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Re: How I cured myself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/solutions for sick people with pets & parasites
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: How I cured myself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/solutions for sick people with pets & parasites

hello wisdom,

i have been using biotic silver, same as coloidal silver except i think it is smaller fragments but both good anti fungal anti bacterial YESSSSS ! that is one of the items that is instrumental in the candida wellness program, and along with other things KILLS CANDIDA: biotic silver, colidal silver :)

as for the pets, it is highly likely to get reinfected again if you have pets, especially cats and dogs that are indoors. here's some pointers i had to learn the hard way (i didn't listen to dr clark, my idiotic mistake !):

1) Do not use cat litter, do not use clumping cat litter--it is a complete storehouse of bateria and it carrys dust and is complete filth within a day if you have multiple cats; a couple days if you have only 1 cat. there are also health problems the cats can get from it too numerous to mention here (do a google search).
SOLUTION: USE YESTERDAY'S NEWS. It's a paper-pellete type of "litter" that literally doesn't smell even after 3 days with multiple cats, I've got 13 HUGE cats, and 8 large tom cats--i was shocked that the 3 cat boxes i have did NOT have ANY odor whatsover after even the 3rd day. there is no dust and no sand or litter granuals to track anywhere.
ALSO IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU USE CAT BOX LINERS ! You can use hefty trash bags or you can click here to order super 2-ply extra thick (thicker than hefty bags) for very cheap: they fit any size litter box, even the largest and are made by cat people for cat-proof liners

2) Deworm your cat--I could not get my cats to do the human parasite herbs, no way, no how, they refused to eat cloves and Wormwood and they wouldn't drink the parsley water either. so i ended up using Dontral worm tabs (normally you have to have a perscription but if you buy them at this link you don't: - I would've prefered natural herbs, but i didn't know about paralixer at that time and my cats were all street tom cats and feral cats so i did the pills (yes, almost lost an eye that day, but managed to get all of them dewormed for Ascaris (roundworm)as soon as possible (roundworm).
which is a pill and kills Ascaris and tape and a couple other worms. do every 3 months for catteries (multiple cats); do 1x per year for 1 cat who lives in house; do 2x per year for outdoor cats. if you cannot give a pill, then use the paralixer. I am following up with paralixer for 30-60 days here, until all their fur is back shiny again. I also use REVOLUTION 1x per month to keep the Ascaris from coming back, it doesn't kill adult roundworm but kills mites and PREVENTS ascaris from infesting. Yes, I know, these are drugs...I will be able to stop them once the serious infection here is cleared up which should be by 3 months and then I can use the zapper and the paralixer only, but i just started the above program last month and at that time i didn't know about the pet zapper collar or the paralixer and my cats simply REFUSED dr. clark "pet" parasite program because the herbs can be smelled a mile away. but paralixer is clear, tasteless, and odorless but there wasn't too much on instructions online or when purchasing it so i wasn't sure how good it was for this large pride of cats so i used the dontral just to be sure.

2. DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR PET and DO NOT ALLOW YOUR PET IN YOUR BEDROOM. this is perhaps the hardest to do, especially since i live in arizona and there's tarantulas and humongous spiders that creep in when it rains and when my cats (the most awesome bug and spider and scorpion catchers) were banned from my room i soon noticed how much i depended on them to keep the critters away. now, i just let the best hunter (whiskers) make an investigative search of my room before i go to bed, he goes under the bed, sniffs the closest and surrounding area and when he sees nothing is in the room he meows for me to let him out HE IS SO COOL OF A CAT. last week he alerted me of a blonde tarantula under my bed and i was able to catch it and put it outside safely in the desert (i will not kill them :)

3. WASH YOUR HANDS after petting, touching, handling your pets ALWAYS.

4. DO NOT FEED YOUR CAT FRISKIES - it's loaded with parasites and the laws that be do not prohibit parasites in the food. Max Cat is good and so are a few others (according to dr dan the vet guy click here: ABOUT ROUNDWORM (ASCARIS) & CATS:

sorry i gave such a lengthy email but it took me so long to find all this info and when i did my parasite cleanse this time around i had those 13 cats

hope this helps

:) monique

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