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just saying hi/
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Published: 19 years ago
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just saying hi/

hi, Dr. Vinogard and all. just wanted to touch base.
I took a few days /was thinking might take a week/ just a break from computers and distractions.. to try to reorganise and refocus myself on what i have accomplished since linking with curezone... and future goals to further my raod to gettign better.
(also to wash all my new visions ware and lexan etc *laugh)
and get ready for winter/ reorganise my exercise palns.
ok... to date... in 2months about a bit more maybe...
i have totally lost my double vision (as yo uknow i regained
better vision after 1st time useage of the body pure pads/over my the backs of my toes.)
i have lost about 23 lbs now..been on parasites treatments /6 weeks total.. this sunday i restart on my 3rd treatment. i regualrly use my zapper and also the oil of oregano.
anyhow... on my break off.. i have danced hard with out needing to hold anythign for balance..
i am sitting here in an unheated house now... with just longjohns anda flannel shirt on in 28 degree weather and not freezing at all.. so my heat /cold tolerance has drastically improved !!!! as you can see by my typing, each day brings me better/ clearer thinking and new improvements...i am now stayign active thru out the day on average of 14 hours nonstop before needing to take a short nap..usign the facialexericse book i have been using/ there is no trace of wrinkle sor loose skin yet from losign weight/ oh yes and also/ my edema is 90 % reduced/ non of my rings fit anymore !!!!(darn it!! *laugh) and also the swelling in my eye area is almost totally goen... you remmeber i woke up every mornign super swoolen almost shut eyes/ i am actually startign to feel human again !!!!!
my daughter and I have been going thru myold recipesbooks to find stuff we can alter to adapt to our no dairy/ vegan/ nored meat/ no soy/ eating format... tho my kids still do onc ein awhiel have their spurges ona pizza...
i jsut need to get busy and get back to making no cheese pizzas.. well i am babbling!!
i just look back at 10 years ago when i thought i woudl never walk or talk again.. and here i am/ i made alot of progresson my own yes/ but i can honestly say in 2months here utilizing hte helps links etc.. has been liek a quick boost in teh arm./ i don't think i will ever stop my 4 mainstays... the foot pads, the zapper/the oil of oregano and the Clarkia parasite stuff. youknwo i use other sutff too/ but thse are the 4 main thign s i have used on my daily regimes/ and so i have to assume the credit is due to each of these.
well i jstu had to keep blabbing cause i am so happy just even in the typing getter better/ seems each day brings better progress/ also the ringing and itchign in my ears and soemwhat hearing loss seems to bealmost totally goen.. some days it kinda aches a bit there but then in an hour it clears up..
well better go before i haold you further *hostage* to my written word!!
just wante dto say thanks to all who help support this forum and esp the docs and very wellinformed health practitioners and jstu the regualr folks who know so much from personalexperiences.. this entire tiem here has ndone nothing but benefit me and my kids.
Ami B.

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