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Re: How I cured myself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Chronic Epstein Barr Virus in 60 days - here's what i did...
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: How I cured myself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Chronic Epstein Barr Virus in 60 days - here's what i did...

gosh get wisdom, what a GREAT NAME !!!

here's the link for anyone out there who cannot afford the $150 for a zapper, this one is only $10 + $2 shipping = $12: ($10 mini zapper)

okay, good, glad it helped and YES I know about the $10 zapper too, I have one too and I just hadn't incorporated it in my previous postings yet. I got mine from Mary at zapper plans ($10 mini zapper). I am sure it works as good as all the zappers that are the Hulda Clark frequency. However, the one from Canada, Ken from The Ultimate Zapper, his is an even lower frequency and with having possible toxoplasma with severe visual disturbances (this is a totally separate condition i got AFTER i got well from Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome from having 13 cats living with me recently), I wanted to make sure to penetrate and the lower frequency the Ultimate Zapper strong and penetrates deeper I think.

I also had a post about the problem of zapping cats, I've got 2 types of cats, ones that are wild and ones that are sort of tame. I can use the zapper collar on the tamer ones, but the wild ones, that is why I got the $10 zapper, so i can clip copper plates onto them (cat can simply stand on them while it eats, etc.). Mary at zapper plans really helped me with that one and that's how I heard about the $10 zapper. It's perfect for use on my cats, this way the wilder "difficult" cats don't know they're being zapped, they just stand on the plates while I pet them or feed them. However, I still have to purchase the copper plates, so I haven't gotten a chance to do the real testing on the cats yet. I tested it on aluminum foil (not good, the foil makes crackling noise when the cat steps on it so it freaks them out, but the copper sheets WON'T :)

So yes, I've spent a bit of money on the Ultimate zapper, but after I cured myself of Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome with the Dr. Clark zapper and I suppose the $10 mini-zapper would've done the trick with Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome too - but later on is when all the 13 cats came to live with me THIS WAS AFTER I GOT WELL FROM CFS. And I started to get blurred vision and big black floaters in my eyes and other strange visual disturbances that looked like I was looking through a kaleidoscope: possibly toxoplasmia from the cats? it was sort of like I was thinking I had the dangerous kind of Ascaris dr. Hulda Clark said zappers and anti parasite herbs wouldn't reach, the kind that are behind the eye! and dr clark's zapper was not reaching that part (dr. clark says to use the ozinated oil and Q-enzyme in those types of cases, I did use Q-enzyme and the Ultimate Zapper, I decided not to take any chances and went with the lower frequency zaper which is so very poweful. a 1/4 inch cold sore and a wart disappeared in 48 hours from the ultimate zapper. However, I had great results with Dr. clark's zapper too and i imagine the $10 one is just as good as dr clark's zapper so I'm sure they would do the trick for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome too.

So now I've got 3 zappers ! They are all good but for different purposes. But the vision thing from Ascaris in the eye was not getting better with the Dr. Clark zapper, so I knew I needed something stronger. But for CFS, I would think the other zappers are sufficient.

still, i wish they all had timers on them because one of my problems was insomnia, and the zappers work great to get me to sleep, and they work so fast i'm always falling asleep after the 1st or 2nd cycle NOT GOOD :) It's a bell and whistle that I like with the dr. clark zapper that some of the others don't have.

but you're right: ALL zappers work, I just needed a bit more due to the eye thing and judging from the fact my vision is better, all floaters are gone and the strange visual episodes I was having are gone, I would have to agree with Ken that the Ultimate Zapper is stronger !! p.s. the blurred vision i had is the kind you have even with your glasses ON, kind of like you know something else is going on there, not just tired eyes, like there's some kind of film over your eyes that is different from the usual tired eyes.

anyway, sorry for blabbing ! I've got posts on here for the CFS and the zapper of choice to use on the cats too. I'm definately going to add the $10 to that too.

:) monique


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