush because in swells the volume of bile in the liver bile ducts and cause the pancreas to produce copious amounts of sodium bicarbonate.

The alternative flush is a rediscovered protocol specifically for removing Gallstones from the gallbladder which was found inappropriate for people with chronic illnesses as they were unable to tolerate the retoxification.

It is a good protocol for the right occasion.

By the way biliary sludge is a green mucin gel.

The raspiness of the throat and running nose are classic symptoms of biliary reflux which is associated with the pyloric sphincter that may have become inflamed.


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