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Re: Chemtrails Disease (question/answers)
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Chemtrails Disease (question/answers)

Excellent questions my friend. Unfortunately there is much disinformation on the internet to confuse the subject. I will try to lay it out as clearly as I can.

1. HOW are chemtrails causing damage to the body?

Two ways.

First is through direct toxicity of the aerosol components. Chemtrails contain aluminum oxide and barium salts, and as such, are directly toxic to humans. During a process known as inversion, which occurs at sunset, the air on the ground goes into the sky and the air in the sky goes to the ground. At this time, generally, people breathe the aerosols which have been sprayed in the air during the day (if any).

Second is through the infection of the chemtrail biological components. Chemtrails are an advanced weapons system. One of these components is biological, and is deliberately designed to infect humans. In fact, it appears to cause a persistent (life-long) infection without treatment. As far as we can tell, the infection begins upon inhaling chemtrail biological dust, which possibly contains dessicated red blood cells. Lung infection is the first stage, at which point it appears the chemtrails nanotechnology infect , at the very least, human RBC (red blood cells) and possibly macrophages (a type of white blood cell). The infection then spreads across the body mimicking a disease known as trypanosomiasis, except this version is entirely synthetic. That is, the disease has been created in a weapons lab. After spreading it infects all basically body systems, especially the gut, with 'hybrid' biological specie, which appear to be some sort of fungal/proteomic/protazoan/nanotechnology life form.

Of course any foreign pathogen in the human body is not good, never mind a whole system of them, and we have seen astonishing increases in death rates for respiratory illness in the past decade, which I personally believe can be attributed to the aerosol spraying (which began nationally in 1998). Death rates for heart diseases (often associated with chlamydia pneumonia) have also skyrocketed. So have general fungal infections and other opportunistic parasitic infections and flu-like illness. I won't even mention cancer. Furthermore, as the chemtrails biological contains synthetic nanotechnology capable of 'de novo' (brand new) protein synthesis, and internal protein crystals, it could be doing any number of unpleasant things in your body, including but not limited to creating networks of communication circuitry, induction of specific disease, etc.

2. WHAT are the symptoms?

Well as I said everyone is pretty much infected, that much has become clear. The severity of infection varies greatly across individuals. Some do not experience any symptoms besides accelerated aging due to disease produced oxidative species and increased advanced glycation endproducts (AGE). So for some people, that means you are fine except that you age faster, at least for the time being.

The symptoms are obviously going to reflect infection with a parasite and the most common symptoms are going to be fatigue, malaise, and inability to think clearly. More serious symptoms could include symptoms of protothecosis and trypanosomiasis, secondary lung or gut infections, autoimmune disorders, neurological symptoms. This infection can cause a whole massive spectrum of problems.

3. Are there any modern diseases associated with chemtrails?

Yes, the epidemic of heart and respiratory disease can be associated with chemtrails. So can a fiberous nanotechnology disease known as Morgellons. Conceivably, an entire spectrum of disease from chronic fatigue to cancer to parasites can be linked to chemtrails, if for no other reason that the chemtrails disease is going to reduce immunity just by its latent presence in macrophages and consumption of essential body nutrients.

4. If all of us are infected, why aren't more strange symptoms arising in people? Why isn't there an obvious epidemic going on?

There is an obvious epidemic. General human disease and death rates have skyrocketed, especially in the past decade. One in two children born after the year 2000 is predicted to develop cancer before age 18 (according to the WHO). Respiratory disease death rates have skyrocketed from the tenth leading cause of death to the third leading cause of death. Common complaints to doctors include persistent malaise. You can see on this parasite forum there is an EPIDEMIC of opportunistic parasitic infections, and the large labs refuse to evaluate samples which are obviously positive.. The CDC and WHO have utterly failed to investigate the aerosol spraying and Morgellons and are no doubt complicit. As is the FDA and the Air Force in its denial of the existence of 'chemtrails', by now an obvious and blatent lie. Furthermore, there are thousands of registered sufferers of Morgellons, especially in California, Texas, and Florida, where we nanotechnological aspects of the chemtrails infection much more often than previously seen.

5. WHY are they doing this? What kind of motivation do they have?

Why would they do this? Ask the people that did it. A good start might be those senior officials affiliated with Wright-Patterson Air Force base SCI classified programs, Lockheed, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, etc. Certainly Rumsfeld and his criminal friends are involved. People like Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzinksi, etc. They do it for control of the entire human species under the auspices of an integrated weapons system.

On a broader level, the people behind this are known as Illuminists, and they believe in the occult doctrine of 'Illumination'. That is, they believe that they were destined to rule and that the masses of humanity are the sheep. These people are completely insane, but they have some of the highest IQs on the planet, and yes, they really do believe this stuff (occult power, global fascism, etc). In other words, they want a global scientific dictatorship with them pushing the buttons. You will find these people at the ranking policy levels in the banking system, in editorial positions in the collective mass media illusion, and especially in the senior leadership in 'defense' areas at the major weapons and defense contractors, often placed in the corporate 'Vice President' position. I have provided a list of organizations involved, the big ones are obviously Lockheed, Northrop, Boeing, various elements of the US Air Force, Norwegian defense command, NATO central command, etc. I'm still looking for the source of the biologics/nanotech, but my evidence current points to origin within Los Alamos and Ames Research center. Many others are involved, as this is a global trillion dollar per year project.

6. Is this happening WORLDWIDE? Or is this mainly a problem in North America? Is Australia, Antarctica, etc. infected?

Well, I don't know about Russia and China. If it's occurring there, it is done through the auspices of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization). The Rest of the World is handled through the auspices of NATO. All the corrupt weapons dealers are attracted to NATO like flies to a corpse. Not that the SCO wouldnt' spray its people, I just have no information. Maybe they are waiting. Maybe they have done it. I just don't know.

But otherwise, yes, worldwide. People are infected in North America, Europe, and Australia. Chemtrails have been seen over Venezuela and other South American countries. They are all over Eastern Europe; there was even a television program in Germany after the government publicly admitted to conducting chemtrails operations in its airspace. You can find the clip on Youtube, search for 'Chemtrails' and 'Germany'.

7. Why aren't scientists, researchers, doctors etc. more vocal and knowledgeable about this -- since apparently you can test for chemtrails in the lab.

First off, this is the 'blackest of the black' programs. Obviously, as it involves modification of the genetics of the human species. Half the budget of a program like this gets consumed with security operations and disinformation. You can be sure there is an operations center with full-time people dedicated just to keeping the lid on this. Generally they don't have to do much as most of America has already been dumbed down to drooling idiots.

As for the specialists...The medical and research system is very controlled. It's all based around money. And grants. And there are 'review boards' which control the grants. Generally, at NIH, you do the research your boss wants you to do, not the research you want to do. If you want to explore your own research, it either on your own dime or you have to apply for a grant. And surprise surprise, this Illuminist cult has its tentacles everywhere, so generally they have someone sitting on the grant board which will find some reason to object that the study should not go ahead. Occasionally, especially in other countries, a study does go forward; however, you won't find it in a major journal , and all you will be able to do is download an English language abstract of some obscure Iranian or Indian journal. You can find alot of these studies if you research chlamydia pneumonia. But most scientists don't make the leap to seeing this 1960s mycoplasm as an early synthetic bioweapon, the fact it is on its own clade with highly preserved sequences. Same goes for fusarium solani and strange organisms in the DRIP clade. No one in the public research establishment can connect the dots. It takes a certain personality to make a leap and connection like this; it takes 'vision'. So besides the control, there is just massive ignorance and stupidity on the part of the medical establishment. But yes, basically, in America, due to iron grip on the system of medical funding, it's basically hopeless to get funding for anything like this. People don't want to risk their reputations or careers, especially if they have families. I am sure there are threats involved for people to remain silent as well.

Add this on top of the fact that only recently have I been putting the vast horrible pieces together, so we are a bit late to the party here.

Part of the reason I am making these posts is I am trying to get researchers with the resources (ie biology lab access, microscopes) to look at this. The basics are easily understood by any research lab, if they have the both the resources and the courage to look.

Obviously with war against Iran now imminent, the hour is very late indeed.


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