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I apologise this is very long...
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Published: 15 years ago
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I apologise this is very long...

I just typed this whole big thing and accidentally pressed the back button and everything was gone,oh well - here I go again. What I was writing was:

Your story sounds exactly like mine. I too also moved back into my parents house and quit work because of acne. I've also done countless cleanses, eat a very healthy diet, have grown my own wheat grass and done basically everything you have even spending literally thousands of dollars with no pay off. I've even stood on top of a water tower and contemplated jumping on countless amounts of times but something always stops me. Your skin sounds very much like my own - dry but oily at the same time and the never ending outbreaks. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH!! It's good to know that I am not the only one. All I can say is that there is a reason why everything happens (under chaos there is order). There's a reason why your Acne breaks out and chances are it may not be something a diet can fix alone. I think digitalman makes some good points. Finding out what your allergic too may help you (it's helped me) and knowing what your body is deficient in. I personally don't like taking supplements because it always seems to make my skin worse (probably kicking the ratio's out of proportion). I don't think continuing cleansing will help either because your body most likely needs to rest from it all ( a lot of my Acne went away when I gave it a good break). You just need to keep searching for possibilities and eventually you will find the cause. I will tell you what has helped me and it may or may not help you but at least it's giving you more possibilities. Apparently, when yo raise your blood Sugar levels too fast (your insulin), it realeases a hormone called something like IGN1 or something.. This then triggers excess oil to produce in your skin. You say you eat 80% veg so it may not bother you anyway, but, keep in mind that potato's, corn and even carrot if you eat too much can raise your insulin levels too high. You should only have 2 bits of fruit a day because of the amount of Sugar in them, apples are good to eat because they lie on the low to medium GI rating line as well as having loads of antioxidants. Grains are a big perpetrator. Eating foods like garlic, broccoli, cabbage & cauliflower which contain sulfur something are good to keep your skin soft. Having protein shakes which contain all the essential amino-acids is good for your body and particulayly skin for repairing. I use rice protein because I cant have whey or soy because of the hormones. Exercise is imperative, at least 20 - 30 mins a day to get the blood flowing to the skin and bodily organs (don't over do it though). Something that I have just recently come across was very interesting. I don't want to say here so I will just give you the website. The first link is a scientific explanation of what happens when you do a little something too much, the second is a guys story about how he got Acne and dry skin from doing this certain thing all too often (I am suspect of doing this myself and I have found that it really helps to keep this in mind).

I am currently doing psychology and studying the brain. To me this makes a lot of sense. When your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system aren't working correctly it causes all your bodily organs to stress, can make you miserably depressed and ultimately causing endless acne to erupt.

Something that philla said about not getting enough zinc and maybe iron could be very relevant. Meat (particularly beaf) has a different typeof iron and zinc and literally gets absorbed 10 times easier. I noticed when I was not eating any meat (or small amounts) I had dry, oily cystic skin. When I decided to incorporate meat (particularly beaf) back into my diet I noticed an almost instant glow in my skin.

It also helps to have a good skin care product. So what te helldo ya choose with so many out there!!! I'm still tryin ta work that out for myself. Currently I'm trying this new range which I have bought sample packs because there products are literally 100's of $$$, but, the are unique to everything else because they work on rectifying deficiencies in your body through your skin (weird huh??), but, the have before and after pics which are quite amazing and there products have glycoproteins in them which is exactly what skin feeds on. As I said, if you like them get the sample packs first before spending loads of $$$.

Its an aussie website but there might be an overseas one. Other then that my friend I wish you the very very best of luck and will pray for you as I do everynight for myself and other people. Maybe try and take a break from the wheatgrass and other cleansing supplements to give your body a break. Try this EFT thing if you haven't already (it has kinda helped me, it may be worth a shot)

God be with you my friend, there will be a light at the end of all this!!

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