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Re: Alternative therapy 'exploits' patients
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Alternative therapy 'exploits' patients

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Nutrients are essential to life and cannot be subjected to safety analyses like environmental toxins or synthetic drugs. Virtually all research published in mainstream journals is focused on how essential nutrients heal organisms on the cellular level, which nutrients act together to bring about organ repair, and how they cause systemic healing when given in very high doses. Science has known for at least a century that deficiencies cause standard diseases. In the presence of certain viruses and environmental toxins, such deficiencies are major contributing factor to AIDS and all cancers. Indeed, the South Africans recently renamed AIDS to NAIDS which stands for "Nutritionally Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome" because recent research showed that for the HIV virus to cause illness, a person must also be deficient in the immune-system-controlling mineral Selenium (Foster 2004).

Toxicity studies basically don't exist for essential nutrients (one of a few is vitamin A under certain circumstances). To establish the "lethal dose 50", half of a hundred lab rats or mice dies at a substance's concentration which is then designated as the toxic level. Well, you can't do that with Vitamin C or essential fatty acids, for example. They can't kill. The body metabolizes these substances and excretes excesses. The occasional individual allergy to a specific type of vitamin does not invalidate general biocompatibility. Meeting the August 1 deadline is impossible in principle and in practice. It is a trap.

By contrast, all synthetic drugs without exception are systemically toxic, meaning they are toxic to more than one body system as well as on a cellular level . Hence the constant need to weigh the benefits of their use with the known risks of their toxicity, specific doses of just so many mg, timing of ingestion, duration of treatment - and the prescription requirement. All this doesn't apply to apples, magnesium or probiotics. If you eat too many apples, you get the runs - same mess for too much vitamin C. Furthermore, all drugs, from Aspirin to Zocor, also deplete essential nutrients. Most accumulate in body tissues because they cannot be metabolized by our enzymes which freak out when encountering this phony chemistry and simply move on. Used for a long time, drugs frequently shut down the body's natural detoxification center, the liver, and in extreme cases destroy it - necessitating a liver transplant. Of course, essential nutrients are readily metabolized and distributed in accordance with the laws of nature, while simultaneously nourishing the liver.


About 800,000 people die every year in North America from properly prescribed and ingested drugs. No toxicity levels are ever published on drugs. They are assumed and were protected by a Conspiracy of silence until Johns Hopkins Medical School published the data on this carnage in 2003 (see Dean below). Codex's effort to save us all from supposedly dangerous food supplements, by requiring their (non-existent) toxicity levels, is a determined backlash against the turn medical Science took starting with Linus Pauling, Abram Hoffer, Carl Pfeiffer and Roger Williams in the 1950's. They established the concepts of bio-individuality in absorption and detoxification, high-dose essential nutrients as disease curing, and environmental toxins acting as nutrient depleting. Today, we have a flood of evidence showing that drugs have a very limited usefulness and that high-dose nutrients can do anything better than drugs can.

The pharmaceutical industry is anything but slow-witted, and good business practice dictates outfoxing the competition - one way or another - to secure the market. If this Directive is not stopped, there will be only one medical world: the pharmaceutical world. When this Codex project began in 2001, some 180 million protest letters reached their office, but Codex doesn't give up on protecting us. Now the fight is on in each country, because Codex is now our problem as well.

South Africa announced on January 17th that it will not follow the foods-as-drugs Directive. Minister of Health Manto Tshabalala-Msimang stated her country disagrees with the "false dichotomy between natural and allopathic medicine, a division fostered by the need to make money from patented drugs through discrediting the use of natural products." At the November Codex meeting the South African delegate, Dr. Antoinette Booyzen MD stood firm on rejecting the Directive's notion that supplements don't treat , prevent or cure, but the Codex chairman, who is routinely supported by the EU delegate commanding 25 votes, simply stonewalled all opposition, even the World Health Organization's report entitled Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Disease. Since chronic disease is the source of Big Pharma's wealth, the last thing Codex wants is prevention.

Dr. Dean described how India's delegate, who represents one third of the human race with one vote, objected to the Codex and EU-promoted baby formulas containing chemicals that cause brain-destroying inflammation in susceptible babies. He was ignored. When he insisted on debate, he was removed from the room. Naturally, India is mounting its resistance to Codex, the EU Directive, the WTO and all the rest of the regulatory alphabet soup.

Despite Bush the Bizarre in the White House, the US has bill H.R. 4004 before Congress, sponsored by Republican Congressman Ron Paul from Texas . Known as the Health Freedom Bill, it is an anti-Codex, anti-harmonization bill that would ensure supplements to remain foods available according to individual choice.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons expressed their opposition to Codex by formally adopting on December 10th last year a resolution "supporting freedom for patients and physicians to choose natural remedies". The Dietary Supplement Education Alliance presented recently before Congress an extensive analysis of the effect of supplements taken on the basis of individual choice. Their data showed that supporting such health freedom would save the government a minimum of US 15 billion annually. Doctors' associations also prepared a superb rebuttal to the reports Codex relies on. One of the most important tools is available for free to the health activist on
where you can download the entire available mainstream scientific information on all vitamins and minerals up to 2003. This material was assembled with Dr. Carolyn Dean's assistance specifically to counteract Codex's tobacco science.

In the UK , physicians practicing natural medicine have been equally active. They are supported by many members of the House of Lords and the Royal Family who subscribe to homeopathy. Tony Blair's pro-Codex policy was attacked publicly by his wife's personal trainer, who supervises the Blairs' supplement regime; she accused the Blairs of hypocrisy and urged Britons not to vote for him.

In Canada we have an utterly unique opportunity to save freedom of choice by supporting Bill C-420 which is going into second reading in Parliament in early March. By that time MPs Dr. James Lunney and Dr. Colin Carrie need to show the government that their bill is supported by Canadians - just as we did a few years ago with more than a million letters. At that time, Health Canada was poised to place all 60,000 natural products into the drug category. This immense protest resulted in a promise to establish a "third category". Without debate or public knowledge , all natural products were simply moved into the drug category January 1, 2004 . Outraged by this treachery, MP Dr.J. Lunney launched bill C-420 which would change the definition of food and drugs such as to achieve what that publicly supported "third category" would have done. Now we have a minority government and a chance to win. The simple fact is that if our supplements are defined, in law, as foods, Codex has no jurisdiction.

Most medical doctors are hostile toward the use of nutritional supplements. They parrot that they are ineffective and possibly dangerous due to a lack of scientific evidence supporting them. Not true. Mountains of evidence exist. And it points to some fascinating and highly effective nutritional supplements.

To obtain new drugs, pharmaceutical chemists, rigorously study nutritional supplements (i.e. natural products). Once a single active ingredient is identified a chemist makes a “copy-cat.” The drug company then calls it their own. Simply put, if the study of nutritional supplements did not exist then drugs would not be possible.

Most every drug sold today has a natural-based predecessor. Drug companies and medical doctors obfuscate this historical fact. They like patients to think that drugs are intuitively invented out of thin air. This helps foster the very profitable belief that drugs are the only option for health. Understanding that nutritional supplements guide drug development will allow you more choices in health care – inexpensive and safe ones. Consider the following examples:

Pseudoephedrine is an ingredient found in over-the-counter cough syrup. It is a knock-off of the active ingredients found in “Mormon tea.” In 2004, the Annals of Emergency Medicine noted that pseudoephedrine is so damaging to the heart that it can elicit a heart attack among users – even healthy ones. In sharp contrast, naturally-occurring Mormon tea can be safely used as a cough suppressant. Today however, it is black listed while pseudoephedrine remains on the shelves of every corner grocery store in America.

Ritalin and many other stimulants are knock-offs of the active ingredients found in ma huang AKA ephedra. Ritalin is an amphetamine. As such, it can cause addiction and brain cell death. Despite false propaganda, Ma huang is a safe and effective stimulant that increases mental focus without damaging the body. Ma huang is black listed while Ritalin is dispensed to children.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs (Lipitor, Zocor, Pravachol, ect) known as statins are knock-offs of the natural ingredient found in red yeast rice. Akin to the drugs, red yeast rice can dangerously lower cholesterol and CoQ10 levels within your body. Like statins, it is not advisable to use red yeast rice to lower cholesterol. Both are poisons.

As a side note, if cholesterol-lowering drugs were the billion dollar panacea that drug companies claim them to be, we could all eat red yeast rice at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, they are not.
Aspirin™, the drug that your doctor tells you to take EVERYDAY, is a knock-off of the active ingredient found in white willow bark. The side effects of Aspirin™ are so severe that they can cause a higher death rate relative to the populations who do not take it.[i] Rarely brought to the attention of users, aspirin depletes the body of the essential nutrient folic acid. White willow bark is virtually unknown yet remains a safe and effective alternative to Aspirin™ for pain relief and any purported cardiovascular benefits.

The list goes on…Most would be shocked to know that even painkillers and anticancer drugs were derived from natural sources:

The tiny family of prescription pain killers used by doctors are knock offs of the natural ingredients found in opium. Naturally occurring opium is safer and less addictive than the fast-acting drug knock-offs morphine, codeine, and oxycodone.

Baicalein, an anti-cancer drug used among those who suffer from leukemia, is a knock-off of the active ingredient found in the roots of Chinese skullcap (Scuterllaria baicalensis). Chinese skullcap is a safe and effective natural cancer fighter that induces cell suicide (apoptosis) among leukemia-derived cancer cells.

There are life-saving distinctions between a drug and its natural-based predecessor. A prescription drug is a single isolate. A nutritional supplement contains a multitude of active substances. This distinction makes drugs more dangerous and less effective than nutritional supplements.

As a single isolate, a drug does not target the underlying cause of illness. It only masks symptoms. Further, a drug isolate has no “buffers” to offset negative side-effects. In sharp contrast, nutritional supplements utilize an array of ingredients to attack the illness at its core while striving to mitigate negative side-effects.

If safe and effective, then why don’t drug companies distribute nutritional supplements? The answer is very simple. They clash with the drug-company business model. Natural medicine cannot be patented and subsequently monopolized. Only dangerous, man-made prescription drugs carry patent rights. And this is what satisfies a drug company’s voracious appetite for wealth.

Patent rights allow for checkbook Science (the practice of funding, designing and interpreting the results of drug research), exclusivity and inflated prices. Add to that an army of good-looking, slick and foolish thinking sales reps and you have the world’s most successful business model – corporate drug dealing. While profitable, this model is currently killing an estimated 200,000 people every year.

Face the facts: Those who adhere to Western Medicine are stuck with risky and expensive counterfeits of Mother Nature. Those who embrace Mother Nature by choosing nutrition are able to use natural cures without risking their lives.

Mr C R Beckett Dtp; A.D.I.


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