Our Adventures with the Master Cleanse and Detox
by mommylove

Day Ten...Yeah!!!!   18 y  
Day Ten
I made it! Iím so glad that I made it to this day, as that was my goal. I feel really glad that I accomplished this and know that I can fast now whenever I want to. Ron is on day eleven...and is doing great. His goal was to make it to Friday, which would be 15 for him, but heís decided to break his fast when I do tomorrow. I am really shaky and my heart is beating way too fast more and more frequently now. I feel that itís time for me to break the fast and get some nutrition. Ronís lost eleven pounds so far, I have lost four. Some people who have been kind enough on the MC forum to ...   read more

Day Nine was hard!   18 y  
Day Nine of Master Cleanse
We made it thru another day. I can honestly say that some parts of this fast are really smooth sailing and surprisingly easy. Some parts are really hard, though. For some reason Iím still hungry at several points in the day. Itís not just mental, although that does play a part, but my stomach is still really growling. Iím going to have a big glass of water and see if that helps. I think that senna tea makes me feel hungry. I was weak today, and really cold and shaky. I read somewhere that days 7-9 were major detox days so maybe thatís whats going on. Ron and I both still have coat ...   read more

Day Eight Ends   18 y  
End of Day Eight
OK, tonight I seriously wanted to eat. Chips and salsa for sure, but just about anything crunchy would do. I went shopping with my mom and she told me all about her and my dadís lunch at Baja Fresh...nachos! And then, to top it off, she wanted to stroll around Harry and Davidís at the factory store for samples! Yikes! I sat in the car with my baby boy. I know this will pass, and I havenít had all my lemonade yet. That makes a huge difference in your resolve and in how hungry you feel. Iím so proud that Iíve come this far, I want to make it at least thru day 10. Iíll decide then wha ...   read more

Day Seven and counting!   18 y  
Day Seven and counting!
Things are going well for both Ron and myself. Heís on day 8, remember? Heís still not feeling any hunger, and mine is down to about two stomach grumbles (like Charlie Brownís sister) during the day. The lemonade usual quiets it right away. Ron feels great and I have energy that I normally donít, also. Iím still riding the bike about 2 miles, which would be more if not for my tailbone pain, and I even worked in the yard for about 45 minutes this afternoon, in addition to all the other normal things we do day to day. I know we are both looking forward to eating again, but still feel w ...   read more

Beginning of Day Six   18 y  
Beginnig of Day Six of Master Cleanse
OK, this is going really well, but I have a huge looming question. Why in the world isnít the scale moving! Itís still stuck like it was yesterday....if I squint my eyes, hold my breath and stand just right it may be down a pound, but probably not. I figured out that we are living on 396 calories a day, and Ronís dropping weight like a hot air ballon drops sand bags. If it could happen to anyone, it would happen to me! UGHHHHHHHH. Itís got to come off, right? Any ideas anyone? I rode my bike two miles this morning so maybe it will help to get more exercise. It seems like chasing a ...   read more

End of Day Five   18 y  
End of Day Five
Well itís near the end of day five for me and day six for Ron! Iím so proud that weíve stuck to this! This afternoon I cooked a really nice meal for our little boy, organic chicken breast with coconut oil and spices, onions, garlic, red bell pepper and carrots and put it all in chicken broth in a skillet and left it in the oven on a timer when we went out. Wow...did the house smell great when we came home a couple of hours later. When we walked in he cryed out, ĒDinnerís ready!Ē I dished it all up for him as he sat eagerly in his little high chair lickin his lips and saying, ĒMmmmm, g ...   read more

Day Five Update   18 y  
Day Five
Wow, Iím so bummed! When I weighed today I was back up three pounds! Whatís up with that? I have done every single thing by the book, too. I know itíll work, but boy is that frustrating. I feel good, though. Just a little weak. I had a chiropractic adjustment and foot bath detox treatment yesterday, so I wonder if maybe my muscles are retaining fluid... I should only have to drink 77 ozs. of fluid a day to lose weight and Iím drinking 102 as recommended on this cleanse, so that seems like it should help even more. Donít know... Ron is more tired today than yesterday and said he h ...   read more

Day Four Breakthrough and health history   18 y  
Day Four
I am almost at the end of day four and I really feel better today, especially toward this evening. I have so much more energy than I did yesterday, and the lightheadedness is much better, also. Iím still hungry, which surprises me from what Iíve read, and itís real gnarling, stomach growling kind of hunger. When I drink the lemonade it goes away for quite awhile. Itís not too mental, which is good because I even made my toddler one of those roasted veggie cheese free pizzas by Amyís tonight, believe it or not. It smelled good, but not as good as great health will feel. Anything we wa ...   read more

Day Three of Master Cleanse   18 y  
Day Three
Wow, am I weak today. I felt like how you feel at the end of the flu, really weak and shaky and light headed, too. I had dropped another pound this morning, which is always encouraging. People are starting to talk about my weight loss! My pants are actually baggy, when they used to be tight. I can move them up and down on my hips now! My skin feels great, too, incredibly soft and dewey. We are dry brushing every day before ours baths and then putting some epsoms salts in the bath water. When I went to make up my lemonade I realized why it didnít seem like I had too much to drink ye ...   read more

Day Two of Master Cleanse   18 y  
Day Two
Ron is positively beaming! He said he hasnít felt this good in years. He looks good, too, really thin. He said his tongue is coated white, which is really grossing him out. He said heís never had that in his life, but is sure itís a good sign that his cleanse is working right on schedule. Weíve been going by this post in case anyone else wants to see it. By the way, he said the senna tea really worked. We bought ĒSmoothe MoveĒ at Wild Oats. We bought chocolate, too, but havenít tried it yet. He said the original was really good. Iíll try it tonight. http://curezone.com/forums ...   read more

End of Day One   18 y  
End of Day One Master Cleanse
Well, everything has gone surprisingly easy today. I think that most of us can do what we decide to do, donít you. A lot of a physical challenge is mental. I say this now, and hopefully wonít eat my words when day 8 rolls around! One really encouragin thing is that I weigh less than I have in 4 years, in which time I have been pregnant three times and nursed my baby for 26 months. That can really wreak havoc with your hormones. All of it was worth it, though. Ron is doing really good, too, and says that every time he wants to eat he drinks more lemonade and the hunger goes away. Ron ...   read more

Day One of Master Cleanse   18 y  
Day One of Master Cleanse
OK..things are going well. I was incredibly hungry all night and so I didnít sleep much. That was weird because I did eat yesterday, although it was only raw food. One whole fruit smoothie and two large salads. I guess calorie wise that just didnít cut it. Iíve decided to do my fourth liver flush tonight, so I did eat some spelt toast this AM and also will have a steamed potato for lunch. I have to work this afternoon and so thought I needed some nourishment in order to do that. I made up two batches (60 oz.) of lemon drink for Ron and myself this morning and it didnít take too long ...   read more

Night before day one!   18 y  
Brink of starting Master Cleanse
Wow! We are excited to be on the brink of this new adventure! My husband, Ron, and I are going to start day one of the Master Cleanse, otherwise known as the Lemonade Diet, tomorrow. He actually is starting tonight as he works the night shift so heíll be a few hours ahead of me. We normally eat really well anyway, probably falling off the wagon a lot less than most Americans do. Itís tough, isnít it? We have also done several liver flushes. Ron does his about once a month and I try to do one every 14 days. I have done three to date and Ron has done 5. He has gotten a total of 538 ...   read more


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