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What We Eat :: A Middle Path   15 y  
moderation is my dance
A few months ago when I was passing time at a computer without an internet connection, I wrote a message for this blog, to enter later, and then I just left it on the desktop of that computer. I was at that computer again recently and was able to copy this essay which my friend kindly saved, onto a disk. And now here it is: What We Eat :: A Middle Path   read more

Emotions That Heal   15 y  
let your emotions heal you
This is another excellent article by Kevin Ryerson. See my previous message for a brief intro. Enjoy. ********************************************* Emotions That Heal by Kevin Ryerson © 1993 All rights reserved   read more

Identifying Our Individual Needs   15 y  
contains practical tools to accomplish this...
Way back in the 80’s there were a few books by Gurudas that were popular among some circles where I live--one was about Gem Elixirs and the other was about Flower Essences. They embarked into new and interesting territory in a realm that had been explored primarily by Dr. Bach previously, to my knowledge. For much of the information contained in both books, Gurudas used trance-channelled material from Kevin Ryerson. So tonight I was thinking of Kevin Ryerson, wondering what he might be doing these days. So I looked him up on the internet, and found that he’s been very busy. There we ...   read more

Levels of Toxicity   15 y  
on the elevator of life, vibr8 steps out into several toxic levels, but wants to transcend toxicity and reach....nirvana?
Sometimes in life we are faced with limited choices, and have to choose what’s commonly referred to as the ”lesser of evils.” Insomuch as I can even attempt to describe my career situation in words that you will understand, or even in words that I will understand as I’m writing them, I will do my very best to describe this real situation I’m living every minute every day every hour. In simple terms I’m speaking of returning to my full time job after two months off. It was not a vacation. It was a leave I had to take in order to save my life. And I do mean that literally. I really t ...   read more

Good News Recently   15 y  
"abnormal cells" gone
There has been quite a series of events in my life in 2006 that I haven’t written much about in this blog. I was waiting for some good news, indeed hoping that there would be good news. Thanks to the health advice that can be gleaned from CureZone, and some personal advice from Lapis, and Deradune, and all of the wisdom that is shared everyday here at CureZone by so many of you, I received good news about my health last Wednesday night. In February, I went for a routine physical and had an abnormal pap test. ”Dysplasia” is what my doctor called the results. She never used the C wo ...   read more

HeartWays   15 y  
a welcome new presence in the "village" & a new biophotonic treatment vibr8 experienced today
Some new people have recently relocated to a community near my ”village” from Maryland. At a recent workshop I met someone from this group of people. Today I went to her healing center for a BioPhoton treatment. She utilizes a type of technology I had not experienced before. It was deeply relaxing and in fact there are points during the treatment where this practitioner told me people start to doze off. I remained awake though. I was really there just to relax and benefit from the healing that was being offered. It’s just a few hours since I was there, and so far I feel great. ...   read more

Hello   15 y  
is anybody out there?
Today I just want to say hello to all of you out there in CureZone land. Some days when I’m finally able to get to my office and get on the computer, I eagerly navigate my way to CureZone just hoping to see a comment or two on my blogs. Not that I write my messages with attracting comments in mine, as that is not really even on my mind when I’m writing my messages. I do my daily cruise around CureZone forums, blogs, etc. and there is often voluminous interchange between various members. I check to see if any bloggers I have left comments for have replied. Some do, and I appreciate ...   read more

Chelation Therapy   15 y  
potentially beneficial, yet controversial...
Today I went to an Easter brunch with some new friends, which was enjoyable, and on the drive home from the brunch, one of my friends was talking about Chelation Therapy. I had not heard anything about it before. She explained that it is not legal in the USA, but some clinics do it. It’s a new research topic for me, and I looked at many websites to find some information about it when I got back home this afternoon. There is apparently a lot of controversy surrounding Chelation Therapy however, ultimately, it sounds like it could be beneficial for many people if only it were more well-k ...   read more

Antigua   15 y  
sure, let's go there...
I just love the poem of the day for today, April 14, 2006, at the Academy of American Poets website. I simply must share it with you! ********************************************** In Antigua by Kerri Webster ”In Antigua I am famous. I am bathed in jasmine and pressed with warm stones.” —Carnival Cruise ad in the New Yorker In Albuquerque, on the other hand, I am infamous; children throw stones and the elderly whisper behind their hands. In Juneau, I am glacial, a cool blue where anyone can bathe for a price. In Rio I am neither exalted nor defamed; I walk the streets a ...   read more

Artistic Opportunity   15 y  
Learning to Love You More
Sometimes while I sit here in my office I look around on the internet and find very cool stuff every now and then. Today I found this site that gives artistic assignments, and you have a chance to do this art work and receive grant money. I like the way the site is set up, it is a work of art in itself. I can sense that these are good people, and lots of good creative energy coming from the site. Here’s how it’s described: Learning to Love You More is both a web site and series of non-web presentations comprised of work made by the general public in response to assignments giv ...   read more

"Just for the HEALTH of it"   15 y  
upcoming conference of interest
I was just thinking about a series of conferences that the Axiom Conferences people (who put on the ”What the Bleep” conferences last year) are currently putting on, called ”Just for the Health of it”. I have not personally attended this conference, however a friend of mine in California did go to their California conference a couple of months ago and just loved it. For folks who cannot afford to attend such events, I am hearing that these people are willing to consider scholarships, so money does not need to be an object. People have to be responsible for their own travel expenses to ...   read more

Amazing VIBE event   15 y  
hugely energized by my lst ever day-long VIBE conference
Wow! I went to the all-day VIBE Workshop/Conference in Greeley, Colorado yesterday. It was the first time I have ever gotten the opportunity to be in a room full of VIBE practitioners from all over the US and even a few from other countries. The energy in that room was intense! Mostly it was such an incredible experience for me to get to immerse myself in all things VIBE related for an entire day. For awhile at the beginning I took notes, but then decided to have faith in the fact that the entire event was being video recorded and I just sat back and listened to every word that was ...   read more

New Internationalist   15 y  
The people, the ideas, the action in the fight for global justice
Wow! I just discovered the website for a magazine published in England that would appear to be of interest to many CureZoners. I would love to share it with you. Here is the New Internationalist’s MISSION STATEMENT, from their website, first, so you can get a sense of who they are and what they’re doing: **************************************** New Internationalist MISSION STATEMENT The New Internationalist workers’ co-operative (NI) exists to report on the issues of world poverty and inequality; to focus attention on the unjust relationship between the powerful and powerless wor ...   read more

VIBE Conference   15 y  
This weekend I’m going to my first VIBE (Vibrational Integrated Bio-Photonic Energizer) Practitioners’ conference. Well, technically it’s really a workshop. It’s in Colorado, a bit of a drive from here. The first one was last year, and I missed it, so I’m excited to have the opportunity to attend this one. One of the major focuses will be on detoxing as an integral part of the process during the time a client is coming in for VIBE sessions. For anyone unfamiliar with the VIBE Machine, here’s a bit of information from the inventor’s (Gene Koonce’s) website: ******************* ...   read more

Biomodulator   15 y  
a clinically effective energy balancing device
Many moons ago I wrote a message here in the Village blog about the SCENAR device my Acupuncturist sometimes uses to get me balanced. I continue to have profound healing experiences with the SCENAR device. Originally invented in Russia, this type of device is approved for use in America by the FDA. That would mean most to practitioners thinking of using a SCENAR device as a part of their therapeutic offerings for clients who would benefit from it. One SCENAR device available for use is the Tennant Biomodulator. That is the type my Acupuncturist uses. It is the only type I have expe ...   read more

Thought Field Therapy   15 y  
sounds fabulous - vibr8 wants to try it!
Thought Field Therapy is interesting. It is already mentioned many places all around CureZone and of course on the internet. It was brought to my attention on a recent National Public Radio interview. Here’s a tidbit of information about it from the website website: ************************************* ”Thought Field Therapy has been used in clinical settings to to successfully treat a wide variety of psychological problems. Most research has been in the area of first hand clinical observation and the personal reports coming from therapists a ...   read more

Ranking Ramblings   15 y  
April 1 and everything's different...
Here I am on April 1st in Vibrational Health Village, breathing in the pristine air and about to drink a cup of herbal tea made from mountain spring water straight from the source. So, visiting the CureZone website, I decide to take a look at the Most Popular Blogs List. Noticed that the order of the Blogs is way way different today and all of the visitor counts for the Blogs apparently went back to ZERO sometime today. Could it be an April Fools joke? I don’t know. CureZone is so noncommercial anyway, and being attached to one’s Blog ranking would be a bit egocentric now, wou ...   read more

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