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13 Sep 2005   19 y  
EFT, fall on bike
Again today I saw how instantly and with not much fanfare children respond to the tapping. I had a group of 8 girls out on a bike ride. We were at some dirt hills. One girl who we would expect would be the one to have a fall - did. She was complaining and usually it would be a long process to get back to normal. No blood, not much of a scrape so I just began tapping on her and began to describe what I saw. I mirrored any words she said. After I got to the chin meridian she began to get up and get back on the bike - as if nothing had happened. I am so happy for EFT in just such situ ...   read more

12 sep 2005   19 y  
EFT child in church
a followup on DD20. The same day as she was experiencing the sensation of cramping starting, andtapped that away, the pain returned a few hours later. So we tapped again and reduced the pain and it was fine after that. Persistence. Several things yesterday. We are really going to work hard on DS17 rash on arms and legs. We were hoping after he quit car wash and weather turned cold it would go away. Tapping reduces the itching but he’s going to try lemon water in morning to stimulate liver, getting some Kefir every day, tapping every day. We forgot the sulphur but that is a good h ...   read more

9 Sep 2005   19 y  
EFT cramps
More working with DD20 and cramps. She says she has a little sensation of throbbing or clutching and then she has the expectation of very bad cramps and nausea and throwing up. She was very desirous of finding a quick easy way to solve this problem before she leaves town in a few months. We just tapped for beginning pain - the whole basic recipie. The 2nd time we tapped with statements about not having time for this, ruining my day, don’t want to spend the day in bed, annoying to have this pain, etc Each time the sensation would decrease. 3rd time we went into some ideas about 7th ...   read more

8 Sep 2005   19 y  
EFT working with friends
I did a chair yoga class at my own RS homemaking mtn last night and I started out one session with some tapping. One sister HL who had just had some surgery for colon cancer had sore midsection. After about 2 rounds of tapping it had decreased. The chair yoga increased the pain - lots of stretching, so we did more tapping and reduced the pain again to 1. She was excited to do this on her own and she was one of my favorite teachers at RX so it would be great to teach her something to lessen the pain. Another sister JT has many many aches and pains and many many life issues. She was ...   read more

6 Sep 2005   19 y  
EFT, charly horse
In yoga class today SM experienced a cramp in her hip as we were doing some stretches. I told her this is something to tap on. She didn’t do the set-up, just tapped from the beginning. It went away. After class we again are working/discussing/learning about her weight problems and how tapping can help. She had previously had anxiety attacks enough to put her in the hospital the last time she came near to her goal weight, so unconsiously, its a scary thing to get down in size. She had some anxiety about a camping trip she had just taken over the weekend, so we tapped on that until t ...   read more

3 Sep 2005   19 y  
eft little PJ crying
FAmily reunion to day in UT DD9 sore throat got worse and she went to bed. I gave her a different homeopathic remedy, a multi remedy. We postponed going down to Poc until the morning to see if she was better. So the tapping didn’t work in a long-lasting fashion. She was better in the morning. And I had to tap a few more occasions for the dizziness. I did take one dose of TI. I hope it boosts the benefit of the remedies. I decided to just see what/who would turn up at the family reunion. My cousin S was pregnant for #3 baby. Always a stomach ache and nausea and little headach ...   read more

2 Sep 2005   19 y  
EFT, dizzy, sore throat
DD9 had a sore throat (painful swallowing) last night and more so thins morning. I gave her Phytolacca homeopathic remedy and then we did about 6 rounds of tapping this morning. I did the set up each time because it seemed to be taking a long time and she might have been reversed. She did feel pretty much normal by the time she went to school. At sports and fitness RB had been sick all week and I finally got a chance to talk to her today. She had a cough, and most intense was the sinus congestion in her face. It again took about 5 rounds to bring it down from a 6 to 1. She could f ...   read more

1 Sep 2005   19 y  
eft, kneepain
In yoga today DM had injured her knee in an accident a few days ago. We tapped 2 rounds and the pain/tightness was down to almost normal. In working with SM, we have started into more of her childhood issues relating to food. She says she craves peanut butter. We’ll see about that one next week.   visit the page

30 Aug 2005   19 y  
eft and bloody noses
This morning both DS13 and I had bloody noses. After tapping just one round, they quit. DD9 had a bloody nose this afternoon - and tapping took care of it immediately. At yoga today SM came and she is wanting to loose weight. She has lots of emotional issues that are undoubtedly keeping her in a larger weight. She kindly agreed to work as I learn about using eft for weight loss. Its as scary for me as it is for her. But I hope at least things can be better for her if she learns to love and accept herself and feel hopeful and worthy of love. I am excited. We have two new people ...   read more

29 aug 2005   19 y  
eft, crying baby
I had quit taking the homeopathic remedy for my allergies and my eyes have just been very itchy and red. The tapping helps in the short run, but always comes back. So I’m thinking there is a toxin to me - and the allergies are very layered or genetic or something. So I will tap - and take the remedy every day. Eyes are better today. DS22 came to visit today and he’s studying in the medical field. I taught him a very short version of tapping on meridians. Helped DD20 feel better from her headache, so it was a good demonstration while he was here. It’s fun how little teaching mom ...   read more

26Aug2005   19 y  
EFT, congestion, back pain
Here’s what’s happened in the past few days: DS17 has had the recurring rash and extrememly itchy in elbow area. He taps often on himself and its improving - but keeps coming back. I’m thinking that the toxin that is still bothering him is present - maybe working at the car wash. Maybe allergies of something. He also told me that he keeps experiencing the congestion and not getting good breath when he starts to wind down at night. He taps and gets to a certain point - but it always comes back. I’m thinking we have not adressed the emotional issue behind this. I began to ask, ”what ...   read more

23Aug2005   19 y  
EFT, my dream
I had a dream about family being gathered around - not my immediate family - some 2nd cousins that I love. No christmas tree, but loads and loads and piles of gifts. Names on the gifts and I saw my name on this big pile. We didn’t open any yet. Other people coming. Then we lit these three or four tall candles. They were taller than I was and I wondered if they would be a fire hazard to the ceiling they were so tall. I looked up the standard interpretation of these and it was all positive. New things coming, family, good luck and hope in the future. I guess seeing my name on t ...   read more

aug 2005   19 y  
There just seems to be lots of opportunities to practice every day. DH has had headache and stomach upset. DD has had headache. A friend, LH who is elderly has problem with really dry eyes so she has to blink and squint alot. I taught her enough that she can tap on her own. Eyes improved while I was helping her. she has spinal stenosis. I’m curious to know if she will keep tapping for general aches and pains, and if this will help And saw G again and he works out so hard that he’s just always in pain and stiff so we focused on his knee, but pain went away everywhere. That was ...   read more

Aug 2005   19 y  
EFT and yoga class
Today I was the teacher for yoga so we learned a simple basic meridian tapping routine. I do not like the name of EFT. So when I use this, I’m going to call it meridian tapping and I’m going to describe it as a symptom and pain management technique that is like acupressure. M showed up to class and she had mid back pain that we took care of. V has been training for his triathalon and so everything is tight. He said his legs felt very tingly afterwards. Sh said she had a huge lightbulb moment. Thinking of the meridian points that we tap reminded her of something and then it came ...   read more

Aug 2005   19 y  
EFT and supplements
I am moving into territory that has not been exlained yet, so I hope its working. The boitensor testing said yes, it was working. I held the amount of calcium/magnesium supplement that I take and tapped in, ”I accept the vibration of this supplement.” I want to try that with all my supplements. Really the only way I can tell about calcium is if I get muscle cramps. The only way I can tell if my supplements are working is if I don’t get colds etc.   visit the page

Aug 2005   19 y  
yoga and EFT
Today was the first day of yoga class after learning EFT. Whenever I felt a tight muscle or painful muscle, I would pause and tap meridians. The shift to relaxed muscle was slight, but noticable. And that’s what I would expect. One pain in my hip went from a 5 to a 2, so I had more strength. The collarbone breathing method that I did yesterday seems to still be ”in effect” today. I did the collarbone breathing with DS17 and then some of the things he had been tapping for began to heal. I am now interested in tapping meridians for positive purposes. I want to explore more of t ...   read more

Aug2005   19 y  
EFT experiences
I guess I will learn how this works as I go along. I’m less than a week into learning EFT and I want to write down all my experiences so they can be learning tools for me. When I just had learned the basic recipe, I used that on DD20 to get rid of her cramps. It took about 5 minutes. DS17 had trouble breathing and congestion before going to bed. His polarity was switched and kept switching, so it was taking much longer as we repeated the basic recipe. He also learned it enough to do it on his own and fix an itchy rash on his arms and to lessen the congestion so he could sleep. We ...   read more

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