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My comments on a popular Cinnamon and Honey email FWD   13 y  
My comments on a popular Cinnamon and Honey email FWD. What is Cinnamon and Honey good for?
My Comments: When we are talking about the honey, let us be sure we are talking of the same food. The honey in this article is referring to a substance made by bees. It is best purchased from a local bee keeper for results with allergy symptoms (ie, made from the pollen which is causing the allergic reactions). Also, this honey should be RAW, UNFILTERED, and straight from the comb. If it has been heated, the antibacterial and other properties have been destroyed-it is nothing more than a candy. Honey in it’s RAW state is a very medicinal food. Read for possible ways to use it. ...   read more

Success story! Cut Toe, Prayer, Cayenne, and Comfrey   13 y  
Cut toe, blood, what to do? Pray, Cayenne, and Comfrey Paste!
Success story! First off, Glory to God. We were praying and He did heal. Cut toe: On Monday morning, I was trimming some hedges (in flip flops) and dropped the trimmer on my toe. The trimmer fell in such as way that the sharp edge gouged into my big toe just under the toenail and down the side of the toe. I knew this was bad. I quickly hopped into the house and reached for the cayenne, a glass and some water. I placed about 10 drops of Dr Christopher’s Hot Cayenne in some water and drank it. It felt good. I repeated and watched. Looking down at my toe, I could see how the blood w ...   read more

Extended Herbal Cleanse   13 y  
Extended Herbal Cleanse, to be done after the 3-day cleanse
Extended Herbal Cleanse also known as 6-Week Cleanse: After completing the 3-day cleanse, we go directly into the extended cleanse. This will continue to allow the body to cleanse out our organs of elimination (bowel, kidney, lungs, and skin). This will greatly help any individual formulas we may be using (such as Kelp or Herbal Hormones). Items needed (all Dr Christopher brand): Lower Bowel capsules Kidney formula Liver-Gallbladder formula Blood Stream formula Upon rising, take 1-2 capsules (or more if needed) of Lower Bowel Formula. Repeat 1 hour before lunch, and ...   read more

The 3-Day Cleanse   13 y  
3 day cleanse, Juice fasting
The 3-Day Cleanse: There are all different kinds of cleansing. This is an all body cleanse. let me walk you through it. What the cleanse is designed to do is to give the body a break from digesting and allow it to "clean house". We will be replacing 3 gallons (or more) of toxins accumulated in the body with 3 gallons (or more) of pure fresh juice and water. This is very excellent for the lymph system as well. You will need these items to do the cleanse: enough prune juice for at least 16oz a day-Wal Mart sells a pure brand olive oil-enough for 3 tble sp ...   read more

Dr Christopher's Mucusless Diet   13 y  
Dr Christopher's Mucusless Diet
Mucusless Diet The principal behind the mucusless diet is as follows. The internal body should have a thin layer of mucus around it, esp in areas that are exposed to the outside world (ears, eyes, nose, mouth, etc). It is in this thin layer of mucus where harmful bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, etc are collected and faught off by the body. This is one of our first lines of defence and where the battle should be taking place. However, many people eat a diet of dead, denaturalize foods thereby creating a very thick layer of mucus that the body cannot eliminate. The immune system is not ...   read more

Basic Procedures: Cleanse and Nourish   13 y  
basic cleansing principles for the School of Natural Healing, SNH
The Moto of the School of Natural Healing is: Cleanse and Nourish Therefore, all the principles will be based on those things. The body wants to be whole and complete. We work with the body to achieve it’s healthy status. There are some basic procedures that greatly help the body in this cleansing and nourishing. 1. Feed the body with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, seeds, and legumes 2. Exercise every day. The body is designed to move. The statement of “if you don’t move it, you lose it” does make sense. Exercise gets the systems working. A ...   read more

H1N1 Swine Flu 2009   13 y  
what is the best way to avoid flu or treat after first signs?
Please note, this may be a few months outdated, but the information in here is still effective today. I am a little late in starting my BLog. Thank You H1N1 Swine Flu 2009 Flu, the topic that is on most everyone’s mind this season. What is it and how to avoid it are the next topics that come to mind. The “what” is easy, it is a contagious respiratory virus. That means it is easily spread, caught, and cannot be treated with antibiotics. It spreads through sneezing, coughing, or touching objects after an infected person. Unlike most colds that infect for about 5-7 days, flues last o ...   read more


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