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by ozone bubble

my first Liver Flush!!!   16 y  
egg/lime/oil + swf = amazing results
what a success! i tried tsetsi’s egg yolk/lime/oil flush and it went amazingly. i combined it with swf and it was AMAZING to get all that stuff out. i am actually starting to look healthy - most improvement is my skin which is peachy, smooth a great tanner colour and has a healthy glow! i resigned myself to having bad skin ages ago when i was young since i would try so many things and not get any effect (of course i understand now that nothing you put ON your skin will do anything if whats inside your skin is not healthy!!!) im taking detox baths and my skin is really getting the benefit o ...   read more

figuring out my digestive upsets   17 y  
deducing the cause and making a plan
i found these things did not work to help wake up my sleepyhead bowels prune juice liquorice tea ginger tea peppermint tea increased fruit and/or yoghurt (this has worked in the past) increased exercise (again, variable results) i found that fennel seed tea however had an excellent effect. so that got me thinking what it was that fennel was doing to help my problem - which i was hoping would answer my question as to what was causing the problem in the first place. heres what i found out, summarised: fennel seeds are carminative and spasmolytic the volatile oil (found in t ...   read more

my cleanse plan so far   17 y  
planned outline for bowel, kidney, liver + para cleanse
the cleansing shakes and cleansing drinks mentioned are the recipes from! 1. Initial 2 weeks - improving digestion and elimination routes fennel tea, flax seeds, egg yolk shakes, cleansing drinks, lemon/oo drinks, egg yolk cleanse, flaxseed oil, epsom baths 2. Next 2 weeks - blood/general cleaning and supplementing nettle tea, goji berries, blackseed oil, rosehip tea, cleansing shakes, raw milk/raw yoghurt, enema/coffee enemas, acv 3. Next week - supplementing and liver/immune boosting spirulina, olive tea, probiotics, milk thistle, epsom baths 4. Next 10-15 d ...   read more

health mystery   17 y  
questions i want to answer through cleansing
about a year and a half ago, i aquired a number of health problems all at the same time. they are/were: 1. recurrent severe uti (recovered) 2. digestive problems (ibs type symptoms - cramping, bloating, alternating underactive/overactive, generally just not regular and often like how i used to be) 3. mild-moderate acne on my back that is all i can think of so far. but it strikes me as strange that i picked up those three things seemingly unrelated problems all at the same time, and i still have two of them. are they related? if so, what is the cause? i had some new thing ...   read more

working out my Salah problems, Eid and no more birthdays   17 y  
celebrating joy on Eid-ul-Adha
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. Qul huwa Allahu ahad Allahu samad Lam yalid walam yoolad Walam yakun lahu kufuwan ahad. [Surah 112: Al-Ikhlas] Allahu Akbar! Eid Mubarak! (In the name of Allah, most benificent, most merciful. Say: ’He is the One, Eternal the Uncaused Cause of All Being, He begets not and neither is He begotten, and there is nothing that could be compared with Him’ [Chapter 112: The Declaration of God’s Perfection] Allah is the Greatest! Happy Eid!) Eid is the name of two festivals given to Muslims by Allah. What we are celebrating on Eid days (Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Ad ...   read more

what this blog is really all about   17 y  
searching for why islam, DID and natural health go together for me
my bf asked me about my goals for next year. i said something like to generally become a better muslim, blah blah stuff like that. but it got me thinking. it got me thinking about past, present and future. more importantly it got me thinking about meaning...and significance. i have achieved my past two new years goals. the first was to have quit smoking by the next new year. the second was to keep living my life by the principles i learned from giving up cigarettes. although non-specific it worked because in this last year ive given up drugs and alcohol (for Allah) along with many oth ...   read more

outline of my mini cleanse   17 y  
details of my first mini cleanse experience
I made this one up as I went along, just doing what my body wanted and trying out lots of things in a small way. I wouldn’t even really call it a cleanse really! But I do know I havent felt so good since I was a kid so it must have been doing something! I started by oil pulling for a few days, my body wanted to fast so I did that drinking only herbal tea and lots of water. I think I ate a few light meals but I cant be sure! I then drank OO and lemon juice (2 US oz of each) on an empty stomach at about 3pm (by chance I took it at that time, I have no idea what effect it might have h ...   read more

OP and flare up   17 y  
my hands have got red again!
even though i was having success with oil pulling, i got triggered at the dentist recently and started losing time a lot. and this made me get depressed. and i stopped pulling because the joy just fell out the bottom of it. but now IM BACK! i just did my first pull since the last week (?)and i feel great! bouncing full of energy, super-fresh mouth and shiny shiny teeth! but guess what else - my hands have flared up again. so its something to do with my liver i guess - as ive read someone in the OP forum mentioned OP stimulates the liver. im guessing ive got paras or stones in there. ...   read more

xmas from the outside and the story so far   17 y  
life - xmas + natural health!
6.45am Well its xmas morning here in the UK. It’s my first xmas as a Muslim, which means it’s my first non-xmas. It’s been an experience, since my family does xmas in a big way and I had no way to get out of the house this year. There have been some weird moments and this is one of them: my family is downstairs opening presents and I am upstairs… writing this. The room that is always used for xmas day is right below my bedroom, so I can hear them so it’s a little bit sad for me. In some ways it’s a relief not to be a part of xmas anymore, not just because of the obvious avoiding of the us ...   read more


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