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got off the fast yesterday...   15 y  
I've wreaked my body with all this fasting and crash dieting nonsense - depleted all my muscles and reduced my metabolism to 0
and feel 100% better. My first meal was boiled broccoli, an avocado and two eggs. Today I had two meals - steamed spinach, tahini and avocado and...just now...BEEF with broccoli. And I feel fant...   read more

got off the fast yesterday...   15 y  
I've wreaked my body with all this fasting and crash dieting nonsense - depleted all my muscles and reduced my metabolism to 0
and feel 100% better. My first meal was boiled broccoli, an avocado and two eggs. Today I had two meals - steamed spinach, tahini and avocado and...just now...BEEF with broccoli. And I feel fant...   read more

Fasting Day ?   15 y  
need to get off this fast...
I haven't been purely fasting all this time. Had some beers, some chocolate, smoked some cigarettes...it might sound bad to a few but whatever. I feel lousy and am learning my lessons. maybe an ...   read more

Fasting Day 5   15 y  
I feel depressed, generally in kind of a wierd mood. It always happens this way starting out, then by magic after a few days I always feel blissfully happy. It's strange how that is...
Well today is the first day of true master cleansing for me - the days before had me attacking avocados and the odd chocolate bar - but still no food so I'm not sweating it. I figure if you're fas...   read more

fast: day 1?   15 y  
looking forward to the fasting days ahead
ok, the fast begins tomorrow...i had apples and avocados in the fridge and since I believe that the trees sacrificed their fruit, I should eat them. i feel good. looking forward to the fasting ...   read more

I'm back.   15 y  
So why am I back on Curezone?
Down and not out. It's been over a year folks. Just to summarise for any new friends I'll meet - I did a fast, lost 15 pounds then gained it right back because I didn't break the fast properly. ...   read more

For those of you with weight problems, I have a plan for you.   16 y  
Letís start with those who want to gain weight. Yes, this is a problem for some people (all snickering and snide comments aside) - especially men who are rail-thin. So here goes... *** Go on a diet. Thatís right, go on a diet. 98% of all diets fail - or something close to that. Not only is the inital weight re-gained, but extra poundage is also added, due to a slower metabolism. This is good news for people who want to gain weight, right? Youíre what? 120 pounds and 5í10?? You eat all day and night and just canít pack on the pounds you want. Your metabolism is crazy ...   read more

Stage 4: Fast #2 (January 2, 2007)   16 y  
Going in for another 20 days, starting tomorrow.
Reasons are the same as the last time: A clearer mind, detoxing...but the biggest reason is that I need to be able to get back into those skinny pants I had! I loved the feeling of being confident and stylish in my clothes. I want that feeling back, fast. Look, I donít even know if I put on that much weight since the last fast ended. I havenít eat *that* much to be honest - just huge meals once per day, as per the warrior diet. I was averaging 3-eliminations throughout the day, proving that I was getting rid of the food from the day before. I must have put on something though ca ...   read more

things are getting back under control...   17 y  
...something inside of me screamed out 'why are you doing this???!!!!
today I bought: 1 cheese pastry, 1 choc bar with almonds and a bag of fries. I ate the bag of fries cause i was honestly hungry but with the other two things I took a couple bites and threw both in the garbage. something inside of me screamed out íwhy are you doing this?!!!!í - and it makes sense. the more i eat, the more I want, specially when it comes to fat and sugar. my stomach is now empty-ish and feeling normal. no more strain, no more pain. tomorrow Iíll try to eat even less. January 1st the fast begins, and I can hardly wait. itís almost impossible to go from a bingein ...   read more

is this a sign of insanity?   17 y  
or WHAT????
check out the two posts below this one. so different, and only spaced a day apart. i must be losing my fucking mind.   visit the page

plan not good enough.   17 y  
why couldn't I just have been born a normal person, who eats normally without any kind of wierd fixation on food?
itís just not good enough to undo the damage iíve done these past few days. the space between my ears is clouded and my thoughts are all over the place. this isnít working. i need to fast again - I need to clear my my head. this feels awful. yet another binge today, i just canít control it. iím fasting again, and thatís that. another 20 days at least starting january 1st. that gives me three days to finish off the head of lettuce, two tomatoes and three carrots in my fridge. iím going to clean my bowels up with these foods, pushing the bad stuff out I hope - so the first few days ...   read more

New Plan   17 y  
Some new revelations have inspired me to try something new...
This Christmas bingeing has made me feel like a failure, but Iíve recovered a bit and gotten my ímojoí back, so to speak. Calling myself a ífailureí is just an overreaction to a perceived 5 pounds I gained back post-fast - and my cynicism prevents me from considering that I lost 18 pounds overall. I should learn to look on the bright side of things. Iím still ahead, and Iím going to win. I have a theory as to why I feel like I crashed and burned. I put so much effort into the fast and didnít reach my goal weight, or at least close to it. I finished the last fast feeling ífatí and d ...   read more

operation binge control, take 5   17 y  
and still doing it like a warrior.
ugh, i hate this! abstain, abstain, abstain!!!! those fries are beckoning me and iím not even particularly hungry. itís the holidays and the past 2 days iíve been eating like a pig! totally stretching my limits to the max. itís been awful. but at least iím still doing it like a warrior, only once per day. except yesterday. i spaced two meals 4 hours apart. well, alright already, i know itís bad, but iím still giving my system significant breaks and my elimination has acted in a pretty efficient manner. for example, binge #1 was two huge plates of spinach rice & a chocolate bar ...   read more

better go to waste than go to waist...   17 y  
advice i should have followed
so i had a leftover pot of rice and spinach and because Iíll be eating out all weekend i decided i had to finish it today rather than throwing it out. figured it was healthy enough and that rice was easily digestable. I just sat there eating and eating and eating eventhough I was full after eating 1/4 of it I just kept on going. My stomach was rock hard and it still is...5 *$%&$* hours later. wierd feelings have been cascading through my consciousness blocking out all common sense, sending me into regression ever since. felt like throwing it up, felt like bingeing more, almost made ...   read more

How y'all doin?   17 y  
Day 5 Post-Fast...
Like most people, I broke the fast with way too much food way too soon. Iíve had some digestive upsets - the first real bowel movement was like FIRE. I havenít weighed myself and am scared to. Iíll do it before I start my next fast. And when will my next fast be? Not sure yet. Iím going to work out a plan right now on this message of my blog. First things first: how am I going to eat right now? Iíve been looking into a few diet plans and reflecting on my experiences. What I know for sure is this: a) I love fasting b) I love feasting c) I still want to detox and lose weig ...   read more

Paranoid, Guilty and Feeling $*%&$* Terrified!   17 y  
Day 3 Post-Fast
Before starting my fast I took the scale up a ladder and stashed in the attic allowing it to see the light of day every 10 days or so. I have a love-hate affair with the scale and know that in terms of bodyfat weight it tells lies and shames me into committing guilt-induced binges. Scale, I hate you! Forever! In fact Iím not letting you come back down, not until February or so. I made a plan to weigh-in on the 1st and 15th of every month to keep track of my progress, but the thought of weighing in two weeks after my fast scares me and Iím just not going to do it. Not yet, not until ...   read more

Weighing In   17 y  
Stats since starting the blog...
For all those parties interested in knowing my progress so far in terms of weight here you go: Pre Blog - 158 pounds/72 kilos Stage 1 (November 3) - 154 pounds/70 kilos Stage 2 - Fast A. Day 1 (November 20) - 154 pounds/70 kilos B. Day 10 (November 29) - 148 pounds/67 kilos C. Day 20 (December 9) - 143 pounds/65 kilos D. Day 25 (December 14) - 140 pounds/63 kilos Stage 3 - Post Fast (December 14) - 140 pounds/63 kilos   visit the page

Stage 3: Post Fast (December 13, 2006)   17 y  
Breaking the Fast
Well my friends, itís been an interesting 24 days of fasting. Went to the market today, bought some extra ripe tomatoes, zucchini and parsley. Chopped everything up into tiny pieces and itís now on the stove. Considered making a vegetable soup from recipes I found on the net, but many contained cabbage, peppers, string beans - stuff I donít really feel like having now. I love boiled zucchini though, so thought it would be best to make a soup out of things I loved. Once itís done and after itís cooled down considerably, Iíll add a nice swoosh of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. C ...   read more

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