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Re: Oral Thrush - does it get worse before it gets better?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Oral Thrush - does it get worse before it gets better?

bottled water has leached plastic in it. i cant drink it- it dehydrates me and gives me cotton mouth and makes me feel funny-same thing with city water. although putting a filter (brita or whatever) on your tap-even if you have city- is pretty darn clean- it gets out the chlorine and fluoride and makes it tolerable for many cases bottled water is filtered tap water too. so do yourself a favor and get a liter glass bottle-(knudson juice maybe) and refill that...carry it around with you. or there are those stainless steel ones you can buy. but i prefer glass. plastic is poisonous. when i am not living by a clean river (like now) i carry my water (that i get from my well) with me everywhere as i cant drink city. its not a hassle, i just bring my back pack where i go, with himalayan salt, 3 cans sardines, liter or 2 of well water, sometimes veggies--you cant go wrong.

vinegar in stake sauce, very risky for candida suffrers

i sympathise with your low energy state, i have struggled and will probably continue to struggle with it. you have no need to apologise for where you are right now. be yourself and heal yourself.

so we will get better together..

i also know what its like not to be beleived, that your symptoms arent real or arent bad, or that eating healthy makes it worse. dont get low. i know exactly what its like, not having the energy to stand up for myself and getting pushed around by doctors and parents wielding big pharma this way an that.

if you really think this is an acid problem, and you are losing your teeth. you must have one all veggie meal a day. its not really that bad, and you can eat a full meal an hour afterwards.

upon waking, try these:

1 whole cucumber-wait at least 15 minutes
followed by
generous kale and swiss chard sauteed in 2 tbsp ex-virgin coconut oil with ginger and a pinch of unrefined salt-enough to your taste.the oil makes this a filling meal for at least an hour.

or for fruit alkalisation

1 half grapefruit
1 half lemon
2 cups green tea(one bag will do)
pinch salt until hydration feeling, i end up taking 2 or three pinches each with a mouthfull of tea and it rounds the flavor out nice and makes it feel so soothing- real salt helps to remove toxins

or aloe juice

thats great that you eat veggies at every meal!!- for me it is crucial. the only way i can stay on the diet is if my bowels are moving regularly-and the salad with every meal is key to this. protein takes long to digest so we need to speed up our elimination with good-ol veggy bulk

raw food probiotics also have a knack for ending acidosis

try raw sauerkraut from the store (or make it)
and milk keifer (or make it)

they are both expensive when bought, but they totally helped releive my acidosis, my symptoms abated mostly due to the keifer, though it didnt feel the best to eat. i only had it two times so far and its changed my flora, i can feel it- more well being.

probiotic pills may be too potent for you at this point causing allergic reactions. you may even be allergic to the raw foods, but its worth it for the flora diversity.

one other thing to consider is taking Bentonite clay+fiber supplements 3 times a day (empty stomach morning noon and night) to help move bowels/absorb toxins.
its one of the safest most effective ways to end an episode of gas and ill feelings.

a description of what Bentonite does:

you could do just bentonite+psyllium which is popular, or get a combination supplement like these:
google if interested:

(Any renew life product will prbably do you good-they are the best in the biz)

Systemic Cleansing Detox by Lee Haney 28pk

i dont want to dump so much on you. and dont feel pressured by me. take your time, think critically, and you will advance only as fast as your body/mid/spirit will let you. your healing is in your own hands, and those loved ones around you. you will only heal once you get the willpower to say, im ending this torture-no matter how bad the journey back to health is, i will stick to it. i will slip up and i will try again. and if you sit and humbly and earnestly ask the world for your health, for your opportunity to thrive, the world will deliver.

it helps so much to have someone who makes you really smile and pour out your love from inside you, there is nothing like it. and stress is the worst thing for us in these weakened states.try and love and not judge.

good luck
peace be
much love

~brother ruff

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