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Gallstone too big to flush

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Published: 8 months ago

Gallstone too big to flush

Hi everyone

I started Liver Flushing many years ago and I've successfully passed many stones, all ranging from small green stones to large black ones. I think the Liver Flushes resolved some of my prior health issues, to which I'm very grateful for.

However, a few years ago I started to develop pain below my right rib after eating fatty foods or certain sugars, which has effectively forced me to follow a strict diet. This was tolerable at first, but afterwards I started to develop constipation and hot flashes after certain meals and I've noticed that whenever I'm experiencing hot flashes I'm having trouble falling asleep; some of the worst periods caused insomnia for weeks, until I managed to follow an even stricter diet, which seems to have improved my sleep tremendously. The only problem is that my diet consists of ground beef and rice, and I have to wash the ground beef to wash off all the fat, otherwise I'll get stuck in a loop with insomnia again. It's worth mentioning that Liver Flushing seems to be helping as well whenever I'm experiencing hot flashes, even though I'm not passing stones anymore.

I've consulted my doctor, to which they scanned my abdomen to see if I had Gallstones stuck or any abnormalities with my gallbladder or liver, however, everything was deemed normal. I've also had blood tests taken, where my ALT & ALP were above the normal range. The doctor isn't concerned even though I've told him about the liver flushes; I'm not entirely sure he truly understood it properly, which is why I'm not convinced by his reassurance that I was fine. The blood tests are indicators for liver problems and yep, stuck gallstones, which I'm 90% convinced is the issue at hand.

I might be wrong since I'm no expert at all, but my theory is that I do have a stone stuck somewhere, which is causing a poor bile flow, effectively slowing my digestion to the point where I'm severely constipated. Additionally, the blockage seems to effect my hormones as well, which is indicated by the hot flashes and insomnia, however, whether it's due to the slowed digestion or the liver/gallbladders inability to detoxify properly, I'm not entirely certain. I'm mostly going through trial and error, but I'm afraid I've hit the wall and a little out of options at this point, since I've done 100+ flushes and taken sunflower lecithin, gold coin grass, chanca piedra, done castor oil packs for years and eliminated all the foods I possible could.

This entire situation has not only been difficult to endure, but my relationship with my friends and family has also been affected by this issue since I'm unable to eat outside or any of their home-cooked meals, because I simply cannot go through days or weeks with insomnia again. I've been researching and trying different things with no avail, and I've reached a point where I really need some help. I'm not sure what my next move is or what I'm supposed to do from here on out. I'm worried how things might escalate from here as well, as it started out with seemingly harmless pain.

So my question is: what are your thoughts? Am I completely in the wrong and is my concern unwarranted? Or am I on the right track, could this be a hidden gallstone causing my issues, and if it is, what should I do? I've been Liver Flushing for so long that I'm convinced that it's probably too big to be flushed.

I apologize if there's any incohesiveness in my post, this was written with a phone in the middle of the night.

Thanks in advance :)

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