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From Data to Dance and Beyond!

A Spectrum of Reference for Introductions to Your Human Design (and other introductions).

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November 19, 2018 -

"Our common usage of the word information describes essentially 'raw' data without context or meaning. Only when we gain an understanding of how such data is interrelated does it become informed. And only when a pattern is discerned within such information does it become knowledge."[5]

April 21, 2019 - The Limitations of Data-based Information and the Increased Need For A True Knowledge and Understanding of Life! -

“More Information hardly equates with gains in knowledge. Smart watches and digital health will deliver oodles more information. This, along with hype, will surely enrich the makers of devices, and in turn the medical industry. I remain skeptical that it will improve the human condition. It could even make us sicker.” - Dr. John Mandrola, Cardiologist.[7]

April 20, 2019 - Jon Rappoport -

"...The process of education itself is devalued because it isn’t impacting the student at his center. It’s superficial to the extreme, and it rarely brings about vital personal change. Instead, at best, the student is viewed as a robot who needs to ingest information. I’m not downplaying the role of information; I’m saying it needs to be supplemented by an ongoing process of reflection on, consideration of, and extensive dialogue about, personal values. ..."[6]

Information is not knowledge!
(Sources include Frank Zappa and Albert Einstein.)

March 18, 2018 - A Spectrum of Reference for Introductions to Your Human Design -

A Linear Prelude:
Data[ii] (is not fact/s[iii])
(Initial) Understanding[x]

Thresholds of Consciousness:
(Self-Evident) Truth[vii]


“Overview” In The Human Design System -

Data - “Human Design uses your birth time and place to calculate your personal Human Design chart. In this calculation, the positions of Sun, Moon and planets at the time of your birth play an important role. Astrology also uses the birth time and place to generate your natal chart, but it interprets the data differently – and Human Design is not astrology.”[xiii]

Facts - “Zen Human Design charts are different from all other Human Design charts available in that they limit themselves to displaying the mechanics of a design and refrain from attaching generalized labels and suggestions as to how you're supposed to live your life. No "authority," no "strategy," no "profile," no "cross," just the simple facts.”[xiv]

Information - Human Design Centers -
“The nine centers are hubs of information and energy throughout the body. They have evolved from the seven chakras known in the Hindu tradition.”[xv]

Experience - “Human Design shows us that we are uniquely designed and that we each process and experience energy differently. Your unique Human Design chart will show you where you are most likely to experience pain if you do not live true to your Authentic Self.
When you experience pain it is often the result have having made a choice that stops the natural flow of your unique energy. The greater the pain, the more choices you’ve made that have taken you farther away from your Authentic Self.”[xvi]

Knowledge - “The Human Design System is a holistic, logical and verifiable system for self knowledge.”[xvii]

Understanding - “All body centers function in multidimensional human consciousness and organize information through interpretive as well as through physiological pathways. By understanding their flow of energy you have a key to understanding yourself.”[xviii]

Awakening - “Discovering the gift of the mind when it is not tied up with decision making”[xix]

Remembrance - “The task ... is to remember and to wake up. This remembrance is greatly aided by knowing your own (Human Design) chart, those of people close to you, and understanding the transits.”[xx]

Truth - “For millennia the four wisdom traditions of the Tree of Life, the Chakras, the I-Ching and astrology have remained virtually the same, operating independently from one another. Each contains information that can give aspects of truth about life both on a personal level for a given individual and on a cosmic level taking into account the universal viewpoint. But it wasn’t until 1987 that these systems were melded into one synergistic form that began integrating the truth contained in each, affording us greater, more detailed information.”[xxi]

Wisdom - “the open centers are places where we get our deepest conditioning, creating great resistance and suffering. Yet when we honor the mechanics of our design, it is through the open centers that we get the greatest learning and wisdom.”[xxii]

Love - “Human Design gave me the permission to be ‘me.’ Human Design showed me how to embrace my energy type and to see its beauty. It helped me to understand and have compassion in regards to my family and friends. It helped me to not take things understand that each design has its way of being in the world. As the founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu says, ‘Human Design opens the door to the potential of self-love, a love of life and the love of others through understanding.’”[xxiii]

Beauty - “Human Design is a synthesis of Eastern and Western astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu Chakra System, the Kabbalah and Quantum Physics. Although Human Design contains components of each of these unique esoteric sciences, the true beauty of Human Design is in the concept of synthesis. Each one of these esoteric components is unique and has different uses. When blended together in the Human Design system, the synthesis is a truly new and different science of personal insight and understanding.”[xxiv]

"One of the hardest things for humans to accept is the beauty of life. We rush headlong past it everyday. But without time for pauses, without the right attitude, we never break out of the constricted, addictive mindset.

The contemplative life allows you time for beauty. It allows some of the wildness back into your soul."[xxvi]

Ecstacy - “......Only ecstasy can silence the mind, only ecstasy can solve the problems of the world, only ecstasy can lead to world peace and universal love.

Your ability to attune to the ecstatic nature of your body depends upon your ability to let go of your mind and open your heart. It depends upon how grateful you feel towards existence for giving you this body and the experience of being alive. If you have felt this ecstatic feeling even once in your life, then you can recreate it. And even if you haven’t felt it, you can open yourself to it. It lies within you right now, at the exact moment of your reading this. It will always remain with you, waiting quietly within the very ventricles of your physical heart. All you have to do is invite it back into your life.

One of the ways to accept is to have gratitude for the moment. In gratitude we surrender our need to control and connect to our true selves as all gratitude is based in surrendering to love. To start the shift relax and sink back and smile, as you smile you: “Start My Internal Love Engine” and now take a deep breath and release slowly.
May you day be filled with the synchronicities that some see as luck.”[xxv]

March 28, 2018 - A Sneak Peak into the Future -

"The archetype for what it means to be human is evolving, and we stand on the cusp of new energy and new possibilities for mankind. By the year 2027, the human energy field will be hardwired in a brand-new way.

As part of this change in our hardwiring, the body graph is changing, and we are moving away from the Spleen being our center for intuition and survival. The Emotional Solar Plexus is evolving into being our new source of intuition. This means we are moving away from being driven by fear to a consciousness that supports us doing what feels good and right. It will no longer feel right that children are starving on our planet, or that war is okay, or that suffering is an acceptable part of being human.

In Human Design, evolution isn’t just a Darwinian process. Evolution for humans happens first in consciousness. We’ve seen evidence of shifts in consciousness growing stronger over the last hundred years, and much more so in the last twenty years.

We are learning that we are designed to experience joy and support as our natural state, that we are One, and that our mindset is a crucial part of our co-creative capacity. We literally stand on the edge of a whole new way of being human. Those of us living right now have the important job of ushering in the new potential for humanity. We are midwives and stewards of a new world.

But in order to play our part in this transition, we have to fulfill our unique roles without distortion and without being stuck in old patterns and fear. ...

The work you do to discover and express your magnificent self is the most important work you can do for both yourself and the planet. When you love yourself and live a radically authentic life, you will be playing your part in the creation of a new world of sustainable peace and abundance for everyone.

Be yourself. Love yourself. You matter.[1]

May 15, 2018 - Happy New Moon, Happy Uranus in Taurus! -

More Re: "Facts"

Roughly speaking, a sign is a deliberately shaped indication revealing that certain conditions or circumstances are to be expected at a certain place or time. For instance, road signs tell the motorist that a dangerous turn or crossing lies ahead, or that certain roads lead to specific places. A sign, if precise and accurate, is strictly factual. It is a conventional and socially understandable way of presenting facts.

Facts, however, are strange entities, and different human beings respond to them differently according to their temperament, expectations, or emotional states. A "mere fact" can differ considerably from an "expected fact." The rationalist and the scientist may think they deal with mere facts, but these facts can arouse many varied emotions. If they reach a collectivity of men at special times their meaning can be magnified or distorted and can radiate into many unforeseen directions. Einstein's formula, e = mc squared, refers to a mere fact of the atomic realm, but after Hiroshima it became far more than a sign or a factual indication of the objective relationship of energy to mass. It stood as a symbol of the possible fate which the Western scientific mind and technology had foisted upon mankind, incorporating an immense variety of direct or indirect consequences, a constellation of emotions, such as pride, greed and fear. Indeed, a basic question about the end value and moral implications of a certain type of knowledge and of its unprotected and possibly premature dissemination became implied in the fact-defining equation. Einstein's objective discovery and the purely factual statement of it has become an extremely potent symbol of the state of existence which mankind has reached today — and it is a crucial and potentially frightening as well as perhaps inspiring and challenging state. As I stated in my recent book The Planetarization of Consciousness[2]:

A fact is what it is particularly and exclusively as a fact; it can be described and recorded in such a manner that, at least theoretically speaking, its precise character is not open to doubt. We might also say that "facts" belong to the category of rational entities: these entities can be precisely denied inasmuch as the definition implies all that they are not, i.e. the definition essentially excludes other conceptual entities. ...[3]


The first two items in the Linear Overview list above were inspired by “Data is not facts. Facts are not information. Information is not knowledge”[i] and linked on top of an overlapping list presented in the album: “Joe’s Garage” by Frank Zappa. Additions to the list include: “Experience”, (as it is required for obtaining true knowledge) “Understanding”, (as a required purpose in communication) “Awakening/Remembrance”, (as accompanying the most essential “Truth/s” - i.e. Truth of Self, etc.) and conclude with “Dance”, (as an extension of Music that also leads into “Ecstasy”).


[2] Cf. Chapter IX, "Symbols and Values," p. 256.

[3] Symbols & The Cyclic Character Of Human Experience, Dane Rudhyar in "An Astrological Mandala".

[4] "... there is no knowledge or science which is not expressed in the medium of thought.":
(See: p. 56 under: "The middle way of the spiritual science")

[5] CosMos, By: Ervin Laszlo and Jude Currivan; pg. 80 of Chapter Five: In-Form.


[7] On: "Taking the Pulse of the Apple Heart Study":

[i] “Computerworld” Mar 11, 1991: id=bJfLxHMXCSkC&pg=PA25&lpg=PA25&dq=%22data+is+not +facts %22&source=bl&ots=TBpvxMYTuW&sig=xgMjSHy4NYVHk7hRa NEfcZdCgZQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiHysr-8_TZAhUJllQK HfRLAK8Q6AEIPjAE#v=onepage&q=%22data%20is%20not %20facts%22&f=false

[ii] An interesting article on data: copyrights-and-slogans-oh/

[iii] “It is only once we develop the self-awareness to recognize how bias drives our decisions and the self-confidence to recognize how our ego drives our decisions that we can effectively harness our analytics to have data drive our decisions”: facts-the-impossibility-of-being-unbiased
Comment: Even with this particular “self-awareness ... and self- confidence” data-driven decisions are not a constant reliable basis for any decision-making that will have any personal impact on an individual.

[iv] Information & knowledge in relation to data.:

[v] “Data and facts are not information until you communicate their relevance and importance to someone.”:

Etymology of "fact":
fact (n.)
1530s, "action, anything done," especially "evil deed," from Latin factum "an event, occurrence, deed, achievement," in Medieval Latin also "state, condition, circumstance," literally "thing done" (source also of Old French fait, Spanish hecho, Italian fatto), noun use of neuter of factus, past participle of facere "to do" (from PIE root *dhe- "to set, put"). Main modern sense of "thing known to be true" is from 1630s, from notion of "something that has actually occurred."

Compare feat, which is an earlier adoption of the same word via French. Facts "real state of things (as distinguished from a statement of belief)" is from 1630s. In fact "in reality" is from 1707. Facts of life "harsh realities" is from 1854; euphemistic sense of "human sexual functions" first recorded 1913. Alliterative pairing of facts and figures is from 1727.

Facts and Figures are the most stubborn Evidences; they neither yield to the most persuasive Eloquence, nor bend to the most imperious Authority. [Abel Boyer, "The Political State of Great Britain," 1727]:

[vi] See 48th Gene Key(GK).
[vii] See 63rd GK.
[viii] See 25th GK.
[ix] See 1st GK.
[x] See 4th GK.
[xi] See 51st GK.
[xii] See 46th GK.


[xv] design/what-is-on-a-chart/

[xvi] Discovered broken link as of march 16, 2019.





[xi] modernscience.php

[xxii] [23]

[xxiv] expansion.html


[xxvi] From the 25th Gene Key, the Gift of Acceptance:


Data, Fact, Information, Experience, Knowledge, Understanding, Awakening, Remembrance, Truth, Wisdom, Love, Beauty, Ecstasy, awareness, consciousness

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