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ME is also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Published: 11 years ago
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ME is also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This is my rant, but Goll darn it Dariush!!
How long are you going to keep believing that???

you really don't get what many people here on CZ are here for! the exact same thing you say you are going to die from ever many more years. That's a crock of manure! and yes, Jeeperscreepers, I am a country "kid" that has also been raised around livestock my entire life.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or also known as Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome...caused by viruses, including Retroviruses.

I've said time and again, that focusing on killing the parasites, does NOT also address the viruses and bacterias they pack with them!

so, what are you going to do about the viruses- which every person here is going to be packing too??? Dr's will tell you "there's nothing that can be done about viruses, you just have to live with them the rest of your life"- BOLOGNA! I'm not going to let some medical Dr tell me there's nothing I can do for the viruses- and yes, I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and yes, I have had EBV, CMV and Retroviruses. Pooh pooh it all you want, but Rife is hitting them head on. Retroviruses are found in people with MS, and many other conditions, including cancers. But they can be headed off if the viruses are dealt with.

If you want to believe you are going to die an early death because of stuff that can be stopped, that's your choice, but what has brought many people here to CZ is exactly what you were "diagnosed" with. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!
And damned if it's going to kill me at an early age because Dr's say so!! It can be halted.

The herbs you pooh pooh- Look up what Olive Leaf Extract and Phyllanthus (Chanca Piedra) do where viruses and retroviruses are concerned. Homeopathics hit viruses. Frequencies hit viruses.

What do you think I've been addressing along with the parasites for the last 2 years, through the help of the Alternative Dr? Far more than just the parasites. I've killed one heck of a load of a big variety of parasites, but does that mean I'm "cured"?

NO one will be "cured" like you've claimed, as long as the parasites are the sole focus. You get to "know" people here on CZ, and two years ago Dariush, you were like an impatient child, that "was not going to be taking a year to kill parasites"..and yet, two years later- how cured are you really? Nutritional/mineral imbalances, and toxins WILL be involved too.

Linenup excells at nutritional information and much of what he has studied is very much relevant to people reaching a level of wellness. In all seriousness and I've told him this, I hope he would consider asking for his own forum, where the bigger picture of how much more is involved can be considered.

Look up how many different viruses are associated with CFS-and ME. Over 90% of people carry viruses of the herpes family of viruses, including Epstein Barr Virus & Cytomegalovirus..both commonly found in people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. What people don't know, is they are carried by specific parasites, and when those parasites are killed- the viruses and bacterias they carry continue living.

Look over to the right in that link- there's a Chronic Fatigue/ME support group.

On that site also- CFS/ME:

Not that it's active, but there's a CFS/ME forum here on CZ. It's not some darned rare "disease" that you were "diagnosed" with and are doomed to die an early death from, like you have been believing for well over a year since that Dr told you that. If you want to believe there's nothing that can be done for it, that's a different story, and your own choice. 9/10ths of the people are here because of finding answers they know they won't ever get through MD's...and learning what can be done for themselves, through the experiences of what has worked for other's.

Do your own search on CZ for ME and CFS, and see how much information there is here.

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