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Re: ~Microchip Implants Cause Cancer~!
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: ~Microchip Implants Cause Cancer~!

"I wonder if you can *turn off* "dog's" chip"

I take this to mean can I turn it off?, as opposed to - can it be turned off by the people who invented it? In the case of the latter, I assume they know how to turn it off, and or on, but as for me?; good question. Like so many situations in this world for which I am not fully informed of, there are other realms of this world for which I am also not all that well informed of that might help provide an uncertain answer to an already murky topic; maybe.

For instance, some of the people involved with Orgonite tend to be attuned to various other "collateral situations" of this world that in one way or another share some sort of connection - direct and or indirect, to the alleged effects of Orgonite; for instance, strong earth magnets (Neodymium). In my recent following of various of those Orgonite forums, I've seen it asserted various times that a Neodymium magnet placed in close proximity (like, on one's body) will eventually (within 5-15 minutes or so) zap/pop "forever turn off" an RFID chip that is embedded somewhere under the surface (somewhere beneath outer layer of skin, as a for instance). The effect, in lay terms, basically treats the RFID chip as a fuse with the intention of causing the fuse to pop or otherwise rendered inoperable. There are at least some few people who have in the past made/sold what are called a versy specific special-purpose Orgonite piece - named Implant Killer, that contains one or more small Neo magnets in adition to the other resin/matrix/gemstone mix. It is said that if these pieces are to be placed onto the right spot on the surfaces of the body (right meaning - somewhere near where one suspects an RFID chip has been implanted) that within 5 to 15 minutes or so, the magnet will cause the RFID to blow. Caution is advised if/when the area of the body involves the head (anything above the neck) due to the concern that the normal operation of the brain is dependent upon all sorts of unseen, intricate, delicate EM signals/interactions, and the caution then is - leaving a strong magnet near the surface of the head will disrupt, interfere or harm some of these vital brain fucntions....sounds logical, but I remind that this is sort of out there on a somewhat arcane (not widely known) topic to begin with.

As an alternative, some have asserted that a Tesla Coil, properly equipped AND properly applied, can also be used to disable RFID chips so embedded. As it turns out, those who've advocated this use of a TC did so in circumstances that were said to involve RFID implants that had been covertly inserted into areas on the body one's eyelids. According to what I've read "properly equipped" in this case seems to involve at least one wire (lead) leading from just the right spot/tap on the TC, and is then momentarily applied to that area of the body where an RFID chip is suspected to be embedded. The TC supplies a surge of EM energy that then travels through the lead and eventually discharges at the point where it makes contact on the skin (wherever the wire end is touched to the body). It is said a brief tingle/pop is felt and this is somewhat of a telltale sign that the RFID chip was successfully popped... to repeat, though, I've never actually tried this, nor can I confirm that I know for a fact that this all works the way it's been asserted.... I only know that there are people out there who've generally made these assertions :)

All this being said, what do I know... I mean, what do I really know? I know that there are some people who say the above two methods might work, and that in some instances these assertions were made rather strongly/passionately with strong convictions, but do I know what theses claims assert? No, I only know that claims assert these methods will work. If I possessed my own bar-code pet-chip scanner/wand thingie (I don't and do not expect to any time soon), this would probably give a decent chance of confirming some of these assertions. Short of that, I have not tried to turn off any RFID chips, not yet, anyway. So far dog is the only entity that I have access to for which I am reasonably sure contains one such RFID chip. I say this despite some other assertions by some people involved with Orgonite that most of us are and have been walking around for years now with all kinds of RFID chips having been covertly embedded into our body. Again, as far as this goes versus what I really know in the matter, I personally do not know dog has a chip inside him. I do know the animal shelter told me they put one in him. I do not really have any reason to doubt their claim, but just trying to be clear as far as what I really know in the matter. Likewise with the vet wand/scanner incident, that seemed to confirm dog in fact has a chip in him, but again, what do I really know? I even have one of those special orgonite IK pieces, bought it about 3 years ago, and while I've toyed around with it on my own body, I have not yet toyed around with it on dog's body :)

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