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My Lyme Treatment Battle Plan
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Published: 16 years ago

My Lyme Treatment Battle Plan

Please forgive me if this is at all incoherent, my symptoms are very bad right now but I've put off typing this up for too long.

Lesson number one for me was that with Lyme, any protocol takes time to work and not to give up after a week if I don't notive any changes. Often in takes up to 3 months or more to notice any positive benefits. But judging from the herxheimer reactions I'm already having (and I might add completely without Antibiotics ), I think this stuff is working.

My approach is three pronged:

1. Kill the little buggers
2. Cleanse and make sure detox channels are open and ready to bear the heavy toxic die-off load
3. Immune system and whole body health building...i.e. rebuilding my body

Killing them:

Still working this out and it may also be a direct result of steps 2 and 3. Actually, cleansing and rebuilding are both step number 1, killing the rascally varmints is step 2.

But part of this involves taking cat's claw (samento).

Also part of the killing plan involves killing off the candida overgrowth that is currently raging in my body. My candida protocol involves no sugar, wheat, or fruit (candida diet) as well as caprylic acid, grapefruit seed extract, oil of oregano, and olive leaf extract. Side effects: severe nausea, intense lethargy and loss of appetite, and weight loss (WAHOOOO!!!! FINALLY!!!!!). I am also taking coconut oil as both an antifungal and to help my poor little thyroid because my body temp is 97.1.


I am getting weekly colonics. They are invaluable, but again, patience is required. Also some Far Infrared Sauna , manual lymph drainage massage, Liver Flushes ( Hulda Clark ), bowel cleansing (Schulze), kidney cleansing.

I am also taking chlorophyll as a great bowel detoxifier, german homeopathics for liver: Hepatica and for kidneys Solidago, also taking Clarkia which is causing nausea but hey that means it's working, right? :) Warm water with lemon every morning. Detox bath with baking soda, salt, epsom, hydrogen peroxide, depending on how I feel. And Nature's Sunshine Everybody's Fiber. Also getting as much sunshine as I can.

I am also using detox foot pads. I believe Kinotakara are the best brand but they are so expensive so I got some cheaper ones. Also Noni juice for intestinal toning.


Dr. Schulze 's Superfood
Fatigued to Fantastic daily energy infusion
Acetyl-L Carnitine
Magnesium/Malic acid
N-Acetyl L Cytesine
Raw garlic
Salt (natural squishy Sea Salt )
Vitamin B complex

Whew! Lots of stuff. I'm sure I forgot something and I'm still refining everything, but that's where it stands now.

I have been doing this for about a month now...and giving myself three months to re-evaluate and so forth. I am only just about to start the Samento so I am still on the fence as to whether or not to do Antibiotics . It is a tough decision when you're this sick with a pathogen that can sleep in your cells for 14 years at a time.

Once I get more strength I will start a blog.... :)




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