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May 3, 2023 -

"the more people who experience such ogasmic energy coursing through their higher bodies, the more our planet will be transformed. ...

There is actually no work more important on this earth than play. When we become truly playful we reshape the nature of our collective reality. This is the great truth of the 46th Siddhi and its vast importance to today's over-serious world. ..." - Richard Rudd in Gene Keys

April 9, 2023 - "Summer Honey" -

(additional reading - aka: "Optional Materials" - within the Venus Sequence)[34] -

To Richard: I've been struggling to fully grok: "You cannot love and think at the same time." In light of my life experience - these two aspects are required for me to truly communicate with anyone I care about. I reviewed "Summer Honey" and now see that your analogy does present these two aspects in harmonious relation to their greater whole. In light of this I wonder how you can say: "You cannot love and think at the same time."

Having reviewed "Summer Honey" I now realize that thoughts can have different natures some of which may be like bees and others like other entities that are not harmonious to the hive.

April 1, 2023 - The Gift in "The Venus Sequence" -

At the 3rd Line - "...Awareness always brings this inner sense of humor, because it shows you how human you are."

March 15, 2023 - Contemplation -

"The ideal of the soul is space, immensity. The human soul is a tiny particle of the universal Soul, and it feels so constricted and hemmed in within the human being that its one desire is to be allowed to expand in limitless space. In order to attain this
goal, the soul too needs nourishment to keep up its strength, and the particular type of food that suits it best is all the qualities and virtues of the higher consciousness: impersonality, self-denial and self-sacrifice. The coin with which it buys this food is
ecstasy, fusion with the divine world, and the work which enables it to earn this fusion is the work of prayer and contemplation. Yes, the specific activity of the soul is contemplation." - Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov[33]*

December 4, 2022 - Gene Keys -

According to Richard Rudd, author of "Gene Keys" the Gene Keys are: "a kind of technology ... that you can apply to your life ... inside us ..." that awakens "algorithms inside us for personal transformation."[32]

November 10, 2022 - The Last "Dance"! -

"Life is a mystery in which chance and love are dancing together. The more you allow love, the more chance appears to work in your favor. When you love totally, unconditionally, even chance is shown to be an illusion and the underlying cosmic geometry or cosmometry is revealed behind all things. It is only then that your timing becomes perfect and that which appears to be random is understood as an aspect of the holographic universe unfolding its myth through your life." - Richard Rudd in "Gene Keys"[31]

October 7, 2022 - Thrice Born? (or born once of our mothers and 2X "Re-conceived"?) -

"The 57th Gene Key contains the myth of the philosopher's stone. Our body, our DNA is encoded with that stone, that densest form of matter. Deeper in the heart of that density, an infinite light lays trapped, and when we finally unlock the deepest layer of that light, a supernova occurs. We discover the Divine. We realize that we're a part of God, that God is in us and in everything. We see clearly for the first time. We're 're-conceived'. Once the bond with matter is severed at its root, the game is over. This is realization. ..."[28]

We were all born of out mothers. Some declare they have been "born again." Then there is The Human Design Revelation with a cosmology that says:

"... Our universe is the offspring of the event we call the Big Bang. It is us and we are it; a creation evolving, still within the womb. We are once with whatever created us …”
Ru Uru Hu - The Human design System”[29]

OR - a four-fold "evolving" in light of the genetic mutation predicted by Human Design/Gene Keys and anticipated in 2027.

Also: "It is written in the Book of Genesis, ‘In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void... and a wind from God swept over the face of the waters.’ Why ‘over the waters’? Because water represents the original cosmic matter into which the spirit of God, the primordial fire, entered in order to fertilize it. Contrary to popular belief, earth is not the element that best expresses and manifests the properties and qualities of matter: it is water, whose qualities are receptivity, adaptability and pliancy. Water therefore is the symbol of the primal matter that received the fertilizing seeds of the spirit. It is the womb of life. Life is born of water thanks to the principle of fire, which breathed movement into this matter. Without fire to infuse it with life, water, matter, possesses no life of its own. - Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov[30]

July 17, 2022 -

"...Once the Presence is revealed within a person, it becomes difficult for him to maintain his role in the world, since there is no longer anything important outside. Such people no longer fit into society and cannot explain their reality(i) to anyone else. All they can do is continue to exist, allowing the experiences that life brings to them to come, even if they are simply not interested. The presence sweeps before itself all ..."[27]

(i) Only the Holy Spirit knows your reality. A Course in Miracles: T-8.II.1.2.

June 13, 2022 -

"... we are nothing but purity. ... The only purity there is, is purity of heart. There's no other purity. ... Because when we get in touch with our heart, when we really get in tune with it, then all of our relationships and all of our dilemmas are instantly resolved. Because we cannot be tarnished by anyone or anything external because there is no external. It's all just us. It's all manifestations of one thing." - "The 64 Ways" By Richard Rudd

Perfect timing for this Blog-writer to have received this today as he just had a direct experience of the truth of this!!

June 6, 2022 - Your Higher Purpose -

“… consciousness is self-organizing, it must also be omnicentric. When we awaken the higher purpose within our DNA, then we activate the self-organizing principle at the heart of the universe. We attract towards ourselves those forces and allies that allow the whole to reach for a higher harmony.”[26]*

January 27, 2022 -

"...There is no way to the higher realms without some form of sacrifice."[25]

July 28, 2020 - An Astrological Reference to Gene Keys Beyond Human Design:

June 25, 2020 - New entry at the 7th posting below.

June 22, 2020 -

"A life in which we make mistakes and take full responsibility for those mistakes, without recourse to blame, is in some ways even more admirable than a life of impeccable morality. Our very human nature is to grow. So the purpose of your life is not a fixed mark. It is an ever-changing alignment to the core of your humanity, to your ability to forgive yourself and others and to keep the fires of your enthusiasm burning ever brightly. ...

... Every human being is a mystery. ... The purpose of the Gene Keys is to unlock the code to one’s higher purpose." ~ Richard Rudd[22]*

June 4, 2020 - A Curved Life -

"...The real central theme of all my work with the Gene Keys is the transformation of human awareness in the solar plexus area. "[21]

May 21, 2020 -

"Our world right now is entering the first stage of a vast global transformation. In the years ahead so many things that we take for granted will fall away. During such destabilizing times, each human being has to make a daily choice - we must chose contraction or expansion. Many will chose the former. The Gene Keys teachings and our global community are built upon the rock of the Eternal Inner Truth - that the only safe path forwards is the path of love. This is the path of Expansion, and all are invited…"[20]

April 24, 2020 - Moving Through Chaos -

In light of these "Auspicious Times" this Blog-writer was inspired with the Gene Keys Shadow of "Chaos." He then generated a Google translation of what was apparently a translation of the 2rd Gene Key written in Chinese. -

"... This is the foundation of quantum biology, but it is regarded as a heresy by mainstream biology."[19] There are additional commentaries woven through the translation.

April 19, 2020 - Your Holographic Profile -

"Each of our genetic codes within our profile contain the frequencies of a shadow, a gift and a siddhi along with one line from the six lines of the ancient IChing. At the shadow level, we are operating at the lowest vibration that can be transmuted by contemplative recognition as to how it is playing out in our lives. The siddhi is our highest expressive frequency to which we can aspire through the consistent expression of our gifts. The first three lines of the IChing refer to our personal patterns while the last three lines correlate to the collective patterns. Wherever lines 1 through 3 show up in our profile, they point to our personal focus of self-development in contrast to lines 4 through 6 that involve our developmental role within the collective. All of the frequencies and patterns with which we have been born are designed to encourage our soul growth. Thus, every life experience that we attract is by design, and presents us with the opportunity to unlock and activate the higher purpose hidden within our genetic structure."[17]

Continuing -

"There are three sequences within our genetic profile:

1. The Activation Sequence contains the four primary gene keys of our Life’s Work, Evolution, Radiance and Life’s Purpose. These four frequencies work together to create our core stability, and determine the overall nature of our life purpose.

2. The energy of our life purpose flows into the Venus Sequence wherein the genetic codes for our attraction field along with our mental, emotional and spiritual frequency patterns can be found. These are rooted in the first twenty-one years of our soul development, and their culmination reveals our core wound.

3. Our core wound is also our core vocation found within the Pearl Sequence along with our gene keys of culture, our life’s work/brand and our pearl. This sequence is our path to prosperity involving the frequencies of the work we choose, how we step out into the world with our life’s work and the ultimate energy that permeates everything we are and do – our pearl.

Our core wound is significant since we live in an imperfect world wherein most of us had imperfect childhoods. The Earth is a school, a divine experiment, wherein we are all here to learn and grow towards the highest expressions of our gifts and siddhis. Our core wound can be seen as the cumulative shadow born from all the shadow frequencies disrupting our core stability and our emotional patterns.

Since our core wound is the flip side of our core vocation, we may have a tendency to sabotage our prosperous vocation due to a non-reconciled core wound. Further, our core wound can often be the catalyst to drive us either consciously or unconsciously towards our core vocation. An example might be a life long struggle with a core wound of addiction, that once healed, allows us to prosper from a vocation in which we are helping others heal their addictions. The journey to heal our genetic core wound requires the discovery of our life purpose through the Activation Sequence, the opening of our hearts through the Venus Sequence whereby we can heal our core wound, and release our prosperity through the Pearl Sequence. As Rudd explains, the Gene Keys are our map, the Hologenetic Profile is our compass and the Golden Path is our journey to unlock the higher frequencies of light hidden within our genetic design. The healing of our personal core wound is the healing of our collective core wounds rooted in the shadow of victimization, and whereby the dragonfly dream of true freedom awaits us."]17]


The "core vocation" in this Blog-writer's profile is located at 12.2. This corresponds with the Human design gate in the Throat center. This writer immediately recognizes that his "voice" at this gate was essentially shut down at a very early age in his childhood development (at the time when he was first able to stand up in his crib). There was a particular incident that occurred one day that became the most significant indicator of his "core wound." His "core vocation" extends from this core wound in his support of others expressing through their voice their truth of self in regards to anything and everything in their life.

Continuing Some More! -

Just generated a client's profile and identified their "Core Vocation"/"Core Wound" that appears to be a positive match based on direct observations over the years. The information provided by the Gene Keys plus The Human Design System can possibly allow for the most direct insight, recognition and understanding of this important activation. Since (according to Richard Rudd) every individual has a "core wound" as well as a "core vocation" it seems to this writer that virtually everyone who hasn't already been introduced to their profile could likely benefit from that introduction. The profile is free![18]

Also am All-Grateful for Richard's introductions to Contemplation (which you'll find once you link to get your profile[18]) which inspired me to adopt and possibly streamline to such extent that I think can be more direct than the dyad process that is presented in the Enlightenment Intensives! This writer is truly amazed that he can actually claim this!!!

March 18, 2020 - "Current World Theme" - Sun Transit Into The 25th Gene Key -

March 18th - 24th 2020 - Gene Key 25
Constriction - Acceptance - Universal Love

"The great antidote to trauma is love. -

There is much hype in the modern world about the true meaning of love. Few are those who have truly discovered the source of love inside the human heart. Yet this is the reward of the Art of Contemplation.

As our awareness continues to open deeper pools of calm, old patterns and pain come to the surface for healing, and out of these patterns emerges our higher purpose in the world.

The ancient Sufis of the Middle Eastern deserts gave the whole of their lives to the singular study of the subject of love.
Over many generations they created an exquisite science of love that has never been surpassed. They distinguished many forms of love and gave them precise names. The name they gave to the highest form of human love is Ishq – Pure Love. Pure love is unconditional and arises in the heart when all wounds have been healed. This is the great love our poets have always sung of – the love that stitches together the very fabric of our world.

Although it may seem to many like a romantic dream, pure love is the only lasting legacy we humans have. There is nothing comparable to it in all of creation. All our knowledge and science and self importance falls away in the presence of such love. It is this love that we come from, and this love that we will return to. It is the fathomless mystery of the human heart. This pure love, though hard earned and seldom witnessed on our earth, is the ultimate reward of the deeper reaches of contemplation. Those few who have embodied it throughout history have found few words to describe it. They speak of it as an indescribable peace that resides in the human heart. It is this heart of peace that lies buried like a glittering gem inside each of us. It awaits the day when we will gather the courage to pierce our fear and softly allow the petals of our hearts to once again open fully."[16]

Gene Keys -
© 2020 Gene Keys Publishing Ltd:

June 25, 2020 - More On the 25th Gene Key -

"... Every Gene Key can operate on three frequencies- Shadow (Challenge), Gift (Potential) and Siddhi ( Divine Essence). Most of humanity still functions out of Shadow frequencies, which explains the state of things on our planet. ..."[23]

Gene Key 25 - Constriction – Acceptance – Universal Love -

“Allowing is very powerful, because it begins with the physical. Whatever we’re experiencing in life – however hard – bring our awareness to our physicality, to the sensations and discomfort in our body. Never mind about our feelings or our thoughts. They’ll come later. We begin with the physical. We just allow our body to feel what it feels.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways[24]

March 16, 2020 - The Miracle -

“… the miracle of the Spectrum of Consciousness — that every Shadow state conceals a Divine Gift less than a breath away. It doesn’t take a process to move from the Shadow to the Siddhi. It is simply a matter of pure acceptance.”[15]

December 14, 2019 - The Gift Frequency of the 11th Gene Key -

"... We must strive for the highest, most outlandish ideal, and then all our energies begin to organize themselves around that ideal. That is how the 11th Gift works. Our ideal energizes us. It illuminates us. It enlightens us. It gets us out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm. It’s the mental, emotional, and physical shell into which we can pour all our highest aspirations.”[13]

September 3, 2019 - From The Human Design System to Gene Keys -

"If you take another look at your Human Design Chart, I would like to draw your attention to those little numbers. Those little numbers in your BodyGraph are full of magic. There are 64 of them, and they are known as the 64 Gates. Each of the 64 Gates has a direct relationship to our DNA, which also contains 64 ‘codons’. A codon is basically a set of codes for chemical sequences within our DNA. To put it very simply, these 64 Gates are like archetypal sound bytes that can be used to directly program our brain in the way nature intended. They are in fact, the original gene keys."[10]

December 30, 2019 - Richard Rudd - Personal Transformation Through Human Design and the Gene Keys -

"Richard Rudd tells the story of his personal transformation through Human Design and how it in time mutated to become the Gene Keys. He also shows how both approaches are complementary although very different in essence. He goes on to answer the most common questions about working with these two approaches, giving his own unique insight and advice on how to integrate them in a seamless and inspirational way."[14]

May 2, 2019 -

"Gene Keys evolved from Human Design system, as a more open concept of it and was inspired by the thousands years old I Ching – The Book of Changes. Richard Rudd, the founder of Gene Keys, spent decades in deep contemplation when the cosmic wisdom contained in human DNA was revealed to him in a moment of self-realization. Unlike many teachings, Gene Keys are a self-teaching transmission that awakens within you, rather than a structure imposed from outside through a set discipline or teacher. You can tailor your Gene Keys adventure trusting your own intuition and imagination."[8]

Got inspired to being reading this article (from which the above quote originates) with attraction for what is presented in regards to "contemplation" as this is most probably the "master key" for what constitutes the "Golden Path."

Continuing - Got the "Contemplation"! -

"Contemplation -

There are three classic paths that lead towards higher consciousness: meditation, concentration and contemplation. All of them lead to final goal-absorption, which culminates in an enlightened view of nature of reality. Gene Keys are best approached through Contemplation, which is rooted in corpus callosum (part of brain connecting the two hemispheres). You take an object for your contemplation and focus your whole being on it but without any effort or tension. This is how Gene Keys are best approached - in a spirit of deep relaxation. True intelligence is activated through the patience and softness of the heart, and only later confirmed by the mind. Here you need to be a lover of mystery with a beginner's mind, rather than arriving as an expert determined to solve a riddle.
Remember - Gene Keys are more about dismantling concepts rather than adding any new ones!"[8]

Further Comment: I Am All-Grateful to have this presentation on "Contemplation" now! This is really something and an answer to what I have been "waiting" for since last year when I first heard of Richard's presentation on the "Art of Contemplation" in New York. The major insight in the quote (immediately above here) is "without any effort or tension." This blog-writer was originally introduced to contemplation in 1980 - nearly thirty-nine years ago! And "without any effort or tension" was not part of his introduction or known by him at any time since! Thank you Richard! The"classic path" of contemplation "without any effort or tension is most truly the divine healing balm of my whole entire being!

August 4, 2019 - Continuing On "Contemplation" -

To "focus your whole being" upon what you will contemplate on is to allow for a silent "communion" between the truth of who and what you are and the object of your contemplation.

Contemplation can be applied to anything. In addition to the Gene Keys this blog-writer has been contemplating upon The Four Agreements. The contemplation of just four (actually there are five "agreements" now) may be less intimidating than the idea of contemplating 64 items (as in the Gene Keys).

November 17, 2019 - The 55th Gene Key, Your Deep Dreams & Longings and 2012: "Melodic Resonance" -

"... Melody is that aspect of music that catches the emotional breath and causes human beings to dream. 2012 mark(ed) the alignment of humanity as a single organism through the breath and the reawakened awareness of the solar plexus centre. Whatever deep dreams and longings you hold inside you will be seeded and locked in by this date, as we come into resonance with the heart of humanity through the reawakening of the Atlantean/Edenic awareness.

2012 also marks a dividing line in human evolution. If by this date you are not in resonance with the dream that is moving into form, your DNA will be locked out of the story. This is in fact a perfectly natural occurrence. Much of current human DNA must be phased out in order for a new form to be constructed. Therefore, over several generations we will see a great number of old patterns leaving our world. For some considerable time this means that we may have the appearance of two separate realities existing simultaneously — those who are still living within the old system and those who are building the new order."[12]


Serendipitously (before reading the 55th Gene Key) this blog-writer first published his "dream" of Cheeta in November 2011.

July 27, 2019 - The 56th Gene Key -

"... Distraction greatly impedes evolution, but it also finally brings you into a fuller appreciation of your own misery. In the modern world, we appear almost desperate to distract ourselves from who we really are. At the same time we now have so many distractions that we are becoming increasingly aware of the extent of our addiction.

You will see that the reactive nature of the 56th Shadow is over-stimulation, and this is the essence of distraction – as long as you are over-stimulated through your senses, you do no have to feel your own discomfort. Over-stimulation or under-stimulation keeps you numb. The Shadow of Distraction places a mask over the world preventing you from seeing life as it is. As we constantly leave our centre travel out through the five senses, we become victims of our material lives. Unlike many of the 64 Shadows which keep you a victim of your own thinking, the 56th Shadow ensures that you will be a victim of someone else’s thinking – via environmental conditioning. Whether through your country’s government, television or media, or simply the belief systems of your religions, cultures, teachers, parents or peers, the world constantly tells you how you should think. It is surprising that we are easily distracted from our real dreams and ideals as we get washed into the belief systems of others.

Distraction works in one of two ways. The first common type of distraction is outer distraction. The distraction of the outer world of the senses distracts you from your inner world of feelings and reality of the higher realms. We tend to blame the outside world and the people in it for what’s happening to us, instead of realizing that our circumstances reflect our inner state. The new age epithet 'you create your own reality' is actually only half true. You do not create the actual events of your life – but you do influence their playing out through your attitude. When you blame people in the world around you, you set up a victim frequency pattern that reinforces itself over and over in your life. If, on the other hand, you are able to accept everything that happens to you regardless of whether you enjoy it or not, you set up a surrender frequency pattern that allows you to move through life with great fluidity and beauty and your life reflects that.

The other less common form of distraction is inner distraction. Inner distraction is when you are so inwardly focussed that you forget the outer world, you live in a fantasy world of your own making with no real anchor in the material world. In this sense you look through a lens whereby everything meets the criteria of your fantasy. You see what you want to see, but you do not see the truth. This is where we can see the power of the 56th Gene Key’s programming partner, the 60th Shadow of Limitation. The 60th Gene Key is about the importance of structure and form, and for some people this can seem a distraction from their fantasy. The Gift of the 60th Gene Key is Realism, which means that you must accept the present moment as it is without any projected mental overlay. The moment you become distracted from what is actually happening, you limit the outcome of the events taking place in the present moment.

It is easy to see how the 60th Shadow of Limitation feeds the human need to be distracted. Whenever you feel that you are limited it means that your mind has trapped you. Instead of freeing yourself from this discomfort through facing and accepting it, your tendency will be to run away from the feeling as fast as you can – whether that means opening the fridge, turning on the TV or picking up the telephone. The world mask keeps us engaged, entertained and distracted by the dramas going on all around us, as well as within us. And, saddest of all; the world mask keeps us poor – for when we are distracted by something that simply keeps us in the same state of inert numbness, we are truly impoverished."[9]

May 15, 2015 -

Up till now I've been thinking of The Human Design System as a necessary foundation and/or complimentary for understanding self and others. Once that foundation is sufficiently realized for an individual to "experiment" with it then the next step in my thinking has been to introduce the individual to their Gene Keys, adding another dimension to their Human Design. Today I can imagine that my thinking on this may change. The Gene Keys community that is forming around the "virtual retreat" now is a major factor in how I am viewing this. Authentic community can change everything for me! I can imagine authentic community through application of the Gene Keys because (like Human Design) authenticity is what it's all about!

The Gene Keys offers the "Golden Path"[1]. I am continually finding great resonance with this path!

In today's orientation for the "virtual retreat" (that I'm all grateful to be on) Richard Rudd suggested doing a "contemplation of the triple flame". I've accepted that suggestion and intend to practice that every three hours that I am awake. It's to be done on the hour every three hours dividable by three. I've done it twice so far since listening to the replay of the orientation. Only my timing has been "off" by about three minutes each time. ; ~ )

Plus additional synchronicity from the Omraam community:

"...when your meditation takes you onto a higher plane, you feel that your brain ceases to be actively in charge and the solar plexus takes over. You no longer grasp things analytically, with the intellect; instead, you have a synthetic grasp of reality and you begin to vibrate in harmony with the subject of your meditation, to enjoy a marvelous sense of fulfillment: your meditation becomes contemplation."[2]

March 2, 2019 - The Schumann Resonance -

The 15th Gift discusses the Schumann Resonance – the Earth’s heartbeat, discovered in 1977, which binds us all together."[6] 

The 15th Gene Key is prominent in my profile with a double activation from both my Design Sun and Design Mercury. 

According to the 15th Gene Key: "All human disease comes about because of disturbances between your individual electromagnetic field and this greater field that emanates from the earth." 

Apparently the stability of the frequency in this field is not immune to disturbances from other frequencies according to what scientists have been discovering. 

"There is a plan, within the next two years, to launch 20,000 satellites to beam 5G onto the planet. This new attack on life on Earth would cause a disruption of the earth’s primary harmonic frequency called the Schumann Resonance. When this harmonic resonance is disrupted, it is likely to cause and activate more physical and biological mechanisms for creating even more human health problems."[7] 

I feel concern about "This new attack on life on Earth." I'd like to know what others are aware of with regards to the "plan" and the concerns about the impact of this technology upon "life on Earth."

October 15, 2018 - I Am Truly Indefinable and Consequently Unnameable! -

The "Gift" at the 47th Gene Key says: "The true human is indefinable".

February 11th, 2016 -

The 64 Gene Keys form 21 Codon Rings.[3] One of these rings is known as "The Ring of Seeking".[4] I was born with most all of the Gene Keys activated in this codon ring and it appears that I have self-activated an additional Gene Key as well. I see the activation of this codon ring having been of major influence in my life.

November 25, 2017 -

"Because all the 64 Gene Keys are influenced either directly or indirectly by the 22nd Gene Key, these three great fractals and their teachings form the essence of the Gene Keys revelation."[5] These three "fractals" are Hermes, Buddha and Christ.

October 31, 2019 - How the Gene Keys Work -

"This is how the Gene Keys work. They help you to change the language you are sending into your DNA, and then the transformation moves through your life. It’s very simple. It’s all about frequency. Your attitude determines the frequency of the electro-chemical signal that you send into the DNA. A low frequency generates a Shadow pattern, which makes you behave as though you were a victim, whereas a high frequency makes you behave in a self-empowered, creative way. The highest frequency signals lead to heightened states of consciousness such as compassion, unconditional love or forgiveness. ..."[11]






{5] Gene Keys - The 22nd Gene Key, p. 161.





[10] "An A to D of You" By Richard Rudd

[11] "The Golden Path Introduction Webinar" By Richard Rudd at

[12] "Gene Keys" page 439-40.

[13] - "The 11th Way, the Gift of Idealism":



[16] – Excerpt from "The Art of Contemplation", By Richard Rudd.




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[26] pg. 116 of Prosperity - A guide to your Pearl Sequence By: Richard Rudd

[27] Gene Keys - 20th Siddhi - Presence.

[28] In "The Pulse - Gene Key 57 - A Gentle Wind" via subscription email.

[29] file:///Users/user/Downloads/The%20Black%20Book%20(Ra%20Uru%20Hu)%20(


[31] In subscription email: "The Pulse - Gene Key 43 - Breakthrough" - The Sun is transiting this Gene Key/Hexagram Gate on November 11, 2022.





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