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Cancer Risk for Women - Cosmetic Carcinogens - Hotlist [its about respect]

Common Cosmetics Cause Cancer

Date:   11/15/2006 1:24:52 PM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 1919 times

Its really such an UGLY situation women find themselves in today in western society - being encouraged to "look pretty", but having a much higher cancer risk for doing so.

That modern image of pretty is impossible to attain when compared to the air-brushed photos of models who are selling stuff that we see everywhere. Women , unfortunatly, seem to compare themselves to other women as part of a competition of some sort... and they feel they must try to look as "pretty " as possible. In our society, that image is created with cosmetics.

And those cosmetics do not have to be labelled as for the ingredients in them, carcinogenic or not. There are a number of cancer-causing ingredients that are well known now, and there is talk of at least mandating labelling of them. That would be humane.

I am tempted to paste every one of the 100s of carcinogenic chemicals used in everyday cosmetics, but it would not get read. So here is a link to the "Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist", compiled in 2005 -

That won't be very interesting reading, but this might be:
"Carcinogens in cosmetics and toiletries"
and -
"The Cosmetic products containing those Chemicals"

Ok, so this is good info, since the industry responsible refuses to label their products. In fact, the cosmetics industry has their own propaganda and dis-information networks!!
Here is an article about that:
"Industry influence over determining cancer risk"
link :

I am posting all this because I feel a strong need to "humanise" the beauty industry, and a first step is to reduce the cancer risk to women, a risk that is rising much faster than for men. One in FIVE women will get breast cancer in their lives.

Respect for women means taking away the myth of physical beauty. Natural skin may not be appealing after seeing the skin with cosmetics for so many years now, but that can change as we learn to look just a bit deeper. Putting women at risk of cancer simply to meet the expectation of society [men and other women] is not respectfull. Most men prefer living women anyhow. [sorry, thats crude].

The direction I would like to go is not to have any "false images" as created with cosmetics, but if women feel a need to wear cosmetics, there are now a number of safe ones, free of carcinogenic chemicals. I saw them at the health food store the other day. I do not know for sure, but they may be more expensive, as petrochemically-based products are almost allways cheaper to produce...

Karlin Commentary:
You may be asking - Why is Karlin putting this on his blog? Isn't there cancer forums for this?

- yes, i considered it, but it fits so well with my theme of HUMANISM in this blog.

Men and women still have a ways to go to being liberated from the sexuality myths. Men especially have not made progress, but women wearing cosmetics are a sign of them still trying to fit those definitions. They have come a long ways. One way men have not is that they feel they must be avialable sexually at all times. Its part of the role playing men and women have done for so long, role playing that keeps us trapped in the Sexuality myths. Natural biological imperitives are no longer needed for survival of our species - in fact fewer women having children would be a good thing for an overcrowded planet. Still, we play the games, and cosmetics are a big part of those games. Carcinogenic chemicals in cosmetics may serve to change our habits if women reject cosmetics due to the cancer risks. If not, we can only expect to lose more women to cancer, which only serves the medical industry, who, if humane, would be crying out for carcinogens to be eliminated from personal care products.

One last thing - I met Linda in the laundromat yesterday, she has cancer. She was wearing cosmetics, and she was using dryer sheets, fabric softeners, and Tide, all of which are KNOWN cancer risks due to the carcinogenic chemicals in them. I know she would only have rejected what I had to say if I hinted to her what I saw there. I cannot convince others of the truth about cancer risks on my own, not while people are being overwhelmed by the advertising industry messages over major media. They just won't believe things could be so.... inhumane. But they are.

Please try to spread the word - print out these articles and post them at public places.


PS -
No, I am not a women. A lot of people think I must be due to my style of writing or something, or the Karlin nicname. I don't mind, I know who I am. I am a male. somewhat liberated perhaps from the macho styles.

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