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DAy 3 (for real)   18 y  
DAy 3 of juice fasting, emotional rollercoaster as usual trying to derail my diet...but to no avail!
Yep, 3 days into it and the emotional rollercoaster begins. I stayed on the diet all day but I am having severe emotional discord in the form of job unsatisfaction. I think I am going to quit. I am so tired of the way my CEO treats me...he is very abusive, and makes me feel bad all the time. On the positive side, I have lost 2 pounds so far. YAY! So even if I do quit, at least I will be looking good! (see, i can be positive...) The other rotten thing was that I posted yesterday for DAY 2 of this fast, but nothing showed up! It’s like I didn’t even post it or something... That suc ...   read more

Day 3 (or day 1 again?) OK OK...   18 y  
Juice fasting day 3 (really day 1 again since I cheated)
OK OK, I can’t lie to myself, or anyone else who reads this...I broke the fast yesterday with serious food. I had to eat so I did. But today was a new day so I started again and successfully completed Day 3 (DAY 1) of my juice fast. I went to work today. It’s easier to do this when I work, since I am not around food all day, and it’s easy to work late and chill out without eating food at night... Even though my roommates were cooking and I sat there and watched them eat. Anyway, I didn’t weigh myself this morning so I have no idea what I weigh. But I can tell you I started off wit ...   read more

49 Hellish days later (day 2 of new juice fast)   18 y  
49 days later, I have survived a category 3 hurricane, two surgeries, bleeding non-stop for a month and I gained five pounds in that time - but now I am back on the juice fast.
I had to stop that fast. We were plagued with a hurricane here, and went without electricity for almost a week. It was crazy, but it was also kind of cool. You got to know all your neighbors and everyone was being really helpful and loving and friendly. Nobody was working and there was a curfew at night to keep things safe (it was pitch black and you could see every star in the sky!!!). If you read the days prior, than you might have noticed that 1) I went to the doctor and 2) the scale stopped moving at 130 lbs. Well, the doctor’s office called me about 3 weeks later and told me tha ...   read more

Day 11- The weekend   18 y  
DAy 11- A restaurant for JUICE FIENDS
I dog-sat for a friend last night and this morning. I walked this dog at the beach this morning for a while. It was fun, but I guess they never walk him tht far, because he got really tired and wanted to sit down a lot on the way back. Later I went to the gym, and I could smell sauteed protabello mushrooms in the parking lot. There is a new whole foods restaurant right next to the gym!!! I went inside and got a menu, and there were over 50 different fresh/raw juices to choose from. Of course, I am in heaven. I weighed myself again. 130 again. I hate 130. Anything BUT 130!!!!! I ...   read more

DAY 10- senses improve   18 y  
As toxins expel from your system, all your senses will improve, especially your sense of smell.
I went to the health food store today after work, and I could smell food before I even got into the store...(there was a restaurant nearby). I have read a lot of books about juice fasting/ raw juices and it was always noted that during a juice fast (as one of the benefits of during and after) as toxins are expelled from the body your senses will improve. It is a true statement. Yesterday and today my sense of smell was ridiculously enhanced. I passed the cheese section, and I was engulfed and chased with that smell until i got into another aisle. I like cheese, but the aroma of 50 diffe ...   read more

Day 9- Enemas and Shit-tea   18 y  
DAY 9- elimination or die...or feel like it anyway
Day 9 was not too bad. I went to work. I did not go to the gym. I did not feel lethargic because I started drinking more juices with fruit in them (vs. the usual veggie cocktail). I am starting to loathe the enema phase. Enemas aren’t really that fun, as you have to wait until all the water gets good and in there (which at the end is kind of painful). I drank some ”smoothe move” tea instead (to try and get things moving a little on their own) and sat at work in some serious pain as my stomach muscles cramped up pretty badly, then....just nothing came out. I hated that. I hate those tea ...   read more

Day 8- the scale   18 y  
The scale is a liar sometimes, depending on which scale is talking to you...
Today went okay. I started out with a couple of hot cups of green tea with lemon. Yummmmm. Tonight I had a pineapple/banana/apple smoothie with 1 scoop of Nature’s Way Alive. It tasted awesome! I went to the gynecologist today...they wieghed me at the Doctor’s Office. The digital scale said I wieghed 139. That was not cool. I wonder how different my scale is from that one, and which one is closer to the truth? In any case, I chose not to believe the digital Doctor scale, in favor of my own...for one reason: I just bought my scale 3 weeks ago, and they wiegh women all day long on the ot ...   read more

DAY 7- an evening salad   18 y  
A small break in the schedule with a salad is okay, under extremely tense situations.
Yes, I gave in to the ultimate fast break, a salad. I do not feel bad about breaking the fast temporarily with a salad, as it is a living/raw food source and not something cooked and dead, or worse- chocolate and sugary. On a juice fast, it is okay to break it with a fruit or vegetable. The point is to not overdo it and turn into a binge nut in the process. It is not okay to break it with a piece of cake, or something that can hurt your stomach and make you double over in pain later. Eating a small amount of raw foods or vegetable is acceptable, but then get right back on the fast. I wa ...   read more

Day-6-Crazy 24 hours   18 y  
Emotional rollercoaster can make you very weak on a juice fast. It is important to stay on it no matter what, or else you will be even more upset.
Sometimes you are subject to an emtional roller coaster, and it makes your stomach upset...and then you almost crack by cheating the diet...which might propel you into further sadness...but you MUST perservere! Yesterday I was in a total S***hole! My roommate came home and told me I have 30 days to move ’cause she’s renting the place out for $1200. I pay $400 to rent this room, so obviously I can’t afford anything more. After she left I cried big sloppy tears wondering what the hell I was going to do. Since the town I live in is really really expensive and my bills are stretched to ...   read more

Day 5 -intro and summary   18 y  
Intro to juice fasting from a 29 yr old woman. Includes reasons and feelings on juice fasting, physical exercise, elimination, determination and stats.
I have been inspired by others who have written in this forum and they have helped me with their blogs. I hope to share my experience with others so that they may understand the emotional and physical output of fasting with fresh vegetables and fruit juices. I have been fasting for 5 days so far. The first two days were not hard, but I did smell food wherever I went, and it made me want to eat. The last few days have been easier, and I have more energy and mind clarity than I did on the first two days. Especially after taking some enemas and releasing some garbage stuck in my intestin ...   read more


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