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Startup in Complicated Infection

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mattk3 Views: 654
Published: 8 months ago
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Startup in Complicated Infection

Startup is usually a lot of fun. - Not.

Some times it goes smoothly.
Startup is usually filarialicides = Prazi and DEC. Slow ramp. Going after little ones prevents infection from getting any larger.

Do not exceed 4mg/kg/D ALB for several weeks.
Daily IVM for a while...

1) Clear GI of worms.
Same for Pyrantel, I did less than 1cc 50-100mg and puked for 3 months at 1AM. I dosed it at 6PM in yogurt. Thought for sure it was cancer.
Nope, full of worms. Took months of ramping Pyrantel till GI was clear, to relieve the immune system. Thereafter I did a dose every 3 weeks at 10mg/kg to keep GI clear.

Filarial formula:
2) Clear the Blood Stream of parasites.
Slow ramp of DEC, IVM, ALB, FenBen at half dose, maybe OxBen at 1/4 dose.

Getting Started:
Idea is >not to get them excited, and do not fight them all, on all fronts, at the same time. They could kill you.
My Formula Ascaris Fluke Revision 255 is what I employed to break the loop. Posted on CZ.
After Challenge test, I suggest you ramp meds to 1/4 dose, several meds at once. Then slowly move up till you get a better feeling, then hold that dose.
It takes time to get accumulation of meds in the parasite, go after L3's first. Filarial stage, juveniles, eggs.
There is plenty of time to go after adults.
Small stages cause most of the inflammation, and sickness. To get stronger before attacking the adults, keep FenBen, OXFen, and OXBen at low doses. Enough to get L3 stages over time.

Papain 2000 usp teaspoon in cranberry juice, sips if you get acid reflux or GERD. Digests White worm eggs.
Avoid dosing DEC and Pyrantel at exactly the same time, weaker impact on parasites may result. I dosed at least 3 hours different, to eliminate this cancellation.
IVM paste on Qtip. Durvet apple flavor. Ears, sinus, keep head clear.
Zap head if they attack to much.
Keep oregano oil on head, Pyrantel paste and thymol crystals, vapor rub, etc. Keep head clear of parasites!

Must have GI working. Must have GI clear. Plug leaky gut with Beta Glucan.

Daily Routine:
Salads, garlic, olive oil at noon.
Egg in the AM, toast butter, OJ, MSM water, supplements, meds in yogurt.
DEC dose before 9AM, or Ascaris Males in stomach could cause projectile vomit.

If you have to many Ascaris, then must take another approach. Hard to say in the beginning.

Startup using 255 as a starting formula, is the reason it was written. Brings you to the start of the killing zone. Not into the attack mode.
Years of infections, cause a real balance issue.
You have to have minerals, metals, supplements going in to force body to detox, maintain cellular health, Ph. Uric acid, nitrogen under control, sulfur going in.

Once your body is in equilibrium, then you can ramp Prazi, ALB, Vitamin D, and Calcium to killing zone. 4 doses per day of 25mg/kg prazi. Takes several weeks to get the upper hand.
This is the flat worm formula.

Clean the body:
Oregano oil 150mg 10:1 extract Swanson's capsule, Doxy 100 one per week, Mebendazole 100mg one per week, for systemic cleans.

Rounds of Castor oil, peppermint oil, protozoan meds, 7 days of Alinia, do some bacterial challenges, some fungal challenges, clean the body and make the parasites clean, it makes them weaker when parasites are healthy.

I did one Doxy per week, one Mebendazole per week, to keep white worms clean. Worms can have symbiotic infections too.

I did oregano oil, thyme leaf to keep red worm guts clean. Red Pine needle oil once in a while weakens them.

Probiotics, veggies, healthy diet, GLA Borage oil, and the rest of the supplements document 255 calls out.

Sequence to Cure worms is:
Flat, White, and Red,
Take minimal Adulticides meds at startup, to suppress all 3 infections at once, not kill all 3 infections at once.

3) Clear Liver of Flatworms, You need a liver to fight parasites.
Start with Flat worm Cure, ramp, peak dose in a few weeks, go to 5 doses per day, black stool, detox, settle at 4 doses per day for a month or two, then go to 3 doses per day a month after you see no flatworm debris in stool, maintain Prazi flat worm formula for 6 more months to get a cure. If resistant flukes, TCBZ may be required. Flush with KGP flush. Daily dose Magnesium Sulfate for several months. Get detoxed.

6AM, 12AM, 6PM, 12 PM dosing times for Flatworm Meds

25mg/kg Prazi,
2mg/kg Albendazole in yogurt Greek gods
Vitamin D ramp to 20,000 - 50,000 IU
If parasites in spinal column between shoulder blades, or brain stem or hippocampus pain, slow down dose by half, or lower vitamin D dose by half, to allow these flat worms in brain to die slowly.

Have bed ready, fluids, food, and toilet handy, if flat worm infection is intense.

Once you are past flat worms, we can discuss a white worm formula. If you have Ascaris, it can take 2 years. Hook worms are easy.

Go slow

Stay Safe.

Have emergency supplements on hand per the 255 document.
4) You can work on whites and reds now. Ramp of these meds depends on pictures, reactions to challenge tests, and guesses as to which white worms and red worms you present with.
Take good notes. It takes about a month of treatment for every year of infection of parasites.

It took me 8 years to get into remission, mostly. I had a very bad case. Thankfully few people have the parasites I had/have.

Page 138-140 formula.


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