First Time Juice Fasting
by secretgarden

Day 9 is Fine   18 y  
Day 9
Well, we had a close one today. My wife and I both started feeling as though we were ready to give in on the fast. Not really a feeling of being done, but just giving in to all of the cravings we’ve been having. We decided a few days ago that we would go for 14 days total, and today we were both feeling ready to quit. We hopped on the curezone site and read Dazzle’s message about not quitting on a low note, and then we linked to some of the recipes and decided to make a delicious ”jogger’s special”, with oranges, sweet potatoes, and pears. WOW!!! That may be the most delicious juice ...   read more

Day 7   18 y  
7 down, ? many to go.....
I have really been having strong prepared food cravings today, most definitely related to the dinner I was at last night. We are aiming to make it to 21 days now, but I am just not sure if I have the desire and will to go that long. I seem to have off days and on days, days where the good feeling and the mirror tell me to go for it as long as I can, and days where the good feeling and the mirror can not convince me enough that 21 days is realistic. Today is definitely one of the latter days. I really do feel very good though. I don’t have the heavy after meal feeling that I often ...   read more

Day 6   18 y  
Day 6 Belly Aches
My stomach or some inner part of my belly seemed to be very busy today. I had a lot of stomach aches (first time since starting the fast), and just a not-so-good feeling in my belly for most of the day. Noticing that my energy levels have been very consistent throughout the day, which is a nice feeling instead of the ups and downs of a ”normal” eating day. The challenge that I anticipated for tonight was really as hard as I thought. The food was quite delicious smelling and looking, especially the dessert spread! The funny part about it was when I was looking at the plates of the folks ...   read more

Day 5 Feeling ALIVE!   18 y  
Day 5 Alive!
This could be the healthiest I have ever felt in one day. I woke up early today to make breakfast and juice for lunch and mid-morning. Had a delicious citrus juice to start the day and have felt INCREDIBLE ever since. Plus, I put on a pair of pants that are usually tight on me and they were actually a little loose. When I started the fast losing weight was really a secondary goal, with cleansing and overall health really the priority. Now I feel as though the weight loss is something that will really help me stay focused to keep this fast going as long as I can. Tonight’s dinner was ...   read more

End oF Day 4: Refreshed and Revived!   18 y  
Day 5, Here I Come!
Well, Day 4 was definitely the hardest day so far. Very lethargic all day and a not so good feeling permeating throughout my body. We did our first SWF today, and I don’t know if it is something we will be doing regularly. With working M-F it seems like it will not be very easy to do. That’s OK, because the LAX tea seems to do the job just as well. I felt very sluggish throughout the day (aside from the BURSTS of energy I needed to run to the bathroom!) until the early evening after a glass of juice and a shower. Since then I have felt considerably better. We had a delicious juice f ...   read more

Start of Day 4, Tough Night   18 y  
Day 4
Ready for the start of Day 4, but what a tough night that was. Woke up several times in the middle of the night for BM, so I am feeling not well-rested now. Might need some good napping to make it through today. I am definitely looking forward to some juice to start the day right!   visit the page

Day 3 and LOVING IT!   18 y  
Day 3!
Day 3 of the juice fast has been excellent! Started the day with a nice apple, pear, orange and lemon juice, and it was a delightful start to the day. The discovery that our juicer does citrus so well really shed new light on the fast, and helps me feel optimistic that we can make it last for some time. Went for a nice walk today and then came home and had a Kale, Orange, Apple and Gratefruit juice. We had a very bad experience with Kale on night 1, where it tasted like dirt, so we’re trying to reintroduce it with some of the fruits. I think the bitter taste of grapefruit overpowered ...   read more

citrus!!!!!   18 y  
We just discovered that our juicer can juice citrus!! YEEEEHAWW!! We thought we might have to get a separate citrus juicer. What a great discovery for our fast!!!   visit the page

Day 2...   18 y  
Day 2 and noticing changes in my feelings and body.
Today is Day 2 of my Juice Fast, and a bit different from day 1. Day 1 I was excited, feeling good, and not dealing too much with hunger. Day 2 seems a bit different. Feeling a bit more hunger (or am I just noticing it more today?), and at times lower energy. I certainly am moving some things through my system, which feels great. I am really apprehensive about the fast. My life has always been very Food-centric, cooking amazing meals and sharing them with family and friends. My wife and I eat about 95% of our meals in our own kitchen, and LOVE to cook. We buy all organic foods and ...   read more


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