30 day juice fast
by #46901

Day 10   18 y  
still feeling low
Still going with the juicing....Iím now 1/3 of the way through! I think this is ĒcrunchĒ time. Iím really getting bored with juices....so bored that sometimes Iíd rather just be hungry than drink some.... Iíve been feeling quite depressed the last few days. I havenít noticed any big changes in my body and thatís getting me down. I figured not eating for 10 days would have more of an impact... Today I came home and cryed! The roses bushes in my garden have developed buds! this is significant because my grandmother use to take care of them and they stopped blooming the summer after ...   read more

Day 8   18 y  
I think the gate holding back my emotions is starting to open for better or worse...
Today was another challenging day but not for reasons that make sense. What I mean by that is today I didnít even have the desire to eat food. Sure Iíd love to chew something but its no longer the huge issue it was the first couple of days into the fast. Right now Iím feeling sad and confused about the direction my life has taken. I sometimes feel like Iím powerless to steer it in the right direction cause I donít even know where that is. I keep questioning myself as to what Iím suppose to be doing with my life, what my purpose is, who should be in my life and what it should or should ...   read more

Day 7   18 y  
A challenging day on the fast
Today has been by far the most challenging day. I was off from work today and did some gardening. The temperature was really hot outside and I was sweating like I was in a sauna! Anyway everytime I would stand up I felt very dizzy. Again, Iím still feeling very tired and Iím wondering when Iíll feel more energy! Iím going to go for a run tomorrow morning bright and early. Perhaps the exercise will help me to flush out toxins from my body.... Aside from the fatigue and lightheadedness, I feel very HUNGRY! I have this crazy emptyness in the pit of my stomach that goes away very brief ...   read more

Day 6   18 y  
Approaching the close of my first week of fasting
Today was easier. I drank a lot of juice and herbal teas. Again, this is really testing my patience. I want to see results overnight. Iím trying to see past this to the point where I can enjoy and reflect on the process of fasting and not the outcome. On a positive note, I really like how iíve been starting my days. I wake up in the morning and I read my bible right away. Somehow I feel so much better starting my day this way, itís hard to explain. I need for this to become an ingrained habit.... Otherwise everything is fine. I havenít had any major detox symptoms other than ...   read more

Day 5   18 y  
My "ideal" self after the fast.
Its only the beginning of day 6 but I thought Iíd post anyway. Today is going to be a challange. I work 12 hr shifts on saturday and sunday. Usually its not as busy when it starts to get late so my usual routine is pigging out on vending machine food. Theres also this washroom at work with a huge mirror. I canít say how many times I keep going in there just to check myself out. This is an obsession that Iím trying to break. Its also one that has caused me to fail at diets many times over. I need to have more faith. Belief in God that he will provide me with the strength to do this ...   read more

Day 4   18 y  
Other people's words and actions can be so hurtful sometimes. Even worse is that many of them don't even realize that they've done anything wrong. Their words can pierce another's soul right to the core and yet they can't see it. Why do we do this to one another....This is so very sad...
I started my day on this crazy high! I had so much energy, I felt happy and light and then within a few hours of working I felt horrible! It wasnít my acutal work that got to me it was more the things that people said. I donít understand this about people, why canít some people think before they speak? Donít they realize that what they say, however insignificant or inconsequential it may seem to them, it may not be to teh other person in fact, it can have a negative impact by being significant and consequential to that person....Thatís what happened to me. A few people said and did some ...   read more

day 3   18 y  
trials on the third day, feeling a little pessimistic
Not too much to report today except I canít say I felt like myself at all. Iíve had major headaches all day, still having problems sleeping, my already oily skin is +++++olier now :( I had mild hunger this evening and still thoughts of eating food but not as badly as day one and two.... Still the thought of going 30 days this way escapes me. I canít see it. I guess i need to take it one day at a time realizing the only one who can make me break this fast is me! Iím going to do this. I need to for so many reasons. Itís time for me to escape complacency and challenge myself in a bi ...   read more

Day 2   18 y  
I hope this gets easier. Here I am on day two and I feel like I'm counting the seconds until I get to day 30.....
Oh how I want to eat! I started my morning off by reading Romans again first thing upon waking. I had an awful sleep last night. I was in bed by 9 pm and slept until 1 and after that it was tossing and turning until I had to wake at 5. Today I was definitely off. Everything and everyone irritated me which isnít a good thing because my job involves being around and taking care of people. I couldnít wait for the day to end. At home I tried to get in a nap but again I couldnít wind down enough to sleep. My mother made a lovely smelling dinner tonight which she kept asking me to eat but ...   read more

Day 1   18 y  
Staying positive at the end of day one!
Today was trying....I woke up thinking what I would eat for breakfast and then I remembered I am juice fasting! I started the day with fresh apple juice and 3 chapters in Romans. Iíve decided to read 3 bible chapters a day and record my thoughts/revelations in a devotional journal that Iíll keep aside from this one. I canít say any particular verse jumped out at me. Mainly I didnít understand what I read and how itís applicable to this day and age....anyway, Iím sure if Iím patient and persistent, Iíll be rewarded with understanding and knowledge.... I havenít been hungry today. The ...   read more

Starting MY juice fast....some background   18 y  
Journey of my juice fast here's where I'm starting from
So hereís where Iím starting from. Iíve read a few blogs on this site about people who have done lengthy juice fasts and I too want to try it out. Iím not really sure what to expect all I know is I need to lose some weight and also find peace of my from my obsession with my body and weight.... My goals 1. Lose weight 2. Clear my mind, stop obsessing about diet/weight/body 3. Peace of mind 4. Start reading my bible again, getting closer to God, becoming a christian Not that I know how to do any of these things but Iím willing to stick this out for 30 days on fruit and vegeteble ...   read more


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