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Agree (with an addition)... Re: Coffee enema stopped working - any advice???
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Published: 10 years ago
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Agree (with an addition)... Re: Coffee enema stopped working - any advice???

I made the post (below in italics) and I believe it's very pertinent to this thread (and the vast misinformation being embedded throughout CZ regarding Coffee Enemas)...specifically the amount of caffeine assimilated being "dangerous" or harmful.

CE's are so much more than a way to cleanse the liver!  On this troubled planet when one is bombarded daily with vast amounts of poisons (no matter how 'clean & pure' one's diet & water), the need to support our organs of elimination & detoxification is HUGE!  And CE's are the ONLY way to stimulate bile flow AND the detoxification ability of the liver, without causing the toxins released to be re-assimilated.  This summary of benefits is one of the best I've seen: The Secret to the Coffee Enema

Another benefit of CE's is pain relief! 


For what it's worth, I agree with this article (posted in a thread below:; I have been doing CE's for years...and I continued doing them the two times I cured myself of adrenal issues. With AD/AF (as you all likely know), ones detox abilities are lessened & compromised. I believe it was because I supported my liver, kidneys, and elimination/assimilation that it was easier for me to overcome my adrenal issues than most. At least that's what worked effectively for me.
Although some say that the small amount of caffeine that's assimilated with a CE is no different than ingesting it orally, that makes no sense to me.
One uses 2-4 cups of coffee solution with a CE. If we were to ingest that much coffee, the full amount would definitely go into the body and be fully processed through the digestive tract.   I have read that the caffeine in the coffee combines with hydrochloric acid in the stomach to create 'caffeine hydrochloride', which is allegedly a strong toxin. Hence the extra bile created & released in the process of neutralizing the caffeine-hydrochloride is suggested to be the cause of the 'laxative effect' of orally ingested caffeine (bile induces peristalsis, inducing bowel movements). Whether or not that's true or not, once coffee is ingested and mixed with various digestive fluids and foods, a much greater portion of the caffeine will be assimilated than what is assimilated from putting a few cups "up da" and expelling it a few minutes later...that's just common sense.
Another example I've read of how orally ingested coffee may negatively impact the adrenals is that coffee irritates/inflames the gastric mucosa, triggering the release of adrenal glucocorticoids. But that also wouldn't occur with a coffee enema (and may be a bigger part of the 'caffeine stress' to the adrenals than most have considered).
When doing a CE, the fluid is inserted rectally (without mixing with hydrochloric acid or causing irritation to the gastric mucosa) and some percentage of the coffee solution is assimilated...but only the coffee solution is taken to the liver via the hepatic portal artery. To me, it seems very possible the liver may chemically alter, convert, neutralize or even store the caffeine (just as it does with many other substances).  During the time the solution is retained the majority of the benefits of the CE occur. (This is great overview on CE benefits: Then, the fluid is expelled. So I just can't imagine how inserting & expelling a coffee solution rectally can have the same effects on the body as ingesting it orally.
Another consideration: Dr. Gerson had all his terminal patients doing 4-5 four cup CE's daily for months. We can safely assume (I would think) that some percentage of people dealing with a life-threatening illness and a terminal diagnosis experience some level of adrenal stress (some likely severe). If a CE causes as much stress to the body/adrenals as some surmise, how in the world could 4-5 CE's every day be part of a successful protocol that healed so many from cancer & other terminal illnesses? And if adrenal stress/damage does occur from CE's, then why aren't myriads of Gerson patients (past & present) warning people of the 'adrenal dangers'?  Of course, that doesn't "scientifically prove" anything, but I think it's definitely 'common sense for consideration'.
...Gerson noted some remarkable effects of this procedure. For instance, patients did not need their usually prescribed painkillers once on the enemas. Many people have noted the paradoxical calming effect of coffee enemas....   Gerson believed it axiomatic that cancer could not exist in normal metabolism. He pointed to the fact that scientists often had to damage an animal’s thyroid and adrenals just to get a transplanted tumor to “take.”   ...Since the enema is generally held for 15 minutes, and all the blood passes through the liver, the palimates enhance the enzyme system responsible for the removal of toxic free radicals from the serum; and the fluid of the enema then stimulates the visceral nervous system to promote peristalsis and the transit of diluted toxic bile from the duodenum and out of the rectum.
...The research by Sherry Rodgers, MD author of Detox or Die, suggests that there is no stimulatory effect of the adrenals from a coffee enema. The personal experience of Gabriel Cousens, MD supports her findings.
I've had several eras of my life when I've been addicted to caffeine (the worst was one year drinking 20-24 cans of diet soda and 2+ pots of coffee daily as a swing-shift restaurant manager), so sad-to say, I'm experienced & in-tune with my own body's response to caffeine (the hard way). One CE using 4 cups of coffee solution (properly administered and completely expelled), or two "back to back CE's" (using 2 cups of solution each - which is something one can do if they can't retain 4 cups of solution) has no noticeable 'caffeine impact' on my body. Yet ONE cup of coffee ingested orally will give me the jitters. Of course we're all different (and in different conditions) - that's just my body/experience.
Along that same line of thought, if/when I do daily 4 cup CE's for weeks/months on end, and then take a few days off...I have never once experienced any type of caffeine withdrawal symptom or headache. On the other hand (especially now that I'm so 'caffeine sensitive'), if I have even one cup of coffee daily for more than 2-3 days, when I stop ingesting the coffee I have very strong 'caffeine withdrawal headaches', along with the emotional flatness that always comes from withdrawal from any type of stimulant.
The benefits of CE's are far greater than simply increasing the flow of bile. I would suggest to anyone that understands the benefits of CE's and wants to try them (but is worried about the effects of the caffeine), to try something like this:
Start with a pound of the best organic coffee (hybridized & light roasted especially for use in CE's...never use non-organic coffee or tap water in a CE) from S.A. Wilsons (they've got GREAT enema buckets for cheap, too...'much easier than enema bags and no hard metal tips). Then make the solution properly:
--3-4 tablespoons of coffee in 4 cups of distilled or RO water (glass, stainless or enamel, never aluminum, non-stick or cast iron)
--Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes
--Strain through a stainless mesh strainer...never paper filters, as they absorb some of the chemicals in the coffee solution
Cool to a bit warmer than body temp. 
But rather that doing a full strength CE, use one cup of the prepared coffee solution (above) diluted with one cup of pure water (you can refrigerate the rest for later use). Retain the diluted solution for only 5-10 minutes, expel it, and then follow that with a quick 'plain water rinse enema' (to ensure you've gotten out all the coffee solution). The only time I've ever gotten a 'caffeine buzz' from a CE is when I didn't expel all the solution (and that IS something I definitely recommend avoiding!). 
I always have used a stethescope to listen to my liver/gallbladder. Here's a post (if interested) from awhile back about that (and a great diagram of the hepatic portal artery, colon & liver) : Listen to your Liver - STETHESCOPE TUTORIAL - 
'Hope this info will prove helpful and beneficial on your healing pathways!
Healthiest of blessings,

The information here is also a "must read" imo:



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