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Re: Sadly ended
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Sadly ended

Sweet fruits come from potent smelling flowers. A tree gives birth to itself with every fruit that falls to the ground and grows into another tree.

I think I read in a rebellious novel of a fruit tree leading to a humanity that fell from grace for eating of it, so they had to go to the desert and suffer a torture that invented a world of industry through agriculture and chaos...and then this fasting James Dean comes to save the world. The government tries to kill him, and he suffers great torture. They think he dies and leave him for dead, but he revives himself and lives forever. . .

Have you ever seen Jack LaLane? He made invented fitness in the form of black and white comedies. He says : "If it tastes good - spit it out!"

A taste of anything with such a power to induce pleasure could turn one into a Tantalus, able to consume oceans worth and never feel satisfied, starving no matter how much one takes in.

I once had a single raisin in my hand, looking it over because I had never seen it before, smelling it for the first time and putting it in my mouth and feeling intoxicated. No durian eating contest would compare. I don't think I ever want to eat another raisin again.

Sugar feels triggering to me. I feel like it robs me of energy and then I hunt for another source when I would rather avoid it. My mind would feel calmer on amphetamine or coke but just not playing that game any more and staying away from Sugar feels more appropriate. I don't know why I feel this way. It happens with every food I eat that impacts my emotions. Fat, sugar, salt, yeast, grain, X. I could just suck it up and morph into an X-human with mutant super powers and kill the world, but leaving these things out of my diet feels like a less complicated approach.

I guess I have a similar theory that I want to test because I feel like current trends don't offer many discoveries other than something that seems sort of suspicious. They could have all the answers, but I don't think one can know unless with something to compare it to. I've only gone three days without Sugar (including natural Sugar found in sweet fruit) and I change in a drastic way each time, but I don't want to rely on so short a period to draw any conclusions. Maybe getting through 3 months will show more significant results. Maybe it'll make me eat my hat. I don't want to make a big deal about it because then it'll feel too special to continue with. . .

I ramble. Bla bla bla. I woke up at 4 am this morning and wandered around for 9 hours. Then I met with a friend and wandered more. My feet feel numb and my legs want to fly away. So I might not write in any coherent way right now. I feel dehydrated from walking so much. Must drink water. . .

Fear makes me want to reach for comfort in food, but comfort kills and I've had enough. I don't consider the food bad. My body may not know how to assimilate it right now. I feel better starving and in pain. Not that I like that either. Though the less I have of what I like the more I appreciate the subtle surprises that come with gifts beyond my expectations. When one doesn't stimulate taste = smells can feel intoxicating as if smelling for the first time. Sometimes when I smell something I feel as though it nourishes me beyond the need to eat.

I consider myself a taste addict. If I had an addiction to heroine I would have a difficult time doing it in moderation. Popular suggestions abound of eating all things in moderation. That may work for a moderate citizen with moderate ways. Not someone prowling the night searching for a fix. I want to starve my addiction and see more to life than just food.


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