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Selling Out - a Message for Today's Youth

Selling Out is something we do without knowing it.

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Selling Out - a Message for Today's Youth

I have a message for the youth of today, those who were born after 1975 or so, whose parents are my peers - the tail end of the Boomer generation.

When I was graduating high school, in 1975, it was the time of post-mortem of the 1960's politics - hippies and Vietnam and the Military Industrial Complex that was the focus of the protests {see: Dwight D. Eisenhower's 'Military-Industrial-Complex' Warning speach [google it]].

There was, way back then, an awareness of over-population of the earth, of environmental problems of deforestation, depletion of soils, and the 'emissions issues' of toxic pollution, smog, and the early discussions of global warming, although that term had not been coined yet. We may not have had the details but we had the exact focus correct - those fossil fuels emissions were not good for the earth, and only the wealthy elites could possibly be benefitting by not reigning them in. We demanded 'emissions reductions' and got teased, ridiculed, and maybe jailed.

There was, way back then, also an awareness of the political and economic 'slavery', of being controlled by commerce to a degree, with some freedoms taken away unless the price of admission had been paid, and that was generally done by 'getting a job' - and a haircut, and the clothes, and whatever else the workplace demanded of us to succeed. Look the part, play the part, and hide away all the parts of YOU that do not fit the role until you can fit into it perfectly and therefore succeed - it is the ultimate dismissal and rejection of self. And we do it to survive. Is this your world? The one you would design? no? - then ask yourself: Why not?

Slavery is a bit too strong a word, it was really more about "Selling out", which, back then, meant to do all those things the bosses asked of us - it wasn't being forced as much as it was being coerced, or blackmailed. "Selling out" was the act of doing the dirty work for money, doing things that we would otherwise reject as immoral, bad for the environment, or even that distastefull job of enforcement of the laws and other 'norms' - done by 'assuming the position' of school principle, the property owner, or whatever gave them the power to 'tell us what to do'.

The lines of division between the establishment and the radicals were deceptively clearer back then - just look at the hair and clothes and those wearing the jeans and a t-shirt with long hair were the radicals. I didn't realise my 'jeans-and a tshirt' were a uniform, but it was. It was the unifrom of the protestors and radicals. However, every young person was wearing them, and they, my peers, became the turncoats, the sell-outs, the establishment. That was the deception - my peers who looked like radicals and hippies were just biding their time [and partying] until they got an education and a good paying establishment job, then they raised a family and did everything straight down the path of NORMAL - they were the sell outs.

Meanwhile , the real radicals were not waiting - we were actively rejecting that 'normal path' as a destructive, and potentially suicidal path. No way could we take the easy route and be normal when normal meant supporting things like Vietnam war by our taxes, that meant voting for people who were on the side of corporations and wealthy elites and did little do help those who voted them into power - I just could not take part in that.

There was music that emboldened us, songs of protest and music that was loud and brash - radical in itself, emblematic of our protests, of us. We later figured out that those musicians were actually sell outs too, as the music industry got control over who would be recorded and who would not. Industry was allways our nemesis, because of the agendas of those who ran them and lived off them.

With all that in mind, my message to today's youth, of 2007, is that you are the 2nd generation of sell outs, and your parent's generationhas not given you the chance to look around and see the possibilities, the options, the alternate paths that might go against the capitalist economic agenda but that might bringyou a more rewarding and fullfilling, happy life. There is a better world awaiting the first generation willing to throw off the shackles of consumerism, but insterad we, the boomer sellouts, only offered you consumerism. And look how well you took to it!! - buying the TV set that covers a whole wall, and the cars that cost as much as a house used to, and clothes that identify you as a branded sell out of the2nd generation of sell outs. Fashion is followed to a sickening degree, as if you have no midns of your own, unable to choose your own styles. The talk of corruption at the highest levels of the extablishment is angrily dismissed, as was global warming until the major media started saying it - you were sucked in by the GW/CC denial industry, even tho we know it was mostly funded by Exxon [you didn't listen to that fact either].

At what point will you start to see that you, the youth of today, like most of us older ones, have been controlled and manipulated into being 'good little consumers' and sell outs to the establisment? When will you see the destruction was done for the convienience and profits of the industrial Elites, and to our detriment? - it was not and is not neccessary for the continued operations of those industries, that is just the way they getus to go along with them - a tactic of fear. The damage is real, there is disease and health problems arising from their pollution, and the earth is angry at us and will lash us with severe weather events for decades to come.

There is also the false promises of prosperity, that great holy grail that we were told we would recieve, but as we go further along the path of the establishment, we see that the average person is getting poorer and poorer. This path will not return wealth to us ever, that wealth is solidily locked up in the valuts of the wealth elites - back in the 1960s, that top 5% of wealthy people owned about 40% of the world's wealth, and now it is almost 90%. The top 50 wealthy people in Canada have as much money as the lowest 14 million.

Let me repeat that - The top 14 wealthy people in Canada have as much money as the lowest 14 million. Are you still in favour os supporting that system? What if it continues in this same direction and the top 5% have 99% of the money? And there are no jobs, no food, no shelter. And we are cold and tired, addicted and ill, fat and constipated and nobody will help us at all.At what point will you decide to join the anti-establishment movement? - we are not radicals, we are the sensible ones, the ones with an idea about fairness and equality, the ones with a social conscience [sp?] , the ones with environmental awareness. We are not new, but some of us are re-joining the movement, everyone who will work for the rights of everyone and work against the system that benefits only an Elite Few is welcome to join with us .

We must soon start to work towards getting back control of the world so that ordinary people can thrive once again - we need a stable climate to do that and the Elites know that and that is why they are doing all they can to cause global warming. Thats right, it is not a mistake or an oversight - they knew about it 40 years ago, there was talk of it in the 1920s when they were trying to decide if cars would be run on corn or oil. Never heard about that battle? No kidding - there is much history hidden from us, but the internet is making it available to us now. We have to be able to believe it the worst - they have gotten away with so much evil just because ordinary people don't think anyone would do those things!! We have to be able to figure out what 'planted lies' are, to cipher through them and the true history, and we have to be able to get around the planted distractions too.

We do owe you an apology. Well, not me but your parents who were/are sellouts do. Don't wait for that apology though, you may be young enough to still look around the corners of the boxes we are in, and that means you can see the truth more easily than your parents can.

with long hair -

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