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New methods   12 y  
Emotion Code
Its been many years since i posted about my EFT methods. I am now using a method I like much better called Emotion Code. I am now certified in this energy medicine modality. I think I will just let this blog be silent now, but the learning was invaluable.   visit the page

Back care class May 2009   14 y  
back pain
I taught a back care yoga class during the month of may. We did some gentle yoga stretching and then meridian tapping every single class. The tapping was more successful in pain relief than the yoga. Yoga is more ongoing but the tapping brought immediate relief from back pain and headaches during the 6 weeks we had class.   visit the page

leg cramp 5 May 2008   15 y  
EFT on leg cramp
You know those pesky, painful leg cramps that sometimes occur at night? I experienced one of these and began tapping around to find the one that works. For me it was the gamut spot. I just laid there and relaxed my leg as much as possible and tapped on the gamut spot. I could feel the cramp release. Over the next few days it was necessary to stretch the calf more because I could feel the tightness, but it was not painful.   visit the page

Meridian Tapping 30 Aug 2007   16 y  
EFT - pain behind knees
In yoga class today, a student has hand pain right behind knees when we do the squat and we do it every time, so it was frustrating for her. There were only 2 people who came tonight, so I decided to take the time for some tapping. She mentioned it was from an injury that felt like a pulled muscle. We did the standard tapping and it took about 4 rounds and 15 minutes and the pain was greatly lessened and she was able to do the squat like she wanted. Yay!   visit the page

My new site   16 y  
new site and blog
I am linking this blog to my new blog at my new site. I don’t think I want to transfer it all over there.   visit the page

notes from Energy matrix interview   16 y  
Energy matrix interview notes
I listened to a podcast from Theatre of the Mind about and the AIM project. Here are some things I wanted to remember: In truth and reality you cannot separate mindbodyspiritemotionsthoughts. It is all one thing and anything affecting one part of this mindbody affects all other parts both for good or bad. We separate them in order to speak about them. But all is one. In order to heal a weakness, you must bring it into consciousness. That’s where the work takes place. In unconsciousness, things do affect the body negatively so one way it comes into consciousness i ...   read more

Allergy update August 2007   16 y  
allergy update
The rest of the summer has been fine without itchy eyes. They are red in the mornings always, but such an improvement over past summers. I only do the eye wash about every 3 days and I’m not taking the homeopathic remedy anymore.   visit the page

allergy season update Jun 2007   16 y  
I had been preparing for allergy season by doing the salt/urine eye wash every day. Clear up until mid June there were no episodes of itchy red eyes. In mid June when things were growing more and flowering the bike ride thru the wheat and potato fields brought that familiar histamine reaction: runny/stuffy nose, red itchy eyes. It was not too terrible like other years, but that told me that I needed to add something else to the remedy during the high pollen time. I added the homeopathic remedy for grasses and now the symptoms have gone away again after riding thru the fields. So in ...   read more

new allergy season Apr 2007   16 y  
allergy, itchy eyes
I wanted to see just how much difference the urine/salt face cleanse made during the early spring allergy season. I didn’t get going with this until the late summer. I increased the face wash to twice daily for several weeks in March. Its now April and the grass is green and weeds are growing and farmers are planting and wind is blowing! I have biked to the yoga class, made a fire and burned branches, been out in the wind, mowed and cleaned up yard. I would think that all of these things would give me itchy red eyes. But so far - nothing. No itchy eyes! What a relief. Since I ha ...   read more

Spy with a mission 4 Jan 2007   16 y  
spy in disguise
I just finished a book that was a renaissance mystery novel. In it there was a woman dressed as a beggar who just hung around watching people come and go. I can’t remember which side she ended up being on, but I got to thinking about her role in the story. Here is a woman who may have been young, gorgeous, famous, talented and she was playing a role of a poor outcast in order to perform her very important task of being a spy. So that others thought she was poor and disgusting and treated her that way didn’t matter much to her, in fact it probably was good because then she knew her di ...   read more

Prostitute, Victim, Guide, Artist, Student archetypes   17 y  
I need to get all the rest of these archetypes down so I can throw away my old notebook! So the prostitute archetype is one that everyone has. It helps and reminds us to learn about selling ourselves, our talents or whatever for objects or power. I have this archetype in the 8th house: other people’s resources. When I think about this what comes to mind is when I fear about not having enough money and resources, so I would try to get by without paying my way, or to get others to support me. I’m not going to go into too much detail. I just need to get it down. 9th house - Spi ...   read more

urine therapy for eyes   17 y  
urine therapy for eyes
Persistence was the key to having the urine therapy work this time. Its been about 3 weeks now and I have made it a priority to do this every morning. My red eyes are now cleared up and the itching too. Usually in the spring and fall with planting and then harvest season - it is particularly bad. I save about 5 oz of morning urine. I clean the bathroom sink Put a couple of tsp of salt and the urine into the sink as it fills with warm water. I put my face into the water completely up to the hairline and then open my eyes. For the next few minutes I just roll my eyes around and fi ...   read more

School bus dream   17 y  
I asked for another dream about situation with DD10 and her eye. Here’s the dream I was getting ready to go to class. This was school for adults, not kids. The bus came later than the regular school bus. It was some sort of dress-up day and I was debating whether or not to wear one of those rainbow curly clown wigs. I would try it on and wear it, and then decide not to and going back and forth. Finally I decided not to. I could see the bus pulling up and I ran fast as I could to get on. The entrance was in the very back of the bus. I had to squeeze thru lots of people and then ...   read more

dream about DD   17 y  
Dream about DD
My DD10 has developed two freckles or moles on the white of her eye. We are in the middle of seeing some Dr about this to determine how serious it is. I asked for a dream about the situation. Here’s the dream. The family was shopping at a big grocery store. We were filling up lots of carts. The store was in England and I love all the foreign accents. When we were ready to leave it was raining and grey outside. We had a cart loaded with groceries and my DH was going to load them in the car in the rain. I remember it being gray and just a gentle rain. The car was down a flight ...   read more

surrogate tapping 9 Jul 2006   17 y  
surrogate tapping for stomach ache
We went to a lake for a swim with DS14 and some of his friends. One friend started to feel sick so he got out and after awhile I found out how he was feeling and did some surrogate tapping. I didn’t ask or tell him about it, just did the tapping for and in behalf. I didn’t ever ask how he was feeling but he got up and came back to the water, so I assume he felt better.   visit the page

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